MPCC Tournament of Champions

While most of the poker world today is fixated on the excitement emanating from Las Vegas and the November Nine, Macau is another world away as the PokerStars Macau poker room hosts its own battle for the ages.

Welcome back to the luxurious Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino as we prepare ourselves for the special Tournament of Champions invitational event.

The HK$4,000 buy-in Tournament of Champions event will pit Asia's best players against each other for the honour of being crowned "best of the best". There's also some juicy prize money up for grabs as PokerStars Macau has sweetened the pot by adding HK$50,000 to the prize pool.

To qualify for today's TOC, players must meet one of the following criteria:

1. Red Dragon Champion from any year
2. MPCC Main Event Champion from any year
3. Winner of an event that qualifies for Asia Player of the Year Leaderboard in 2010 calendar year


Below is a list of players who are eligible and the event that he/she qualified through.

Fredrik Appelqvist (Sweden) -$3,000 NLH
Justin Chan (Hong Kong) - Macau Millions
Victor Chen (Taipei) - Red Dragon (2009)
Sparrow Cheung (Hong Kong) - $4,000 KO Bounty
Wing Cheong Chong (Hong Kong) - Red Dragon (2008)
Wayne De Smet (Australia) - $2,000 KO Bounty
Bryan Huang (Singapore) - $5,000 KO Bounty
Jason Jia (Hong Kong) - Red Dragon (2008)
Jinduk Kim (Korea) - KO Bounty
"Kitty" Hui-chen Kuo (Taipei) - Red Dragon (2009)
Saehoon Lee (Korea) - $3,000 NLH
Kenneth Leong (Hong Kong) - Red Dragon (2008)
Sung Ling Li (China) - Charity Event
Celina Lin (China) - Red Dragon (2009)
Chen An Lin (China) - $1,500 Deepstack
Hung-sheng Lin (Taiwan) - APPT Event 12
Zhenjian Lin (China) - Red Dragon (2009)
Michael Mariakis (Australia) - $500 Rebuy
James McCarty (Japan) - Red Dragon (2010)
Roel Pijpers (Netherlands) - Charity Event
Shashank Rathi (India) - $5,000 NLH
Kenichi Takarabe (Japan) - Red Dragon (2010)
Naoki Takiguchi (Japan) - $5,000 NLH
Johnson Tan (Philippines) - FPT
Devan Tang (Hong Kong) - MPCC Main Event (2009)
"Roy" Kun Cheung Wan (Hong Kong) - Charity Event
Hong Rui Wang (Taipei) - $3,000 NLH
Raymond Wu (Taiwan) - Red Dragon (2010)
Wallace Max Wu (Hong Kong) - $4,000 NLH
Cheng Jui Yang (Taipei) - $5,000 NLH
Michael Ye (Hong Kong) - $1,500 Deepstack
Min Woo Yoo (Korea) - $2,000 KO Bounty
Kah Wah Yoong (Hong Kong) - MPCC Warmups
"Denny" Dengfeng Yu (China) - Red Dragon (2008)
Roger Spets (Sweden) - MPCC Event 1
Bjoern Wiesler (China) - MPCC Event 2
David Steicke (Hong Kong) - MPCC Event 4
Tae Joon Noh (Korea) - MPCC Event 5
Masato Ito (Japan) - MPCC Event 6
Oshiyama Masayoshi (Japan) - MPCC Event 7
Julian Hasse (Germany) - MPCC Main Event (2010)

We may or may not see all of these players here today. Some aren't in the country, some are busy in the side events here at the MPCC, while some may choose to spend their Sunday afternoon relaxing in one of the local spas.

Stay tuned to the PokerStars Blog to find out who will be crowned the Tournament of Champions winner!