Macau Millions Day 3: Levels 10 - 12 (blinds 25,000-50,000, ante 5,000)

4:20pm: Ten-minute break

4:18pm: Nakabo raises the roof!

The roof has been raised here in the PokerStars Macau Poker room as Hirotoshi Nakabo has done it again with another double up. This time his theatrics and shouting were equally matched by the ferocious Sixiao "Juicy" Li and her entourage. Nakabo had moved all in preflop for 162,000 with A♠T♦ and Li made the call with T♣T♠.

Nakabo was screaming at the top of his lungs for an ace, and leapt high in the air when he spotted a magical ace in the window on the flop of 8♥6♥A♣. The turn was the J♦ and river the 4♥ to give Nakabo a double up to 350,000, leaving Li with 290,000.


Hirotoshi Nakabo now has one eye on a final table berth at the Macau Millions

4:15pm: Two more gone!

We've lost two more players in rapid succession to see us on the bubble of the final table with ten players now remaining.

First to go was Claudia Yum. She moved her short stack all in from the button with K♦T♣ with Wayne Yap making the call in the small blind with 6♥6♠. It was virtually over on the flop of 6♦K♥J♦ as Yap flopped a set, although Yap picked up outs on the A♠ turn. However the river bricked the 3♣ to eliminate Yum in 12th place.

While Yum's elimination was going down, there was a huge all in on the other table. Albert Kwan and Hung-sheng Lin have shown their preflop aggression throughout this tournament so it was no surprise to see the chips all in with Kwan holding J♥J♣ and Lin tabling Q♠Q♦.

The board ran out 2♣5♣9♦Q♥4♦ with Lin covering Kwan to eliminate him in 10th place. Lin is now up to 2.3 million.

With that we'll now be playing round-for-round on the two five-handed tables until we lose one more player.

4:10pm: Double elimination jumps Prati to two milli

Huimin Huang moved all in from early position for around 450,000 with Chris Koo moving all in from the cutoff for slightly more. Armand Prati decided to join the party from the small blind as he made the call, covering both players.

Huang: 8♣8♦
Koo: A♠K♦
Prati: A♥T♥

Huang held the lead but the flop found yet another ace as it arrived A♦3♥7♣ to put Koo in front and leave Huang needing an eight to stay alive. Prati was still needing a ten and he got it when the T♦ spiked on the turn. The river bricked the 4♦ and suddenly we had a double KO!

Huang and Koo are both out as Prati has rocketed up the chip counts to now hold two million in chips!


Armand Prati's double KO jumps him towards the chip leaders

4:05pm: Fan falls

Terry Fan open-shoved from the cutoff for close to 500,000 with Albert Kwan making a big call in the big blind with A♦T♦. It was the right call, as the aggressive Fan showed J♣7♠.

The board fell 8♦T♣4♠K♥T♠ to give Kwan trip tens and send Fan to the cashier in 15th place.

4:00pm: Koo and Jin chop one

Chris Koo has stayed alive after pushing his last 480,000 chips with A♣7♣ with Wenlong Jin making the call with a dominant A♥K♦. It sounds like a good result for Koo, but he actually took the lead on the 7♦6♠8♠ flop, only to see the 9♥ turn and 5♣ river put a straight out on board. Chop it up!

3:50pm: Celina out in 4th place in side event

Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin has been eliminated from the side event in 4th place. In the big blind, she called off her last chips with A♠8♠ after the button shoved, but her opponent opened a dominant A♥T♦. Lin flopped a flush draw but the board bricked out to eliminate her from the tournament, as she immediately rushed over to jump straight into the Rebuy side event!

3:45pm: Chip leaders tango

We were wondering when our two chip leaders in Hung-sheng Lin and Huy Khiem Nguyen would butt heads. We just saw it in a very interesting hand with Nguyen getting the upper hand.

Nguyen opened with a raise to 90,000 from under the gun before Lin three-bet another 140,000 from the big blind. Nguyen made the call and the flop landed T♣8♠J♣. Lin led out for 300,000 and Nguyen smooth called as already over one million chips were in the middle as the 8♦ hit the turn.

Lin checked and Nguyen checked behind to see the 5♠ complete the board. Lin checked it again but this time Nguyen slid out a bet of 550,000 which represented exactly half of Lin's remaining chips. Lin thought for a moment but let it go as Nguyen flashed the 3♦!

Lin slips to 1.1 million with Nguyen now a clear chip leader with 2.2 million.

