Macau Millions Day 1d: Levels 6 - 10 (blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200)

12:25am: Ten-minute break

12:10am: Lowe name, big stack

Justin Lowe has recently joined Hoi Ting Lee in the six-figure club as the two biggest stacks in the room at the moment. Lowe grabbed a large portion of his chips when he flopped a set of nines on a queen-high flop and gained maximum value against an opponent's king-queen.

However Lowe has just taken a small hit after having his queens cracked to double up a short stack.

Lowe raised with his Q♥Q♦ and the short stack called off his last chips with A♣T♠. An ace in the window was enough as the board landed A♠3♦4♠4♣3♥. Lowe slips a little but still sits with 105,000.

11:55pm: Huang happy to race

Once who is faring a little better second time around is Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang. After raising to 3,500 from middle position, Huang was faced with an all-in re-raise of an additional 15,300 from the player in the small blind. Huang deliberated before making a reluctant call with A♦9♥ and found himself racing against his opponent's 7♥7♦.

"Ace-nine? Are you serious?" questioned the small blind of Huang's play as the flop was dealt K♥J♥T♦. He didn't argue too much with the 7♣ turn card as he made a set, but Huang caught good on the river as the Q♥ fell to give him a straight and the pot to send the disgruntled player to the exit.

"How can you call with ace-nine? I just folded ace-eight last hand!" he said as he departed, while Huang moved up to 47,500 chips.


Bryan Huang races ahead of the average stack on Day 1d of the Macau Millions

11:50pm: Starting to drop

The rapidly rising blinds are starting to catch up with our players as just 70 players remain alive from our starting field of 210.

Martin Hrubý appeared to be progressing well, but his seat is now empty. It appears that Hanbing "Marlboro" Wang was the benefactor as he is now up to 70,000. Hrubý is on the rail exchanging bad beat stories with fellow Czech George Gattnar who was also a recent elimination.

11:35pm: Big double up for Wu

Raymond Wu has just landed a big double up after his opponent tried to bully the Team
PokerStars Pro without success.

We caught the action on a flop of 4♠A♦6♣ and action checked to Wu. He bet 2,600 and his opponent in the big blind made the call as a repeat A♥ hit the turn. Again it was checked to Wu as he doubled the price to 5,200. His opponent tossed out calling chips and we were off to the 9♠ river.

It was here that the big blind decided to get aggressive as he slid out a stack of blue 1,000-denomination chips to put Wu to a decision for his tournament life. It appeared an easy one as Wu insta-called. Just as quickly, his opponent tossed his cards straight into the muck in resignation. A slightly bewildered Wu started to open his cards, revealing the 6♠, but once he realised his opponent had mucked, Wu raked in the pot and slid his cards face down back to the dealer.

Wu is now up to nearly 50,000 chips and in great shape.


A funky hairdo and a big stack for Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu

11:25pm: Flesh wound for Lee

Hoi Ting Lee must be feeling invincible at the moment as he sits a clear chip leader as we pass the half-way mark of the day. However Lee has just been brought back to Earth somewhat after doubling up a short stack.

Lee was behind with A♠T♠ against A♣Q♥ but looked set to collect yet another pot when the first four community cards arrived 5♥K♠T♦2♥. However the J♦ was the river to give Lee's opponent a Broadway straight for the double up.

The 9,200 chips that were paid off were merely a flesh wound for our chip leader who still has about 130,000 to be well in front.


Hoi Ting Lee is out in front as we pass the half-way mark of Day 1d

11:10pm: Mariakis washed away on the river

Michael Mariakis is an Australian who is a regular in the PokerStars Macau Poker Room, having enjoyed his share of final tables in 2010. However he's luck hasn't been so favourable in 2011 after a cruel river blow has seen him bundled out of today's field.

Mariakis' chips were in preflop with J♦J♣ and he looked set for a double up through Martin Hrubý and his 7♦7♥, until the 3♦2♦A♥3♠7♣ board gave Hrubý the two-outer on the river. Mariakis sat in stunned silence as the chips were cut down and the bad news was delivered. He's out as Hrubý gets himself up to 24,000.

11:00pm: Gattnar back where he started

George Gattnar, winner of the PokerStars Ultimate Home Game promotion, has been quietly accumulating chips here this evening, but the young Czech has just taken a hit to return back to his starting stack.

Gattnar opened with a raise to 1,800 from under the gun and found a caller, before an opponent moved all in. Gattnar looked up at the clock, considering the fast-moving levels, before making the call as the third player stepped aside.

Gattnar showed A♥Q♣ but he'd run into K♥K♠ and received no help on the 9♥J♣5♦K♥J♦ board. Gattnar is down to just 10,000.

10:45pm: Chop for Huang

In another cutoff versus button battle, Bryan Huang moved all in from the button following a cutoff-shove of 8,000 chips. An ace was enough to go into battle with for Huang as he opened A♥5♣ and was in front of his opponent's A♦4♠.

However, as often the case with two ace-rag hands, the board produced a chop as it landed T♥J♥2♦A♠7♣. Huang currently sits with 33,000.

10:30pm: One for Hrubý

Action folded around to Australian Todd Ritson in the cutoff position and he moved all in for his last 5,600 in chips. Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hrubý was next to act on the button, and he thought for a moment for moving his last chips into the middle. The blinds folded and Hrubý found his A♥6♠ ahead of Ritson's K♥7♥.

It only got better from there for the Czech as the board ran out 6♦5♥A♠7♦6♥. Hrubý ends up with a full house and after a quick count down of chips, he just has Ritson covered to jump up to around 12,500 chips.


Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hrubý in action at the Macau Millions

10:20pm: Play resumes
The players are back with the big screen currently showing a massive 210 entrants for today's flight. 140 of those remain alive, but unfortunately one of them isn't Marcel Luske. We're not sure how the Dutch pro was eliminated but his seat is now vacant and he has flown out the door.

With 210 entrants the top 7% will see the top 15 players reach Day 2 and a guaranteed payday of HK$8,000.