MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 1a: Levels 4-6 (Blinds 200-400, ante 50)

6:20 p.m: Ten-minute break

6:18 p.m: Vivian vanquished
The newest Team PokerStars PRO: Asia member in Vivian Im has just been sent to the rail.

Nursing the short-stack for the past few levels, Im finally committed her final 2,350 from the small blind following a raise to 1,400 and a call. The original raiser bet out the remaining active opponent on the 4♦J♣J♠ flop to see the two player's hands tabled.

Im: K♠9♣
Opponent: Q♥Q♠

The turn and river landed the 6♠ and 8♦ to see Im hit the rail with just a few minutes remaining in the level.

Vivian Im

Vivian Im heads on an early break

6:10 p.m: Raloto exits
With a limp, a raise to 1,900, and then a call, the action was round to Giselle Raloto in the big blind who moved all in for 3,925. The limper passed, but the preflop aggressor pushed all in to force the small blind out.

Raloto: K♥Q♥
Opponent: A♣T♥

The board was spread A♦6♣6♥6♠9♥ to see the recent Ladies Event winner sent to the rail.

6:05 p.m: Tan stays aggressive
Ivan Tan opened the action with a raise to 1,125 and was called by two players as the dealer spread a 2♦4♣6♠ flop. Tan continued for 1,825 and was called by just one player as the [10d] landed on the turn.

Opting to fire a second barrel, Tan pushed out 4,050 and managed to find a fold from his opponent while moving to 39,000 in chips.

5:55 p.m: Ewing can't force fold
From the cutoff, David Ewing tossed in 925 only to have his opponent in the big blind three-bet to 4,300. Ewing leant over his chips to view his opponent's chip stack a little better before he chose to slide in a stack of 5,000 and 1,000-denomination chips to put his opponent all in.

"That didn't work out well!" stated Ewing as his opponent quickly made the call for his final 17,600 while tabling his A♦5♠.

A puzzled Ewing tabled his 9♦7♦ and added, "I knew he was full of s**t!"

Although Ewing's opponent was somewhat light in calling off his stack, the final board of 4♥Q♠8♦[10h]A♥ was enough to see him earn the double as Ewing slips to 21,000 in chips.

David Ewing

David Ewing unable to strike with his suited connectors

5:40 p.m: Level up, blinds 200-400, ante 50

5:35 p.m: Young wins on river
Kim Gap Young entered the pot with a raise to 1,200 only to have an opponent push out a 2,100-chip three-bet. Young made the call before check-calling a bet on the 8♠3♥4♥ flop as the J♣ landed on the turn and both players tapped the table.

When the river of the 2♠ completed the board, Young led for 3,500 and found a fold from his opponent as he moves to 31,000 in chips. For the highly aggressive Young, having chips will put him in a good spot to make a run at claiming the title. Back in November at the APPT Cebu Main Event, Young held the chip lead for the majority of the tournament before eventually bowing out in third place -- two places behind his partner Vivian Im who claimed the title.

5:14 p.m: Seet pushed out
Nathanael Seet opened the pot with a raise to 750 from the lo-jack. Three players made the call -- the cutoff, button and big blind -- to see a 4♠[10s][10c] flop fall.

Seet fired out a 1,250-chip continuation-bet before the cutoff deliberated for some time before making it 3,300 to go. The button the took his time in the tank, as did the big blind, before they both folded and the action returned to Seet.

Not wanting to waste anyone's time, a seemingly frustrated Seet whipped his cards into the muck to relinquish the pot and slip down to 18,000 in chips.

5:10 p.m: Bad beats
At every poker tournament there is always the standard run of bad beats and lucky outdraws... it seems as though today's flight has witnessed its first one; and boy was it bad!

With heavy action on the flop of 8♣[10d]4♥ which ended up seeing two players all in, it was the players having both opponents covered that had a stranglehold on the hand with his 4♣4♠ for a flopped set.

His two opponents both held just top pair with A♠T♠ and Q♣T♣ the hands in question, and with roughly a 92% edge in the hand against the roughly 1% and 6% of his opponents respectively, it seemed liek it was going to be a great start to the level.

That was until the dealer decided to drop the 8♦ and 8♥ on the turn and river to counterfeit the pocket fours and see the pot chopped up between the two players holding just top pair when the money went in.

Although he received a fairly awful beat, the player that held the fours quickly whipped out his camera and snapped a picture or two so that he could remember the bad beat for years to come!
5:00 p.m: Level up, blinds 150-300, ante 25

4:55 p.m: Chen crumbles
With two limps and a raise to 750 ahead of him, Victor Chen pushed his final 2,150 into the pot from the hi-jack. The blinds and limpers folded, but the original raiser made the call to put the previous Macau Poker Cup Champion at risk.

Chen: [10c][10d]
Opponent: K♥J♣

Unfortunately for Chen, the board of A♠K♠4♥Q♠2♠ would be rolled out by the dealer to send him out the door prematurely.

Victor Chen

Victor Chen couldn't win the race to stay alive

4:40 p.m: Tan king-hit
Ivan Tan entered the pot with a raise to 600 and found one caller from an opponent on the button before the big blind moved all in for 3,550. Not wanting to mess round, Tan pushed out a stack of assorted chips that roughly amounted to 17,000 to force the player on the button to send his cards to the muck.

Tan: A♣K♣
Opponent: K♥K♦

Needing to spike either his three outs to an ace or some combination of flush or straight cards, Tan would gain one clean additional out when the flop of K♠Q♥J♦ was spread. Unfortunately the Q♦ on the turn would end Tan's hopes of capturing the pot as the 3♥ completed the board to send the Singaporean down to 14,400 in chips.

4:30 p.m: Scott surrenders
Five players all limped in for 200 to see a 4♥J♦5♠ flop fall with the action being checked over to the under the gun player who tossed in a 700-chip bet.

The player next to act called, before the third player involved passed. With the action on Andrew Scott in the small blind, he moved all in for his last 4,100 to force the big blind's cards into the muck. The flop aggressor made the call to put Scott at risk.

Scott: J♣2♦
Opponent: 5♣4♣

With Scott trailing, the 6♦ on the turn gave him additional outs to a straight, but when the 7♥ landed on the river, Scott was forced to say goodbye to his Main Event.

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott wishing he tossed his cards into the muck on this hand too

4:25 p.m: Liu legged by Yueh's aces
A short-stacked Mingqin Liu pushed his last 1,500 into the pot only to be met with a raise by Brian Mcallister from a few seats over to 3,000. With the action on Lee Yueh next to act, he tossed in 8,000 to force the remaining players and Mcallister out of the way.

Yueh: A♦A♣
Liu: K♦Q♥

The board was spread A♥K♠2♦K♥[10c] to see Liu bumped to the rail as Yueh raked in the pot to move to roughly 26,000 in chips.

4:20 p.m: Play resumes
The cards are now back in the air, and although the blinds remain the same at 100-200, we now have a 25-ante in play.

With registration closed, we are still waiting on the final numbers, but currently 173 players remain of the 187 starting field.

Tim Duckworth
@PokerStars in PokerStars Macau