MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 1b: Levels 7 - 9 (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

8:30pm: Ten-minute break

8:20pm: That's more like an online hand

Just moments after Yu-Reng Peng had taken the previous hit to his stack, he has come storming back into contention with the ultimate of bad beats.

As the action was recalled to us, Mansour Khorramshahi limped, a short-stacked player moved all in before Peng moved all in over the top. Khorramshahi snap-called with A♥A♠ we had a three-way all in. Peng held 8♣8♠ as the short stack would need something special with his A♣Q♦.

The flop landed 9♦7♦A♦ and Khorramshahi held his lead with top set, however the short stack found life with the 8♦ turn to give him a flush. Meanwhile there was still a significant side pot to play for and Peng was hanging his hopes on one single card on the river. One out to stay alive....BOOM.....the 8♥ landed express from the poker Gods to cruelly snap the tournament life of Khorramshahi and give Peng a one-outer!

Runner runners do occasionally happen, and although Peng did have backdoor straight outs, it's as pretty close to a perfect, perfect as you are likely to see, and the river was a truly sick one outer! Peng is incredibly up to 80,000 chips.

8:05pm: That's not how they play online

We haven't seen our PokerStars Team Online Pro, Yu-Reng Peng get in too many big pots today, but he was just put in a rather tricky spot.

After a raise from the under-the-gun player, Peng three-bet an additional 4,700 next to act. The table folded around and the UTG-player made the call to see a flop of 5♠K♠9♥.

Action checked to Peng who bet 8,000. His opponent thought for several long minutes before making the call as the 5♦ paired the board on the turn. The UTG-player then stepped out with a bet of 15,000 which represented most of Peng's stack. He raised his eyebrows and folded as his ambitious opponent showed 7♥7♣!

"Wow! Wow! Wow!" was all Peng could muster as he slips down to 18,000 in chips.

7:45pm: Christmas comes early for Chua

"Mr. Macau" has struck again as Charles Chua has raked in an enormous pot, but it wasn't without a little controversy.

We arrived at the table and had to push our way through the crowd to see the 3♥5♣5♦ flop. Chua was all in for 40,000 in chips with 3♣3♠ open in front of him. We did a double take of the board and realised that Chua was in pretty good shape with his full house as all the chips had gone into the middle. However we couldn't see the cards of Chua's opponent, Jessica Shi-ling Ngu.

"When she saw his hand, she just mucked!" explained Daren Yoon from the rail.

The floor had been called and it was ruled that her cards must be tabled, to the disappointment of Chua who, although holding a strong hand, was no lock to win as Ngu wasn't quite drawing dead with her A♣Q♥. Running fives, queens or aces would do it, but Chua breathed a sigh of relief at the J♦ turn and J♥ river.

Chua is now up to 85,000 to be with our tournament chip leaders.

7:25pm: Yoon exits

Daren Yoon has been eliminated from the Red Dragon Main Event as we caught him making his way to the exit.

"I'm out. Jacks into aces!" said Yoon. With all the chips in preflop, Yoon recalled to us that he picked up a gutshot straight draw on the flop, but was unable to find one of his six outs on the turn or river.

7:05pm: Ladies event kicks off in sensational style!

While the Main Event is in full swing, there has been a bit of commotion over at the Ladies Event which has just kicked off. Things were all set for a seven o'clock start as the girls took their seats, but proceedings were paused to allow for a surprise late entrant.


The young lady shuffled sheepishly into the room, but we couldn't help but notice the striking resemblance with Japanese cult hero Hirotoshi Nakabo, who was eliminated from the Main Event a little earlier in the day.

There was speculation that it might be Hirotoshi's sister as the rather shy girl took her seat in the field.


The cards were in the air, but Tournament Director Danny McDonagh was a little suspicious and tensions rose when the young lady was unable to produce a passport to verify her identity.


"'ve got a beard! It's Hirotoshi! Out you go! OUT!" exclaimed McDonagh. The jig was up and the rogue entrant thrown from the tournament!


Of course, the whole event was staged and in good fun, as Hirotoshi always remains the entertainer, even when he's already busted from a tournament. With Hirotoshi on the sidelines, four tables of the ladies tournament settled down from the hysteria and got down to business!

6:45pm: Scott doing the rounds

"This is my fourth table already today!" exclaimed Andrew Scott as he settled in to his new seat, but the bad news is that it's probably not going to be his last as Table 3 will likely break before the end of the day.

"I've had one hand all day. It was pocket aces and everyone folded!" added Scott, but he's still going ok as he has chipped up to around 23,000 chips.

6:30pm: Play resumes

The players are back with 159 still in contention here on Day 1b of the Red Dragon Main Event. Unfortunately missing from the field is PokerStars sponsored Neil Arce who was unable to recover from his short stack.

We also want to take this opportunity to mention that earlier this week the schedule for Season 5 of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour was announced, with stops in Melbourne, Queenstown, Macau and the Philippines. The first event is in Melbourne from July 29th until August 1st with online satellites running now on PokerStars. For those in Macau, you'll have to wait until November 23rd for the APPT to roll into town.

Check out the APPT Season 5 announcement for further details.


Jonathan Karmalikis and friends ready for another APPT season