Macau Millions Day 1g: Levels 11 - 16 (blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000)

Raiden raidin' chips on Day 1g

Day 1g saw a mega-field of 270 players hit the PokerStars Macau Poker Room for their final opportunity to progress in the Macau Millions Main Event, producing an overall total of 1,329 entrants - easily a record for the largest poker tournament in Asia based on number of entrants.

For some, they were unable to break their duck as a disappointing Macau Millions draws to a close. For others, they made the most of their final opportunity and have made it safely through to the final 19 players. Radien Kan has certainly done that while the lovable Hirotoshi Nakabo, Tsun Ming Chan and Jung Chou Lee have all picked up their second cash of the Main Event.

Raiden Kan (Malaysia) - 407,000
Wilson Yu Shen Lau (Hong Kong) - 322,000
Kenny Shih (USA) - 309,000
Hirotoshi Nakabo (Japan) - 210,000
Sung Hee Yun (USA) - 184,000
Armand Prati (USA) - 176,500
Tao Jin (UK) - 164,000
Jianyu Chen (China) - 154,000
Jung Chou Lee (Korea) - 137,000
Teck Yeow Yap (Singapore) - 125,000
Asusa Maeda (Japan) - 80,000
Ion Sang Song (Macau) - 78,500
Russell Thio (Malaysia) - 73,000
Tsun Ming Chan (Hong Kong) - 55,000
Daren Frunks (Australia) - 48,500
Rundulf Gonzales (Philippines) - 47,000
Hubert Sy (Philippines) - 34,000
Yue Feng (China) - 33,500
Michael Mariakis (Australia) - 26,500

Day 2 will recommence at 8:10pm this evening which is about 40 minutes from now. Don't go anywhere, as the Macau Millions Main Event starts to really heat up!


Raiden Kan is our likely chip leader after Day 1g

7:10pm: Raiden bursts the bubble

On the other, Raiden Kan had surged into the chip lead following some heavy clashes with Tao Jin. He then used those chips to burst the bubble as we're now down to our final 19 players.

Following an all-in move from late position, Raiden Kan made the call with Q♠T♥ to find himself dominated by the A♦T♣ of his opponent. However the board fell 2♥7♦4♦9♣Q♦ to produce a lovely lady on the river to bring Day 1g to a sudden close!

Raiden Kan will be our chip leader, and will likely threaten the overall chip lead entering into Day 2.

6:50pm: Shih making noise

Michael De Leon has been eliminated painfully close to the money after moving all in from middle position with pocket nines. Kenny Shih made the call with pocket tens in the small blind as there was confusion when Shih started to open his cards before the big blind had acted. He assumed the big blind would fold, and he did, reluctantly showing ace-queen.

The board arrived J♣4♥4♠4♠2♦ to eliminate De Leon and climb Shih up to over 200,000.


Kenny Shih making the right moves

6:35pm: They're dropping away

We've just seen a series of rapid eliminations as our field is steamrolling their way towards the money.

With the flop reading 4♦A♥2♦, a player moved all in from the small blind for a total of 63,700. It was a big bet, and the preflop raiser, Tao Jin, asked for a count before making a gambling call with Q♦T♦ for a bare flush draw as his opponent showed A♦9♥ for top pair.

The turn was the 3♦ to complete the flush as the J♠ hit the river. Jin jumps to 215,000.


Tao Jin is one of the big stacks as we approach the money on Day 1g

Moments later and there was a three-way all in with a player shoving the cutoff with Q♦J♠, the button moving in with A♣7♠ but Teck Yeow Yap called from the blinds, covering both players with A♦9♣.

The board was spread 3♦2♦2♠9♠3♦ to give Yap a full house to send two more to the rail.

On the other table, it was Kuan Hua Huang who was eliminated after he moved all in on the flop after hitting a pair with king-jack but he ran into pocket aces.

That flurry of activity sees us now with 23 players remaining and only six away from the cash. Expect things to tighten up from here.

6:10pm: Brutal bustout for Bryan

After the blinds passed through Bryan Huang once again, he was down to around 25,000 in chips in the small blind where he moved all in following a shove from Kuan Hua Huang from under the gun.

Bryan was desperate for a double up to get back into contention as he opened 9♦7♦, hoping for at least live cards. He got better than that, as the Kuan Hua showed a dominated 7♥5♥. To the shock of Bryan, he had his chips in the middle as a big favourite!

