Macau Millions Day 1e: Levels 6 - 10 (blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200)

6:30pm: Ten-minute break

6:20pm: Too cheap by Chiu

Ka Ho Chiu is a smiling assassin. Always happy and enjoying himself at the table, Chiu just had the smile wiped from his face after letting Shafiq Barqawi catch a cheap card that led to Chiu's elimination.

Chiu raised to 4,500 preflop and Barqawi called in position to see a flop of K♦2♠4♦. Both players checked and the T♣ hit the turn. Chiu bet a very small 3,000 and exchanged some friendly banter with Barqawi before he made the call.

The river was the 5♥ and again Chiu tried a bet of 3,000 but Barqawi was quick to move all in. Chiu shrugged his shoulders and obliged but mucked when Barqawi showed T♥T♠ for a set of tens. Chiu is out as Barqawi climbs to 72,000.

6:10pm: Four-way dance leave Ubhaidilla's ladies in front

A huge four-way all in has seen Syed Ubhaidilla claim a monster pot and send two players to the rail. It also crippled Hirotoshi Nakabo who held ace-king, against Ubhaidilla's pocket queens. Unfortunately for Nakabo, the two short stacks held two of his outs with ace-seven and ace-nine.

The board bricked out 4♥J♥7♦6♠J♥ to leave Ubhaidilla to stack up 72,000 and leave Nakabo crippled with under 10,000.


6:00pm: Mcallister mauled

Brian Mcallister's interesting day has come to a sudden end in back-to-back hands. First it was Mcallister's A♥7♥ that fell to an opponent's K♦J♣ when a jack found its way onto the flop.

Moments later Mcallister was racing for his tournament with pocket sevens against ace-king but a pair of cowboys on board was too much for Mcallister to overcome and he was sent to the rail.

5:50pm: Double up for Bryan

Bryan Huang has just found a much-needed double up, although he wasn't too confident of it. Huang moved all in for 9,300 following a 4,000-chip open from Sparrow Cheung. Huang stood from his chair and packed up his headphones in resignation before Cheung had even made the call!

Cheung wasn't thrilled but called with Q♠T♦ as Huang was shocked to see he was in front with K♥J♥.

"I have too much respect for you Sparrow," said Huang as he was forced to take his seat once again when the board ran out J♣4♠4♣5♦2♦. Huang doubles up to 24,000.

5:40pm: Set up for Barqawi

Flopping a set is one of the most deceptive hands in poker, and it often leads to big pots against unsuspecting opponents. The flop of 4♥2♣4♣ looked innocent enough but Shafiq Barqawi was sitting with 2♥2♦ and was thrilled to get his chips all in against two opponents holding overpairs - one with A♠A♦ and the other with J♥J♦.

The turn was the 7♣ and river the 9♥ to see Barqawi triple through to now hold 55,000 chips.

5:30pm: Six tables left

With another table break we are now down to our last 60 players. One of the recent casualties was Hong Kong based Aussie David Steicke who couldn't recover from his short stack. At the other end of proceedings there are a couple of players hovering around the 60,000 mark with Jun Chen just with his nose in front with 65,000.

We should also make mention that the magic number this afternoon is 13. That's how many players will survive as the top 7% of our starting field of 191 today.

5:25pm: Scott crashes as Shaq soars

Hung-sheng "Shaq" Lin has just disposed of Australian Andrew Scott in a big preflop clash. With the blinds at 400-800 with a 100 ante, Lin opened to a hefty 3,100 from the cutoff before Andrew Scott moved all in from the small blind. The player in the big blind tossed his cards away but Lin was quick to call and rejoiced when he saw his A♠K♣ in great shape against Scott's A♦J♥.

"Don't celebrate yet, I'm going to hit my jack!" chirped Scott, but his optimism wasn't rewarded as the board fell 9♣6♦Q♥3♦5♠.

Lin moves up to 50,000 with Scott looking to fill in time before trying his luck again tonight in Day 1f.


Andrew Scott joins the rail as the rapid rate of eliminations continue

5:10pm: Some interesting moments for Mcallister

Brian Mcallister just swung past our blogging desk on his way to a nearby table to recall a couple of interesting hands that he's endured recently.

The first saw Mcallister call a preflop raise from Robert Parkin to see a 7♥2♣5♣ flop. Parkin moved all in for around 8,000 and Mcallister deliberated before making the call with pocket jacks. It was the right call as Parkin showed pocket nines, but he spiked the 9♦ on the turn to take the lead which held through the 6♣ river.

As is usually the case with poker players, they remember the bad beats better than the suckouts. Mcallister then briefly mentioned that he made a flush with king-jack against pocket kings shortly after to get himself back up to around 20,000.

5:00pm: Lin Out

Celina Lin has hit the rail after she pushed her last 8,600 from the small blind following an open to 2,200 from Anthony White in late position. The big blind folded and White made a quick call with pocket jacks to have Lin's pocket threes in trouble.

The PokerStars Team Asia Pro was looking for a little luck to swing her way but it wasn't to be as the board fell 9♣8♣K♥K♦J♦ improving White to a full house and eliminating Lin from the tournament.


Celina Lin has been bundled out of the Day 1e field

4:45pm: Steicke building

David Steicke currently has a couple of impressive towers of chips in front of him, unfortunately for him, they are all black 100-denomination chips. Picking up lots of small denomination chips is usually a sign of the most active player at the table, and Steicke didn't waste any time getting back into the action as we watched on.

With a limp under the gun, and a complete from the small blind, Steicke thought for several moments before checking his option in the big blind to see a flop of Q♥5♥5♠. Action checked to the UTG-player who bet 1,500. The small blind folded but Steicke put in a check-raise to 3,500.

"You can't have it every time!" said the UTG-player defiantly as he made the call.

The turn brought the Q♦ and both players checked as the 3♥ completed the board. Steicke led out for 5,500 to send his opponent deep into thought. With only 8,000 or so behind, he decided to let it go as Steicke flashed the Q♠ for a full house.

"I was hoping you had a flush," commented Steicke as he climbs to 22,000 in chips.


David Steicke taking another shot on Day 1e of the Macau Millions

4:25pm: Play resumes

The players are back in action with 110 of our original starting field of 191 still in contention, including both Team PokerStars pros Celina Lin and Bryan Huang.