Macau Millions Day 3: Levels 7 - 9 (blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000)

2:05pm: Ten-minute break

2:00pm: Jay Tan eliminated

Jay Tan is another short stack who had been waiting patiently for the right moment to strike. She chose to move all in from the small blind holding K♠Q♥ after Huimin Huang had raised from early position. Unfortunately for Tan, it was the wrong moment as Huang made the call with a dominant A♣K♦.

The board arrived 8♣9♥2♠6♥7♣ without a queen to send Tan to the cashier in 18th place.

1:55pm: Double up for Nakabo

We haven't heard much from Japanese star Hirotoshi Nakabo so far today, but he just made some noise after getting a valuable double up.

Action folded to Roy Wan in the small blind who moved all in and Nakabo made the call in the big blind for his last 117,000 with K♥3♥. It was a great call as Wan showed J♦8♠. The board fell 5♣Q♥A♥2♦2♠ and Nakabo celebrated like he'd won the title as he doubled to 250,000 to stay alive!

1:45pm: Keeping it Lo

Jordon Lo opened with a late position raise to 70,000 before Hubert Sy moved all in from the big blind. Lo asked for a quick count before making the call.

Lo showed J♦J♥ and was racing with Sy's A♠Q♦ but the board stayed low for Lo as it ran out 3♥7♥6♣8♣T♣. Sy is out with Lo now up to 700,000.


Jordan Lo is soaring to new heights

1:35pm: Blinding out

Clement Lau waited patiently for a good spot - unfortunately it never came. He was down to just 33,000 when he moved all in from under the gun, knowing it was either this hand or the next hand when the big blind would hit him again. Huy Khiem Nguyen raised to 80,000 to isolate and the table folded around.

Lau showed Q♥3♥ for live cards against Nguyen's A♣J♦ but the board ran out 2♦K♣A♥A♠Q♦ to give Nguyen another pot and eliminate Lau in 22nd place. Nguyen is now up to a commanding 1.9 million chips.

On the other table we're sad to report that Aman Dhamija has failed to show up at all today. Danny McDonagh is adamant he's not responsible. Unfortunately Dhamija's stack has just been blinded out completely, in a disappointing end to an excellent tournament for the Indian player.

1:25pm: Wang washed away

Wen Lin Wang got his last chips in preflop in pretty good shape with his A♣J♦ looking set for a double up against Chris Koo's A♥T♣. The first four community cards landed 7♠3♠K♥8♥ but a cruel T♦ found its way onto the river to signal the end for Wang. He's out in 23rd place with Koo now up to 400,000.

1:20pm: Parkin squeezed out

Wenlong Jin opened with a raise to 43,000 and Bob Chow made the call before the UK's Robert Parkin moved all in for an additional 123,000. Jin stepped aside but Chow made the call with 8♠8♣ to be racing with Parkin's A♥K♥.

The board delivered 2♦Q♠6♣J♥8♦ to give Chow a set for overkill as Parkin hits the rail in 24th place.

1:15pm: Huang not a Fan

Terry Fan has shown a liking to playing any two cards, and when he collided with the aggressive Kou Yang Huang sparks were always going to fly. So we're not sure how to two players got to the river, but Huang's all-in bet on the board of K♦6♠3♥T♣2♠ was quickly picked off by Fan who opened 6♣T♠ for two pair as Huang showed 4♦3♦ and quietly departed.

1:00pm: Sung sunk

We still have quite a few ladies still in contention here this afternoon, but one of them is no longer Sung Hee Yun. Always spotted with a smile on her face, Yun has been a delight all tournament, but her run is over after she got her last 38,000 in preflop with A♣5♠ and Huy Khiem Nguyen made the call with Q♥8♥.

The board ran out Q♠8♠3♦K♦3♠ to give Nguyen two pair as Yun graciously departed the tournament floor.

We also recently lost PokerStars-sponsored Neil Arce to leave ourselves with 25 players remaining.

12:45pm: Where is Aman?

We've just noticed that Indian Aman Dhamija has failed to take his seat here on Day 3. He started the day with 213,000 and has been blinded down to around 160,000.

The levels today have been extended to 40 minutes, but if you're a friend of Aman and you're reading this at home, we suggest you give him a friendly phone call before he is blinded out completely!

12:40pm: Mixed fortunes with lucky sevens

Huimin Huang has found a big double up after he caught a set holding pocket threes against the pocket sevens of Roy Wan. The board of K♥3♣5♣Q♣4♦ was exactly what Huang needed as he doubled to 650,000, leaving Wan with about 520,000.