However once the cards were on their backs, with such imaginative preflop hands, you just got a sick feeling in your stomach that something ugly was about to unfold. And that, it did.

The board arrived Q♦4♥A♥8♦2♥ to give Kuan Hua a remarkable flush in a devastating knockout blow for Bryan. His third top 30 finish goes unrewarded as he is eliminated from the Macau Millions.

6:00pm: A perfect ten for Huang

Bryan Huang didn't waste any time in trying to double up as he moved his last 20,000 all in from early position with K♦T♦ and found a caller with A♥9♥.

Huang would need help to avoid a third missed cash, and he got it on the board of T♣7♠Q♠5♣3♣. It was the prettiest ten of clubs that Huang had seen in a while as he doubles to nearly 40,000 and stays alive!


Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang stays alive on Day 1g

5:55pm: Huang feeling nervous

Bryan Huang has reason to be feeling a bit nervous. He was eliminated at this stage of the tournament on both Day 1d and Day 1e, just short of the money. And he's feeling a whole lot more nervous now after doubling up a short stack.

Huang opened with a raise to 8,000 from early position before the small blind moved all in for a total of 32,200. Huang looked at the clock, did some quick math and made the call with A♥2♦ but he was well behind his opponent's K♠K♦.

The board arrived K♥T♣9♥8♥7♣ to leave a dejected Huang with just 20,000 in chips.

5:45pm: Gettin' Frunky

Australian Daren Frunks has eliminated a short-stacked player to grab some very handy chips as we sneak closer to the money stage.

Frunks moved all in from early position with Q♠J♠ and a shorty called off his last chips in the small blind with 6♦6♠. His sixes shrivelled up on the K♣7♣Q♣ flop and they were buried when the 5♦ turn and Q♥ river completed the board.

We now have 32 players remaining as Frunks moves up to 45,000.

5:30pm: Prize pool and payout information

The 2011 Macau Millions Main Event has attracted a field of 1,329 which is officially a record for the largest ever poker tournament in Asia by number of entrants. Together they smashed the prize pool guarantee as HK$2,631,420 will be shared by the top 93 players.

A minimum cash is worth HK$8,000 while reaching the final table of nine will pocket you HK$50,000. However the big prize that they are all gunning for is the Macau Millions champion which is worth a handsome HK$400,000.

5:15pm: Super chip leader!

Hirotoshi Nakabo is continuing his giant-killing ways, so that means the volume control is set at about a ten right now.

Nakabo just eliminated a short stack when he called an additional 6,000 out of the big blind with J♦8♦ to put his opponent at risk with A♠Q♦.

"Jack eight on flop!" demanded Nakabo and that's exactly what he got as the flop fell J♠6♥8♥. This of course send Nakabo right off as he celebrated in broken English.
The turn was the K♥ and river the 2♠ to give Nakabo another scalp to add to his growing stack.

"Super chip leader!" exclaimed Nakabo as he moved up to 180,000.

"Where can I buy your cap man?" asked one of his tablemates.

"Japan," came the reply from Nakabo, "but this one is sold out!"

5:05pm: The champ is out

Looks like we'll have a new champion here at the Macau Millions after Justin Chan was a recent casualty from our Day 1g field. He moved his short stack into the middle with A♥8♦ and was called by an opponent's 8♠7♣. All looked good for a double up but the 6♣9♥T♥ flop left Chan in deep trouble as his opponent flopped a straight. Chan would need a miracle but it wasn't to be as the 6♦ turn and 5♣ river completed the board to eliminate him from the tournament.

4:55pm: Nam Le eliminated

Nam Le has struggled for the last hour or so to try and find a good spot to double his short stack. When Azusa Maeda opened to 6,000, Le decided to move all in for his last 8,700 from the button. The blinds folded and Maeda postured before making the obvious call with A♥T♠. Le showed 5♠5♥ for a pair but that quickly fell behind on the 7♥7♠T♣ flop. The 2♥ turn changed nothing, and the river also bricked the K♣.

Le is out as Maeda has recovered from virtually bubbling last night, to now claim the chip lead here this afternoon with around 125,000 chips.


Nam Le has been bundled out of the Macau Millions

4:40pm: Play resumes

Approximately 60 players have returned from the break with the cards back in the air once again. With a starting field of 270, we'll be playing this afternoon until we reach the final 7% which is 19 players.

Hopefully things don't go too late and there will be sufficient break for players before Day 2 is scheduled to kick off at 8:10pm.