Macau Millions Day 1g: Levels 6 - 10 (blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200)

4:30pm: Ten-minute break

4:15pm: Price is right for Huang

Moments later, Bryan Huang took another hit after making a gambling call in the big blind. The price was right as it only cost Huang around 5,000 more to take a shot with his Q♠2♥ up against a short stack's A♦K♦.

The flop of 9♥8♥T♥ was great for Huang as he held the only heart, but the 9♦ turn and 7♣ river completed the board.

"I had to call," sighed Huang as he slips to 25,000.

4:10pm: Huang's set gets rivered

Bryan Huang and Ivan Tan have gone to war in a five-way limped pot. The flop read 5♦3♥8♥ with players checking it around to see the J♥ hit the turn. Tan fired 4,000 which forced three folds before Huang moved all in. Tan made the call with 8♦5♥ for two pair with a flush draw, but Huang held a slow-played set with his 3♣3♦.

Tan would need help and it arrived with the 8♣ river to improve Tan to a bigger full house! Both players now sit with around 30,000 chips.

3:55pm: Arce not yet satisfied

PokerStars sponsored player Neil Arce was able to safely navigate his way through last night's Day 1f field, but after losing a massive pot on the bubble, he wasn't satisfied with the 99,000 chips that he ended the day with as he's back for more on Day 1g. And he's making another deep run here this afternoon after raking in a recent pot.

Arce called a preflop raise to 4,000 and saw a heads-up flop of 4♠8♠3♦. Arce's opponent led for 8,000 but Arce moved in for an additional 17,500. His opponent gave it up and Arce climbs to 40,000.


Neil Arce is back to make it two from two at the Macau Millions

3:40pm: Kan flushes two

Raiden Kan is now up to 65,000 following a dramatic elimination of two players. There were people standing three deep around the table when we squeezed our way through to see Kan's A♠6♣ up against both A♣K♣ and 9♠9♥.

That didn't leave Kan too many outs, especially on the T♣K♠T♠ flop, but the 3♠ turn and 2♠ river delivered a spade flush for the double KO!

3:20pm: Huang pulls the check-raise

After Celina Lin was recently joined on the rail by Marcel Luske, Team PokerStars has been left in the hands of Bryan Huang.

Huang is progressing quite well, after collecting a decent pot with a nice check-raise. The flop was K♠8♠2♣ and the blinds checked to a middle-position player who bet 4,200. From the small blind, Huang check-raised all in to force two folds and climb to 36,000 in chips.

3:10pm: Flying Dutchman sent home

The only flying that Marcel Luske will be doing in Macau will be on a plane back to Holland after his elimination from the Macau Millions Main Event.

Luske opened with a raise to 1,800 and picked up two callers to see a flop of 3♣9♦J♥. Luske continuation bet for 4,000 before the button raised all in. The big blind folded but Luske made the call with K♥Q♠ for two overcards and a gutshot, but found his outs were trimmed against his opponent's set of threes. The A♠ turn and 2♦ river missed Luske and he was bundled out.

3:00pm: Nakabo-mania!

Wally Sombero has taken a small hit as the Japanese Express Hirotoshi Nakabo continues on his merry way. Catching the action on a flop of 2♥5♠T♦, Sombero led out for 3,700 and Nakabo called to see the 6♣ hit the turn.

Everyone was looking at Sombero but after a minute or so or staring blankly, Sombero indicated that he had already checked. Nakabo didn't hesitate to bet 6,500 which forced a fold from the Filipino.

Sombero is down to 20,000 with Nakabo up to 35,000.

Moments later there was more commotion and yelling from Nakabo's table. Nothing new there, but this time it appeared that Nakabo had collected another big pot to increase his stack even further.


Hirotoshi Nakabo in the thick of the action at the Macau Millions

2:45pm: More for Mariakis

Michael Mariakis has just strengthened his grip on the chip lead on Day 1g with another monster pot to eliminate an opponent.

Four limpers, including Mariakis on the button, saw a flop of 8♣J♠4♠. The big blind checked and a late position player bet 2,000 which was called in the cutoff. Mariakis then bumped it to 8,000 to force two folds before the cutoff player moved all in for additional 18,800.

Mariakis went into the tank and the two players exchanged some friendly barbs.

"Do you have a set? Do you want me to call?" probed Mariakis to get a reaction as his opponent dropped his head into his arms and covered up.

"I call," said Mariakis calmly and opened J♦8♥ for top two pair as his opponent was on the draw with A♠3♠. The turn was the 3♥ to give the all-in player a few more outs, but the T♥ river wasn't one of them. Mariakis is now up to a commanding 105,000 chips.

2:25pm: Play resumes

According to the big screen, our field has ticked over to 270 entrants for today's flight which is a massive turnout and putting the total number of entrants well over the 1,300 mark. We should have the official numbers and payout information for you shortly.

Approximately 150 still remain alive in today's field, but they don't include David Steicke or Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin who both were absent from their seats following the break. Just before the break, Lin's demise came when her pocket eights were cracked by an open-ended straight draw.