Justin Chan dominates Day 2 at the Red Dragon

It was moving day today at the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event as 143 players returned to the Grand Lisboa Casino to strive to reach the final day of action. After around eight hours of play it was clear that the day belonged to Hong Kong's Justin Chan.

It was a dominant display by Chan who continues to demonstrate his immense composure, concentration and class. We can throw in another "c" word - consistent - as the 2010 Macau Millions champion is seeking yet another major final table in Asia after ending Day 2 of play as our clear chip leader.


Every time we wandered past Chan's table he appeared to be in the middle of a big pot, and every time he turned up with the goods. Some were big flops, others were fortunate rivers, while sometimes he used his exceptional reading ability to make big calls. This was emphasized in a crucial pot with the enigma that was Seungheon Baek.


Baek walked a fine line all day with some creative plays and interesting hands. All seemed to be going right until he turned his pocket kings into a bluff on an ace-high flop. Justin Chan sniffed it out and made the call with ace-ten to win a monstrous pot to claim the tournament lead and eliminate the Korean in the process.

Earlier on in the day and 93 players went home empty-handed from their time in Macau. Team PokerStars went zero from four as Raymond Wu, Bryan Huang, Yu-Reng Peng and finally Celina Lin were all eliminated short of the money. Lin in particular will be disappointed after getting within five places of the cash only to see her bogey hand, ace-queen, lead to her demise once again.


When Michael Shao burst the bubble the final 50 were in the cash and could breathe a sigh of relief.

Click here for the payouts so far

When Ivan Tan was eliminated in 24th place, play was brought to an abrupt halt, catching everyone off guard, but the remaining 23 will be relieved to have made it through to the final day of the Red Dragon Main Event.

Justin Chan leads the way with 745,500, with Jessica Shi-ling Ngu (586,500), Baton Ting Hang Fung (478,500), Conrad Coetzer (425,000) and Yong Wai Kin (387,500) rounding out the top five.

Here's how they will line up tomorrow:

Table 6
Seat 1: Gabor Peteri (Hungary) - 244000
Seat 2: Edward Chun Ho Yam (Hong Kong) - 207500
Seat 3: Saejin Lee (Korea) - 117000
Seat 4: Peter Mcadams (UK) (PokerStars Player) - 202000
Seat 6: Timpson Tim Shun Luk (Hong Kong) - 126000
Seat 8: Conrad Coetzer (South Africa) - 425000
Seat 9: Nathaniel Seet (Singapore) - 352500

Table 15
Seat 1: Yue Xu (China) - 286000
Seat 2: Byung Kyoo Choi (Korea) - 385500
Seat 3: Kheng Ho Lam (UK) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 200000
Seat 4: Mamoru Takahashi (Japan) - 135000
Seat 5: Takuya Suzuki (Japan) - 233500
Seat 7: Jimmy Wong (Malaysia) (PokerStars Player) - 145000
Seat 8: Kwan Pao Mah (Canada) - 113500
Seat 9: Yong Wai Kin (Malaysia) - 397500

Table 16
Seat 1: Matthew Weng Chih Chan (Hong Kong) - 158000
Seat 2: Albert Chi Keung Lau (Hong Kong) - 137000
Seat 3: Baton Ting Hang Fung (Hong Kong) - 478500
Seat 4: Jessica Shi-ling Ngu (Australia) - 586500
Seat 5: Justin Chan (Hong Kong) - 745500
Seat 6: Tommy Kai Wong (USA) - 314500
Seat 7: Haifeng Xue (China) - 309000
Seat 8: Andrew Kai Wing Chung (Hong Kong) - 260000

Play will recommence once again at 12:10pm local time (GMT+8) and will continue until a new champion of Asia is crowned! We look forward to bringing you all the action right here on the PokerStars Blog. Until then, it's good night from Macau!