The sevens were a bit luckier for Huy Khiem Nguyen on another table as he claims his second victim of the day. It was Nguyen's pocket sevens up against the ace-king of Wai Bing Yiu. The board bricked out to send Yiu to the cashier and Nguyen up to a tournament leading 1.2 million chips.

huy_khiem_nguyen_ macau_millions.jpg

Our new chip leader is Huy Khiem Nguyen

12:30pm: Lam runs into aces

Thommy Lam moved his last 122,000 all in from late position but Huy Khiem Nguyen woke up with A♠A♣ to make an easy call as Lam was in trouble with Q♥T♦.

"Let's see if he's a PokerStars dealer," announced Danny McDonagh (who is looking especially chipper this morning), but there was not bad beat as the board was spread J♥2♥4♣T♠7♥.

A great tournament for Lam with plenty of entertaining moments and two cashes as he departs in 29th place.

12:20pm: Sekiya unable to survive

In the first few minutes the short stacks of Hoi Ting Lee and Pei Cui were unable to find double ups, and they were soon followed to the rail by Yosuke Sekiya.

Sekiya pushed his last 141,000 from late position with A♦3♥ but chip leader Hung-shen Lin made the call with K♣Q♣.

The board ran out 8♦5♦5♥Q♦4♥ and Lin picks up a lady on the turn to take it down. He's now back up over the one million chip mark as 31 players remain.


Hung-sheng Lin has continued where he left off here on Day 3

12:10pm: Macau Millions Day 3 underway!

Welcome back to the PokerStars Macau Poker Room in the luxurious Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino for the final day of the 2011 Macau Millions.

What an event this has been! The seven opening flights have drawn a record number of 1,329 entrants to smash the prize pool guarantee. Today, the final 34 will duke it out to see who takes home the lion's share.

Here's the seating draw for Day 3:

Table 1
Seat 1: Wenlong Jin (China) - 614000
Seat 2: Hubert Sy (Philippines) - 410000
Seat 3: Kou Yang Huang (Taipei) - 304000
Seat 4: Terry Fan (USA) - PokerStars Player - 346000
Seat 5: Albert Wing Fai Kwan (Hong Kong) - 708000
Seat 6: Wen Lin Wang (China) - 183000
Seat 8: Raiden Kan (Malaysia) - 128000
Seat 9: Christopher Koo (Hong Kong) - 242000

Table 6
Seat 1: Robert Parkin (UK) - PokerStars Qualifier - 254000
Seat 2: Wai Bing Yiu (Hong Kong) - 83000
Seat 3: Sixiao Li (China) - 208000
Seat 4: Sung Hee Yun (Usa) - 168000
Seat 5: Clement Chung Man Lau (Hong Kong) - 327000
Seat 7: Qinghong Zhang (China) - 107000
Seat 8: Hoi Ting Lee (Hong Kong) - 27500
Seat 9: Huy Khiem Nguyen (Germany) - 798000

Table 15
Seat 1: Neil Arce (Philippines) - PokerStars Sponsored Player - 171000
Seat 2: Roy Wan (Hong Kong) - 895000
Seat 3: Hirotoshi Nakabo (Japan) - 238000
Seat 4: Pei Cui (China) - 55000
Seat 5: Jason Hoang (Canada) - 93000
Seat 6: Brice Renaud (France) - 374000
Seat 7: Huimin Huang (Macau) - 447000
Seat 8: Claudia Yum (Korea) - 367000
Seat 9: Wayne Yap (Singapore) - 381000

Table 16
Seat 1: Yosuke Sekiya (Japan) - PokerStars Player - 135000
Seat 2: Junzhong Loo (Malaysia) - 427000
Seat 3: Hung-sheng Lin (Taipei) - 949000
Seat 4: Armand Prati (Usa) - 629000
Seat 5: Aman Dhamija (India) - 213000
Seat 6: Thommy Lam (Netherlands) - 285000
Seat 7: Robert Bow Chow (Hong Kong) - 438000
Seat 8: Jordan Lo (Taiwan) - 418000
Seat 9: Jay Tan (Hong Kong) - 210000

Young gun Hung-sheng Lin leads the way, however there are plenty of sharks still lurking in the field including PokerStars sponsored Neil Arce.

The players have taken their seats and the official word has been given to shuffle up and deal!