Macau Millions Day 1c: Levels 6 - 10 (blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200)

12:30am: Ten-minute break

12:20am: Loo dominant
Malaysian Junzhong Loo has shot to the top of the chip count leaderboard as we approach the next break after the elimination of Russia's Artem Grechko.

Grechko was down to his last 12,000 chips which he moved in preflop with K♣Q♥ but he ran into the dominant A♣Q♣ of Loo.

The board was spread 7♦2♥A♠J♥K♥ to leave Loo in front and send Grechko to the rail for the third time in this event.

Meanwhile Loo is now up to a very attractive 90,000 in chips.

12:05am: Cowboys crush Ng

Albert Ng found a nice double up a few minutes ago holding pocket kings, so when he looked down and found the cowboys once again, he was hoping for a repeat.

Ng moved all in for his last 8,300 but Kou Yang Huang woke up with A♣A♦ and made the call.

The flop of A♠T♠8♥ left Ng in trouble, although he did pick up some hope with the J♠ turn. Needing a queen to stay alive, the river fell the 6♥ to eliminate Ng and jump Huang up to 42,000.

11:45pm: Rockets misfire for Rosen

We arrived at the table to what we assumed was a limped pot, before Mikael Rosen added 3,000 to the bet from the big blind. He found three callers to see a flop of K♥9♦8♦. The player in the small blind came out swinging with a bet of 10,000 before Rosen moved all in for just 300 more. The table folded back to the small blind who made the obvious call and opened K♦2♦ for top pair and flush draw, but he'd need to connect as Rosen opened A♦A♣.

The turn was the K♠ to improve the small blind to trip kings as the 5♣ completed the board to eliminate the Swede from the tournament.

11:35pm: Yum back in the game

We reported earlier than local player Claudia Yum was down to her last 1,000 in chips. Well she's now back in the hunt after eliminating an opponent in rather dramatic style.

Yum moved all in from middle position with A♥7♥ and found herself called by the big blind holding 9♠9♦. Yum thought she needed an ace but the K♠Q♥T♠T♦Q♠ board was just as good as the pocket nines were counterfeited to leave Yum's ace kicker to play. She's now up to 22,000 chips.


Claudia Yum is back in the game after being crippled earlier in the day

11:30pm: Mann down

Jeff Mann moved his last 5,000 all in preflop from middle position as Adrian Ng did the same thing on the button. The big blind deliberated before flashing the A♠ as he folded which was not what Mann wanted to see. His A♥8♠ was up against Ng's K♣K♥ with one of his outs already in the muck. He couldn't find another one as the board ran out 7♠2♣Q♦9♥5♦.

11:25pm: They're dropping fast

The players are dropping like flies at the moment as just 70 players remain alive on Day 1c of the Macau Millions Main Event.

Iranian Ramin Lessani has carried his good form from earlier in the day to sit with the current chip lead with about 90,000 chips.

11:10pm: No ace for Hirotoshi

Nakabo Hirotoshi opened from early position by moving his last 7,000 into the middle with A♠6♠ but found a caller in the cutoff who tabled J♥J♣.

The Japanese hope was calling for an ace but it wasn't to be on the board of 7♥K♦2♦8♣3♠ as Hirotoshi was sent to the rail.

10:55pm: Scott out; Potter slips

Andrew Scott was spotted on the rail and he recalled the details to us of his recent elimination. After calling a preflop raise with ace-four, Scott led at a 3-3-7 flop and his opponent called before things got busy when an ace hit the turn. Scott check-raised his opponent all in, and he made the call with ace-five. All looked destined for a chop but an ugly five fell on the river to eliminate the Australian.

As Scott was railing, his buddy James Potter also took a nasty hit to his stack. The board read J♣8♠K♠4♥T♠ with Potter showing K♦T♥ for two pair, but he was left to pay off his opponent who held 8♦8♥ for a set. Potter slips back to 20,000.

10:30pm: Celina culled

We're 0 for 3 for Team PokerStars Pros today, as Celina Lin is the latest to hit the rail.

"I lost a flip!" sighed Lin as she walked past our desk on her way out.

"King-jack versus ace-six," she added. "It would be nice to win a flip!"


The last Team PokerStars Pro, Celina Lin, has also been KO'd from the tournament

10:25pm: Play resumes

Well that was a rather frantic end to the level with two of our Team PokerStars Pros hitting the rail in quick succession. Our last remaining Team PokerStars Pro is Celina Lin with about 6,000 while PokerStars sponsored Justin Chan is in better shape with about 22,000.

We've lost almost half the field in the first two hours alone, with just 100 of our starting field of 182 players still in contention.