Macau Millions Day 2: Levels 5 - 7 (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

Day 3 Seating Draw

Table 1
Seat 1: Wenlong Jin (China) - 614000
Seat 2: Hubert Sy (Philippines) - 410000
Seat 3: Kou Yang Huang (Taipei) - 304000
Seat 4: Terry Fan (USA) - PokerStars Player - 346000
Seat 5: Albert Wing Fai Kwan (Hong Kong) - 708000
Seat 6: Wen Lin Wang (China) - 183000
Seat 8: Raiden Kan (Malaysia) - 128000
Seat 9: Christopher Koo (Hong Kong) - 242000

Table 6
Seat 1: Robert Parkin (UK) - PokerStars Qualifier - 254000
Seat 2: Wai Bing Yiu (Hong Kong) - 83000
Seat 3: Sixiao Li (China) - 208000
Seat 4: Sung Hee Yun (Usa) - 168000
Seat 5: Clement Chung Man Lau (Hong Kong) - 327000
Seat 7: Qinghong Zhang (China) - 107000
Seat 8: Hoi Ting Lee (Hong Kong) - 27500
Seat 9: Huy Khiem Nguyen (Germany) - 798000

Table 15
Seat 1: Neil Arce (Philippines) - PokerStars Sponsored Player - 171000
Seat 2: Roy Wan (Hong Kong) - 895000
Seat 3: Hirotoshi Nakabo (Japan) - 238000
Seat 4: Pei Cui (China) - 55000
Seat 5: Jason Hoang (Canada) - 93000
Seat 6: Brice Renaud (France) - 374000
Seat 7: Huimin Huang (Macau) - 447000
Seat 8: Claudia Yum (Korea) - 367000

Table 16
Seat 9: Wayne Yap (Singapore) - 381000
Seat 1: Yosuke Sekiya (Japan) - PokerStars Player - 135000
Seat 2: Junzhong Loo (Malaysia) - 427000
Seat 3: Hung-sheng Lin (Taipei) - 949000
Seat 4: Armand Prati (Usa) - 629000
Seat 5: Aman Dhamija (India) - 213000
Seat 6: Thommy Lam (Netherlands) - 285000
Seat 7: Robert Bow Chow (Hong Kong) - 438000
Seat 8: Jordan Lo (Taiwan) - 418000
Seat 9: Jay Tan (Hong Kong) - 210000

Lin and Wan battle for chip lead as Day 2 end

A long day in the Macau Poker Room has come to a close with Day 2 seeing our starting field of 86 reduced to the final 34. There were plenty of big pots, the odd argument and a lot of spirit shown by the players as they toughed it out on the felt.

Our last Team PokerStars Pro Raymong Wu was an early casualty but PokerStars sponsored Neil Arce is still alive.

Raiden Kan entered Day 2 as the chip leader but it appears that Hung-sheng Lin has grabbed the chip lead late in the day with 949,000, just ahead of Roy Wan with 895,000.

Refer to our Chip Counts page for the full counts for the entire field and the Prize Pool and Payouts page for details of those who have already cashed.

Play will resume tomorrow at 12:10pm local time (GMT+8) as we play all the way until the 2011 Macau Millions champion is crowned. Until then, goodnight from Macau!

12:10am: Final three hands

The last few hands passed with a few exchanged pots and the odd exchanged word as Day 2 was brought to a close.

It appears that Hung-sheng Lin was able to recover his sinking ship with a late elimination to once again threaten for the chip lead, while Jay Tan picked up Q♦Q♥ on the last hand to take the blinds of Hirotoshi Nakabo who made a very reluctant fold, flashing the A♥.

11:55am: It's not as easy as ABC

As it has been announced that we'll be stopping play at the end of this level, Terry Fan is ruffling a few feathers late here on Day 2 with some aggressive play.

With the short-stacked Yuji Masaki al in for just 26,500, Terry Fan decided to isolate from the small blind by moving all in. It didn't please Jay Tan in the big blind who made a reluctant fold, and she was even more annoyed when Fan showed 9♣4♠. Masaki was in front with Q♠7♦ but the board ran out 2♣K♦J♣3♠9♠ to spike a pair on the river to take the pot, as he copped a verbal spray from his tablemates who questioned his play and risk doubling up short stack.

"I'm a fish!" laughed Fan.

"It's just ABC poker," commented Thommy Lam. "It's fact it's not even ABC, it's just A."

11:40pm: Lin in freefall

It's going from bad to worse for Hung-sheng Lin. Since reaching the magical million mark, he's been in freefall. He just lost another pot, this time against the short-stacked Sekiya Yosuke, and it was a painful one for Lin.

He flopped good with his K♠Q♣ hitting two pair against Yosuke's A♠T♠ on a flop of Q♥K♥A♦. However the 5♦ turn and 5♣ river improved Yosuke to a better two pair, aces and fives, for a double up. Yosuke is up to 280,000 while Lin has lost half of his once mighty empire to be down to 520,000.

11:25pm: Arce king of the river

Neil Arce has just found a much-needed double up through Thommy Lam. It was a battle of button versus small blind, with Arce holding K♠J♣ for overcards against Lam's T♥T♦.
Arce had to wait until the river on a board of A♦7♣4♥3♥K♥ to spike a pair to take it down. He's up to 240,000 with Lam slipping to 220,000.

11:10pm: Wan taking control

Lin's chip lead didn't last too long after tangling in a big pot with Roy Wan. There was lots of action preflop, but the hand didn't get past a flop as Wan's flop bet was enough to take it down. He's up to 950,000 with Lin back to 700,000. Interestingly, both are currently on the leaderboard in the Asia Player of the Year race, so a deep result here for either one might be enough to claim the race lead.

10:55pm: Kwan shakes it off

It seems like the hysteria last level has been shaken off by Albert Kwan who has moved on nicely after eliminating a short-stacked player. Kwan raised in position and then was priced into call the shove with T♥9♠ and found himself up against Q♣J♣.

The flop of K♣Q♠6♦ didn't offer much hope to Kwan but the J♥ found its way onto the turn. The river was the 6♣ and Kwan gets a little redemption on his way to a stack of 350,000.

10:45pm: One Milli for Lin!

We have a runaway chip leader as young gun Hung-sheng Lin has cracked the one million chip mark after a massive three-way all in clash.

It was the ultimate in coolers as it was pocket queens against pocket kings against pocket aces! The board of 2♥J♦T♥2♣T♦ brought no surprises to leave Lin's aces on command. The player holding queens was eliminated while the kings belonged to Sung Hee Yun who was left crippled.


Hung-sheng Lin is the first to one million at the Macau Millions

10:35pm: Play resumes

What a well-timed that was after the madness of that last level. Hopefully everyone has taken a moment to catch their breath and compose themselves in readiness for the next two-hour session. We still have 54 players remaining and are a long way from the final table.