MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 1a: Levels 10 - 11 (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

9:40pm: That's all she wrote

Day 1a of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event has come to an end with approximately 67 players surviving the day's carnage.

Leading the way is likely to be Jeremy MacDonald, with Xiaojun Zhang and Nathanael Seet not too far behind. Also amongst the survivors are all three Team PokerStars Pros in Raymond Wu, Celina Lin and Bryan Huang, although each of them will have some work to do on day two as they all have below average chip stacks.

We'll be back with a wrap of the day's action and chip counts for the entire field for you shortly.


Unofficial chip leader, New Zealand's Jeremy MacDonald

9:30pm: Seet sailing

Nathanael Seet has ended the day on a high note after dispatching with a short-stacked opponent. After opening with a standard raise, Seet had to call around 15,000 more when his opponent shoved. Seet took another peak at his cards before calling with K♣Q♠ to find that he was in a dominant position against K♠8♠.

The board bricked out T♣Q♣2♠3♠6♥ to move Seet up to 80,000.


Nathanael Seet continues to dominate late on Day 1a

Meanwhile on the same table Kiwi Jeremy MacDonald appears set to grab the end of day chip lead. We've only caught glimpses of MacDonald today, with no major hands to report, but his solid play sees him with a stack of around 100,000.

9:20pm: Team PokerStars on the ropes

A couple of our Team PokerStars Pros have taken a hit as they are within sight of the end of day one play. Bryan Huang is down to 24,000 after raising to 3,600 in the small blind, only to find Justin Chan move all in from the big blind. Huang sighed, eyed off the clock and did some quick math before saving his chips for a better spot.

Raymond Wu wishes that he'd done the same after he called down an opponent. Wu raised preflop to 2,600, bet 3,600 on the flop, checked the turn and was faced with a bet of 7,400 on the river. The board read K♠Q♦6♣Q♣4♣ and Wu committed to the call, only to be shown K♥J♠. Wu tossed his cards into the muck and is now left with just 7,000 in chips.

9:00pm: Tan is back in town

After being down to only a few thousand in chips earlier today, Singapore's Ivan Tan has shot back into contention after finding a recent double up. You could say it was a rather generous one, where Tan's all-in bet was called rather light by his opponent.

It started with Raymond Wu raising to 2,600 on the button before the small blind three-bet to 6,300. Tan moved all in for 24,000 in the big blind which forced a fold from Wu, but the small blind thought briefly before shrugging and dropping calling chips into the pot. Tan held 8♣8♠ and was in great shape against A♥3♣.

The board ran out 5♠8♥T♥5♥5♣ to give Tan a full house and a big double up to 55,000 chips.

8:50pm: Internet board hurts Chen

Victor Chen has taken a hit but not before an exciting board brought to you exclusively by Chen held 8♥8♠ and things weren't looking good against his short-stacked opponent's T♦T♣, especially when the flop bricked 6♠5♦2♦. However the 8♦ turn card gave Chen the two-outer to take the lead.

The hand wasn't over just yet, as the A♦ river gave Chen's opponent a flush for a dramatic double up. Chen slips to 17,000.

8:40pm: Play resumes

The players are back following their final break of the evening and ready to play the next one and a half levels (or one hour) before we wrap things up.

Late in the last level China's Xiaojun Zhang shot to the chip lead as he becomes the first player to crack 100,000 in chips. The details of how Zhang got his chips are a little sketchy but we understand that it was ace-king on a king high board that did most of the damage.

Nathanael Seet, Asuza Maeda and Victor Chen are also in good shape, while Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang (35,000), Celina Lin (28,000) and Raymond Wu (23,000) are all on track to see day two action in the MPC Red Dragon Main Event as 80 players remain on Day 1a.