MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 1b: Levels 10 - 11 (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

9:40pm: That's it! Day 1b is in the books!

The final hands have been dealt and the players are currently scribbling their names on their bags, hopefully alongside a healthy chip count. Around 80 players have made it through and they will return to the action tomorrow for Day 2 of the Red Dragon Main Event.

Leading the way today is likely to be Victor Chong with Charles Chua close behind. Also surviving the day was APPT Cebu champion Young-shin Im who made it through with an average stack.

We'll be back shortly with a wrap of the day's action and confirmation of the chip counts for the entire field.

9:30pm: Suzuki stumbles late

Japanese player Takuya Suzuki was threatening for the chip lead a few minutes ago but a solid call by Hungarian Gabor Pateri has left Suzuki back in the pack as the day comes to a close.

We caught the action on a flop of 5♥7♠2♣ when Suzuki bet out 4,500 before Pateri raised to 17,000. Suzuki moved all in and Pateri was sent into the tank for a big decision for his tournament. He eventually made the call with T♠T♦ as Suzuki was trailing with 9♥9♦.

The turn was the A♥ and river the 8♠ to double Pateri up to over 85,000 with Suzuki back down to around 75,000.

9:20pm: Six more hands

It seems that play has slowed up considerably over the last twenty minutes or so, with not a lot of action to report. Interestingly the big stacks are starting to eye each other off and ask tournament staff about the size of the biggest stack from yesterday. It looks like Victor Chong and Charles Chua are going to battle it out for the chip lead as we enter the final level of the day.

We'll be playing six more hands on each table before we call it a day.

9:00pm: The Lo-down

We spotted Jordon Lo making a hasty retreat to the exit a few minutes ago, after what was clearly his elimination from the tournament. After taking a walk to cool off, Lo returned to the poker room and stopped by our desk to recall the details of his bustout.

After calling a preflop raise to 3,000 in position with [j][t], Lo caught middle pair on a [q][j][2] flop. Lo called one street for 5,000 and then was happy to commit the rest of his chips when he picked up two pair on the [t] turn card. Unfortunately his opponent held [a][k] for the straight and Lo couldn't fill up on the river.

8:50pm: Predictions come true

As Andrew Scott predicted only moments ago, he has just become tangled in a pot with Lee Chin Feng. Scott had opened to 3,000 and Feng called to see a 5♥8♥7♥ flop. Scott bet 4,000 and Feng called as the 2♣ hit the turn.

Scott bet another 6,000 but Feng doubled that to make it 12,000. Scott called and the river was the K♠. Both players checked it down with Scott showing A♣J♥ for ace-high but Feng had a pair with his A♥8♦. Scott slips to 60,000 as Feng climbs to 120,000.


Andrew Scott and Lee Chin Feng get to know each other at the Macau Poker Cup

8:40pm: Play resumes

The players are back with around 100 players still alive on Day 1b. Charles Chua and Victor Chong are our likely chip leaders with around 115,000 apiece. Andrew Scott just stopped by to let us know he's up to 87,000 and expecting some fireworks in the last session with tablemate Lee Chin Feng to his direct left who apparently is both tilted and loaded with a stack of around 100,000.

We've seen some incredible action so far this afternoon, what awaits over the final one and a half levels?