MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 1b: Level 10 (blinds 600-1,200, ante 100)

3:20 a.m: Day 1b in the bag
The final hands are now all complete as the remaining players are currently bagging their chips and scribbling their details down on their bags.

Roughly 100 players have survived from today's flight, and they will join the sixty-two players from yesterday that earned a spot in Day 2 of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event.

Although it appears as though Lawrence Peng is leading the charge, several Japanese players are hot on his heels, and until we receive the full chip counts from the PokerStars Macau staff, we can't be exactly sure who is the top dog.

We'll be back shortly with a wrap of today's action, along with confirmation of all the chip counts along with a Day 2 seating draw.

3:10 a.m: Four more hands
Tournament Director Danny McDonagh has just announced that there will be four more hands remaining in the day.

3:05 a.m: Machi slips, Peng takes lead
It seems we may have placed the bloggers curse on Seijiro Machi, because after mentioning his powering chip lead, it seems as though he has relinquished it to Singaporean Lawrence Peng.

We don't have the exact details of the hand, but what we can report is that Peng now sits with 125,000 as Machi is left with just 88,000 in chips.

Seijiro Machi

Seijiro Machi is a little disappointed after relinquishing the chip lead

3:00 a.m: The Japanese are dominating
With Seijiro Machi sitting on top of the leaderboard with roughly 130,000, two more players have pushed their claim to be number one.

Also hailing from Japan, we find Kozo Isono and Akira Ohyama who both sit on roughly 105,000 -- and with a few winning hands, they could easily hold the lead at the end of the day.

2:50 a.m: Arce spikes ace
Neil Arce pushed his last 5,000 into the pot only to have an opponent on the button move all in for 8,500.

Arce: A♥9♥
Opponent: K♦K♠

The 6♠[10c]J♠J♦A♦ board would see Arce spike a rivered ace to stay alive and move his stack to sit at around 10-big blinds.

Neil Arce

Neil Arce immediately after doubling up

2:40 a.m: Play resumes
The players have taken their seats and currently 120 remain of the starting 290.

Seijiro Machi still holds the chip lead heading into the final level of the day, and with the cards hitting the air, we have just been made aware of the prizepool.

With 478 players taking to the felt -- 31 more then the May/June edition and 31 less then the February running -- a prizepool of HK$4,780,000 has been created with the top fifty-eight players receiving a piece of it. HK$19,100 is what you will earn for a min-cash, but it is the HK$1,039,700 for first that everyone has their eyes on.

Tim Duckworth
@PokerStars in PokerStars Macau