Macau Millions Day 1b: Levels 6 - 10 (blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200)

6:30pm: Ten-minute break

6:25pm: Another one down

Terry Fan has dispatched of short-stacked Chin Hao Hsu who was all in for just 3,500 in chips. Fan held 6♣6♠ against Hsu's A♦J♣ and improved to a set on a flop of 6♦K♥T♣. Hsu picked up a straight draw but missed on the 8♦ turn and 4♣ river.

Fan jumps to 38,000, with Hsu sent to the exit as just 26 players remain alive on Day 1b.

6:10pm: Chen rivered, but still in front

Victor Chen has increased his stack into the six-figure club, despite being rivered to lose the main pot in another three-way all in.

Chen was up against two short stacks and made trip kings holding K♣5♣ on the board of 2♥A♠K♠K♥6♥. However Chen lost the main pot to a player holding Q♥3♥ for a flush, but grabbed the side pot against pocket eights, to now sit with around 105,000.

5:50pm: Triple-word score

Dang Quan Dai has been eliminated in a big three-way all-in clash, with Xi Xu the benefactor.

Dai held ace-king, Xu had pocket jacks while the third player went with pocket sixes. The board ran out 9♠J♦K♥8♣A♠ to give Xu a set of jacks to eliminate Dai and cripple the third player, on his way to a stack of 50,000 chips.

5:35pm: Perfect ten for Liang

John Liang has found a big double up through Hanbing "Marlboro" Wang after a two-outer spiked on the river to keep Liang alive.

The chips were in preflop with Liang tabling T♣T♥ but he'd run into Wang's K♣K♥. The first four cards arrived 8♥8♠2♣Q♣ and Wang looked set to build a monstrous stack but Liang called for the ten and it arrived with the T♠ falling on the river to the gasps of the railbirds.

Wang is down to just 15,000 in chips as Liang doubles to 65,000.

5:15pm: Promoting the product

There's more to being a Team PokerStars Pro than showing up to play a poker tournament. It's about being an ambassador for the game and the PokerStars brand. So that means when Danny McDonagh asks you to model the brand new PokerStars female top for sale in the merchandise store, then that's exactly what you do!

Celina Lin may have been regretting her return to the poker room, but she was happy to oblige, as she posed for some pics sporting the new top, along with Macau Poker Room TD Jane Jin who is wearing the brand new PokerStars sports jacket - available now in the PokerStars Macau store!


Celina Lin and Jane Jin model the brand new PokerStars merchandise available in the PokerStars Macau Poker Room

4:55pm: Marlboro going deep once again

A three-way all in as seen Hanbing "Marlboro" Wang eliminate two opponents, however both were very short as Hung-sheng Lin and Artem Grechko were forced to make a stand.

Lin pushed with J♣9♣, Wang made the call with K♥Q♠ while Grechko was all in on the big blind and needing some help with his 2♥7♦.

The flop landed A♣J♦T♥ to give Wang a flopped straight and leaving Lin and Grechko with one foot out the door. The turn was the Q♥ to bring chop possibilities, but it the river bricked the 6♥. Two more down as Wang is making another deep run today as he gets himself up to 25,000 chips.

4:40pm: Neo gets out of line

We've seen some creative, imaginative and desperate plays so far at the Macau Millions, and Tee Heng Neo has just joined that exclusive club after getting out of line against Victor Chen.

It was a button versus big blind situation, which can often produce some interesting metagame dynamics. Neo has raised the button, Chen re-raised and Neo made an ill-timed shove. He held the not-so-powerful Q♠4♥ as he sheepishly revealed his cards when Chen made the call. It wasn't the worst spot however, as Neo found himself with live cards against Chen's A♣K♠.

The flop of J♣7♦5♦ didn't change much but things got interesting on the 6♥ turn as Neo picked up a straight draw. However the river landed the 5♠ and Chen was shipped the 70,000-chip pot. The two exchanged some friendly banter as Neo chuckled all the way to the rail.


Victor Chen is now up to 70,000 and with the chip leaders on Day 1b

4:20pm: Play resumes

The players are back with 60 players still alive on Day 1b of the Macau Millions. Albert Kwan is our likely chip leader with around 60,000 in chips with the blinds now up to a healthy 400-800.