3:30pm: Chow out

Bob Chow is next to head to the cashier after moving his short stack in from early position. Raiden Kan moved all in over the top from the button, but Albert Kwan made the cal in the big blind as we had ourselves a three-way all in!

Chow: Q♠8♥
Kan: J♦J♥
Kwan: 9♣9♠

The board ran out K♣6♥T♥J♣K♥ to give Kan a full house to more than double to around 900,000. Kwan is left with 400,000 as Chow is eliminated in 16th place.


The man behind the mask is Raiden Kan

3:20pm: Celina eyes off a trophy

We should mention that the final table of yesterday's $1,500 Deep Stack No Limit Holdem event is currently running on a nearby table and features Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin. It hasn't been a great week in the Main Event for Celina, so she'll be looking to make amends with a trophy in the side event with six players currently . We'll be keeping one eye on her progress.

3:15pm: Jin doubles

Wayne Yap opened by moving all in from the button but Wenglong Jin made the call for his last 300,000 in the big blind and opened A♠Q♠ to have Yap's K♦Q♣ well and truly dominated.

The flop of T♣9♦8♥ gave Yap an extra out with the straight draw but the 3♥ turn and A♦ river missed to give JIn the double up. Yap is back to 380,000.

3:05pm: Hirotoshi hangs tough

The little Japanese master, Hirotoshi Nakabo has once again found a double up to stay alive, much to the delight of the Japanese contingent here in the PokerStars Macau Poker Room.

Nakabo moved all in for around 110,000 with A♦2♦ and the price was right for Huimin Huang to make the call in the big blind with 6♥7♦. Nakabo was screaming for "big cards" and he got it on the board of K♠K♥Q♦8♠T♥.

Nakabo stays alive with a double to around 250,000.

3:00pm: Kings again for Koo

Pocket kings are Chris Koo's new favourite hand as he just picked up the cowboys once again to find another double up.

This time Koo's K♠K♥ got action from Huimin Huang's Q♠Q♦ with all the chips in preflop. The board ran out 8♣T♠J♠A♦2♣ to double Koo to about 800,000.
2:55pm: It's about time!

"It's about time!" exclaimed Jordan Lo after he just found a double up through Sixiao "Juicy" Li. Lo had moved all in from early position for 170,000 with A♣6♣ and Li made the call in the big blind with K♥Q♣.

Li didn't even have time to stand up and start chanting as the A♦4♦7♣ put her well behind and it didn't get any better on the 7♦ turn or 6♥ river. Lo doubles to 350,000 with Li back to 700,000.

2:45pm: Sixiao still going strong

Sixiao Li has found another double up, this time at the expense of Bob Chow.

It was Li's ace-queen up against Chow's pocket fours. Li and her husband were chanting "ace queen!" and they got their wish as the board ran out A♠J♦8♣3♠Q♠.

Li doubles to 800,000 with Chow down to 300,000.

2:30pm: Cooler for Hirotoshi

Hirotoshi Nakabo open-shoved from under the gun and the table folded around to Chris Koo in the big blind who made a quick call with K♠K♥. Nakabo was screaming something that we couldn't decipher, but we figure that he wasn't thrilled as he opened Q♦Q♥.

Nakabo started yelling for a queen but he couldn't find it on the board of 8♠3♠7♥A♠4♠. Koo doubles to 250,000 with Nakabo still alive on about 150,000.

2:25pm: More woe for Wan

Roy Wan's woes have ended as the one-time tournament chip leader has been eliminated in 17th place.

Wan shoved his last 200,000 from early position but Claudia Yum made the call and tabled J♦J♣ to leave Wan needed to spike an ace with his A♦9♣. It wasn't to be on the board of K♦8♦7♠4♥Q♦ as Yum climbs to 600,000.


Claudia Yum is still in contention in the Macau Millions Main Event

2:20pm: Prati dines with Kings

Roy Wan is having a rough day as he has once again doubled up a short stack. This time it was Armand Prati who was the benefactor. Wan open-shoved from late position with 9♥9♠ but Prati woke up with K♥K♠ and made the call.

The board fell 3♥3♣T♦5♣8♦ to leave Prati's kings in front for a double up to 800,000, leaving Wan on the short stack with around 200,000.

2:15pm: Play resumes

The 17 remaining players are back in their seats with play underway once again. Huy Khiem Nguyen was the big mover in the first session of the day as he's our chip leader with around 1.9 million with Hung-Sheng Lin not far behind. Interestingly both players have now moved to the same table, just two seats apart, so we might see some fireworks there shortly!