MPCC TOC: Levels 9 - 12 (blinds 1500-3000, ante 400)

12:00am: Ten-minute break

11:55pm: Masayoshi Oshiyama eliminated in 5th place (HK$11,414)

Once the bubble burst, Masayoshi Oshiyama didn't waste any time in getting his gamble on as he committed his 40,000-chip stack in a battle of the blinds with Julian Hasse.

Oshiyama raised the small blind, Hasse moved all in and Oshiyama called it off with K♠5♥ to be trailing Hasse's A♥2♦. Hasse made two pair on the A♠8♣2♥T♦4♣ board to eliminate our early chip leader in Oshiyama in 5th place for HK$11,414 in prize money.


Masayoshi Oshiyama eliminated in 5th place

11:49pm: William Te Jr becomes the bubble boy

William Te Jr moved all in from the cutoff and Victor Chen messily snap-shoved his stack into the middle "Phil Hellmuth style". David Steicke reluctantly folded his small blind, later saying that he folded pocket nines, as the cards were on their backs.

Te: A♠4♠
Chen: A♦K♦

The board brought a sweat but ultimately the 6♠6♣7♣3♠Q♦ board left Chen in front as Te becomes our bubble boy in 6th place.

"I would've busted both of you if I called!" exclaimed Steicke.


William Te Jr goes home empty-handed as the bubble boy

11:42pm: Steicke bullies Hasse into a fold

Julian Hasse min-raised to 6,000 and David Steicke applied the "ATC - Any Two Cards" policy and defended with a call in the big blind. The flop landed 2♣2♦8♥ and Steicke checked to Hasse who continuation bet for 7,500. Steicke came back with a check-raise of an additional 12,500, however Hasse wasn't done quite yet as he re-raised another 13,500 on top. Steicke thought for a few moments before moving all in for 50,000 which quickly forced a fold from Hasse.

Steicke flashed the 8♠ and commented to the table that held eight-ten. Steicke is now into the chip lead with 85,000. Hasse slips to 75,000.

11:35pm: Devan Tang eliminated

Devan Tang raised to 5,000 and Victor Chen called before David Steicke moved all in from the small blind. Tang went into the tank before he said, "Ok let's gamble!" as he made the call with Chen stepping aside.

Tang: A♥J♥
Steicke: T♠T♥

The board ran out J♣8♥T♣A♣9♠ giving Steicke a set of tens to better Tang's two pair to eliminate him in 7th place.

With that elimination we're now on the money bubble!

11:28pm: Chen defends his blind

Julian Hasse raised to 4,500 and Victor Chen called in the big blind saying, "I call with any two cards. Raise more!"

The flop landed K♣K♠2♠ and Chen hesitated before tapping the table. Hasse bet 5,500 and Chen called. The turn was the 7♣ and both checked to see the 9♣ complete the board on the river. Chen led out with a bet of 8,000 and Hasse gave it up, only to see Chen show T♠3♠ for a busted flush draw and ten-high!

11:18pm: Roel Pijpers eliminated

Action folded around to Roel Pijpers in the small blind who moved all in but Masayoshi Oshiyama made the call in the big blind.

Pijpers: 5♦7♥
Oshiyama: K♥Q♠

The flop of Q♥A♥8♠ put Oshiyama way out in front but Pijpers picked up maximum outs with a straight draw on the 6♦ turn. However the river bricked the A♣ to see the Dutchman out in 8th place.

11:15pm: Bryan Huang eliminated

It's been a long time between eliminations but the rapidly rising blinds and antes eventually had to claim a victim. It was PokerStars Team Asia Pro Bryan Huang when he moved all in from the cutoff for his last 17,000 with David Steicke making the call in the small blind.

Huang: J♥8♣
Steicke: A♦K♣

Huang was happy to see he had live cards but he couldn't connect on the board of 2♣7♣K♥2♥Q♥ as the Asia Player of the Year was eliminated in 9th place.


It's been a big day for the Asia Player of the Year, Bryan Huang

10:58pm: Hasse rockets ahead!

The double ups keep coming, but this one was pretty significant as MPCC Main Event champion Julian Hasse is now our chip leader!

David Steicke started things off with a raise to 5,000 with Roel Pijpers flat-calling. Masayoshi Oshiyama came along but Julian Hasse wasn't going to keep things friendly as he put on the big squeeze, moving all in for 43,400. Steicke quickly folded but Pijpers unleashed his trap as he snap-called before Oshiyama also stepped aside.

Pijpers: A♠A♥
Hasse: 4♣4♠

Hasse was in trouble but the board favoured him as it arrived 4♥T♦J♠3♣K♣ to give him a set for a massive double up. Hasse it now up to 100,000 while Pijpers slips to 19,000.


The unstoppable Julian Hasse

10:50pm: A Tangy double

It was Devan Tang's turn to double up as Roel Pijpers took a hit when the two got it in on a flop of J♥6♥5♠. Pijpers had bet 5,000 before Tang did a lot of Hollywooding before moving all in over the top for 7,700 more. Pijpers called with T♥5♥ for pair and flush draw as Tang showed K♦K♠.

The turn was the Q♠ and river the K♣ and Tang doubles to 28,000 chips.

10:38pm: Hasse doubles through Steicke

With a raise from Devan Tang in front, David Steicke made it 10,000 to go from the button before Julian Hasse moved all in from the big blind. It was 11,700 more to Steicke who made the call.

Hasse: J♠J♦
Steicke: 7♥7♠

The board ran out 3♦8♣8♥Q♣5♦ to leave Hasse's jacks in front for a big double up to 52,000 with Steicke slipping to 35,000.

10:30pm: Steicke power

Devan Tang raised to 3,000 before William Te Jr popped it to 8,500 in position. Action then was with David Steicke who cold four-bet to 25,000. Tang quickly folded but Te thought long and hard before releasing as well. Steicke is back up to 65,000.

10:20pm: Set over set ends it for Cheung

Roy Cheung is the first casualty of this final table after moving his chips in preflop with pocket queens but he ran into the pocket aces of William Te Jr. Cheung thought he'd hit a miracle when a queen was on the flop, but it was also joined by an aces as both players flopped sets. There was no one-outer queen for Cheung on the turn or river and he was eliminated in 10th place.

10:15pm: Pijpers clips Steicke

Roel Pijpers has taken a nice chunk of chips from David Steicke in one of the biggest pots of this event so far. Steicke fired 8,500 on the flop of J♣A♦4♠ before checking the 3♣ turn. Pijpers moved all in and Steicke let his hand go.

10:00pm: Play resumes

The players are back following the break and will play it out for the MPCC Tournament of Champions crown!

Chip counts at the dinner break:

Seat 1: Julian Hasse - 28,000
Seat 2: Naoki Takiguchi - 89,000
Seat 3: Devan Tang - 22,000
Seat 4: Roy Cheung - 17,500
Seat 5: Bryan Huang - 24,000
Seat 6: William Te Jr - 26,500
Seat 7: Victor Chen - 28,500
Seat 8: David Steicke - 65,000
Seat 9: Roel Pijpers - 43,000
Seat 10: Masayoshi Oshiyama - 48,000