Etemadsaeid and Seletzky win Opening Events at Macau Poker Cup

ps_news_thn.jpgPokerStars Macau at Casino Grand Lisboa completed it's opening weekend of the May/June Macau Poker Cup (MPC) which runs from May 28 to June 5. Amirali Etemadsaeid from Iran won Event 1: $3,000 NLH, besting a field of 189 players to take home the HKD $123,797 purse. The total prize pool was HKD $505,197.

Event 2: Charity event was triumphed by UK's Niall Seletzky who won HKD $52,413 and a HKD $11,000 seat to the Red Dragon $3,000,000 Guarantee main event. Seletzky outlasted the 102 runners on the day who helped raise HKD $51,000 for Caritas de Macau -- Macau's largest social services group.

The Macau Poker Cup takes place from May 28 to June 5.

Twenty-two players returned for Day 2 of the $3,000 NLH and amongst them was Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu who had a monster chip lead with 140,000. The average stack was only 40,000 and it looked like Wu was on his way to his first final table of the 2011 season. Unfortunately, things turned for the worse when he lost a coin flip situation holding 99 vs. AK. An ace on the river would cripple his chip stack and he'd bust soon afterwards when he shoved his pocket threes into pocket fives.

Despite the disappointment, Wu was in good spirits afterwards.

"I feel comfortable after returning from EPT (Madrid) and playing high caliber players." said the 26-year old after cashing in the European Poker Tour's grand finale. When asked about his chances of competing for the Asia Player of the Year (APOY) again after his runner-up finish in 2010, Wu responded, "I just need to win a big one and I'm in. It's not over 'til it's over."

Etemadsaeid was playing his first ever tournament in Macau and was in constant battle with American Brandon Leafblad throughout the final table. It was only fitting that the two players faced off in heads up play.

Leafblad made an ill-timed all-in move on the Iranian before the flop and ran his AJ into pocket Aces that sent Etemadsaeid to the winner's circle.

MPC June Event 1 3K winner - Amirali Etemadsaeid from Iran (C).jpg

Amirali Etemadsaeid

In the Charity Event, Seletzky called Min Soon Lim's all-in before the flop. Lim held two red fives and was up against AdTd.

The flop was Tc-6d-3d gave Seletzky the dominant lead with top pair and flush draw. A black four gave Lim some hope with an up and down straight draw.

Painfully, the five of diamonds spiked the river to complete the Singaporean's straight but also gave Seletzky the flush and the Event 2 trophy.

Etemadsaeid's win gives him 960 APOY points and places him 21st on the official Asia rankings while Leafbad's 800 points also enters him into the Top 30 leaderboard at 25th.

China's Yue Xu placed 3rd in the Charity event and has quietly gone unnoticed by many but his second final table of the year has moved him into no. 7 with 1,328 points.
With 6 Official Asia Player of the Year events yet to go there's sure to be many more changes in the standings as the field chases top ranked Hung-Sheng Lin who has a solid lead with 3,831 points.

The next MPC tournament is Event 3: $1,500 Deepstack which takes place on Monday at 8:10 PM (HKT). The 2-day event is a longtime favorite and comes with a HKD $150,000 guarantee.

Players can still qualify free to the Red Dragon event through by going to the 'Events' tab, then click 'Macau'

Macau Poker Cup Schedule
(All figures in HKD)

  • Monday, May 30 @ 8:10 PM - Event 3: $1,500 Deepstack ($150,000 Guarantee) 2-day event
  • Tuesday, May 31 @ 8:10 PM - Event 4: $5,000 KO Bounty ($500,000 Guarantee) 2-day event
  • Wednesday, June 1 @ 2:10 PM - $4,000 Teams Event
  • Thursday, June 2 @ 2:10 PM - Event 5: $11,000 Red Dragon ($3,000,000 Guarantee), Day 1A
  • Friday, June 3 @ 2:10 PM - Event 5: $11,000 Red Dragon ($3,000,000 Guarantee), Day 1B
  • Friday, June 3 @ 7:00 PM - $1,000 Ladies Event
  • Saturday, June 4 @ 2:10 PM - Event 6: $6,000 NLH ($600,000 Guarantee) 2-day event
  • Saturday, June 4 @ 8:10 PM - Event 7: $30,000 High Rollers (2-day event)
  • Sunday, June 5 @ 2:10 PM - Event 8: $2,500 KO Bounty ($250,000 Guarantee)
  • For more information on the complete Macau Poker Cup schedule, see PokerStars Macau.