MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 2: Levels 15-16 (blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 500)

8:40 p.m: Ten-minute break

8:30 p.m: Lu folds, keeps chip lead
Chen Lu opened the hi-jack with a raise to 15,000 only to have the player on the button move all in for 98,500. Lu went deep into the tank for nearly three minutes before eventually laying his hand down.

His opponent has happy to show him his 9♠9♥ as Lu tapped the table happy at his fold -- and in the fact he is still the chip leader with 550,000 in chips.

8:20 p.m: Yap folds to kings
Jun Wah Yap entered the pot from the lo-jack with a 15,000-chip raise only to have an opponent in the cutoff three-bet him to 42,000.

Once the blinds passed, Yap went into the tank for nearly two minutes before kicking his cards to the muck.

Fortunately Yap was able to breath a sigh of relief when his opponent flashed his K♠K♦ as Yap nodded accordingly while slipping slightly to just 265,000 in chips.

8:15 p.m: Chen Lu on top
With forty-two players remaining, it seems as though Wenlong Jin has relinquished his chip lead to fellow tablemate Chen Lu.

With Jin sitting on 230,000, Lu has pushed his stack up to 560,000 to sit well above the second tier of players.

8:00 p.m: Jun Wah Yap takes stand
Speaking to Daren Yoon, he informed us on some details of his friend Jun Wah Yap who is currently sitting second on the chip leaderboard with 345,000 in chips.

Investigating how he found himself perched so high, we discovered that he recently eliminated Carlos Chang. Yap limped the button and Chang made it 14,000 from the small blind. Yap responded by pushing it to 60,000 and once Chang moved all in for his last 130,000, Yap made the call.

Yap: [10][9]
Chang: [A][J]

Yap managed to spike a ten on the flop, and when detailing his hand to Yoon he stated that he was sick of being raised by Chang and wanted to take a stand.

Jun Wah Yap

Jun Wah Yap took a stand and benefited to be second in chips

7:50 p.m: Kozo ko'd
Kozo Isono found himself involved in a three-way all in to be at risk for his tournament life.

Isono: 7♠6♠
Opponent: A♠J♠
Opponent: J♣J♦

The board was spread 7♣8♠[10s][10h]4♣ to see Isono brick his straight flush draw and be forced to the rail.

7:40 p.m: Level up, blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 500

7:30 p.m: Yuto Kondo bubbles
From early position, Yuto Kondo pushed his last 29,500 into the pot and Yang Zhang made the call from the big blind.

Kondo: A♠K♦
Zhang: 8♥7♥

With Kondo holding the advantage, the A♥7♥2♠ flop would see him increase his lead but leave Zhang with outs to a flush. The 2♦ on the turn saw Kondo further his lead, but the poker Gods would deliver an evil blow as the J♥ was smacked on the river to send Kondo flying out the door in 59th place while simultaneously earning the moniker of Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon bubble boy!

Yuta Kondo bubbles!

Yuta Kondo just five cards and a bad beat before he became the bubble boy!

7:25 p.m: Doubles are a doublin'
Since going hand-for-hand several players have been snagging double ups.

First we saw 8♦8♥ hold up against K♣K♦ on a 8♣4♠2♥ flop before J♦J♣ held up against 5♥5♦.

Several players have been shoving all in on numerous occasions, and one can only assume that the bubble will burst soon.

7:15 p.m: Hand-for-hand
Tournament Director Danny McDonagh has just announced that we are now down to hand-for-hand play since just fifty-nine players remain.

He has also issued a warning to players that if they aren't seated when the first card is dealt, their hand will be declared dead.

7:10 p.m: Half a million for Wenlong
Wenlong Jin opened to 10,000 from the cutoff only to have Chao Li three-bet the small blind to 27,000. With the action returning to Jin, he bumped it up to 55,000 only to have Li move all in for over 260,000. Jin double-fist-pump-snap called for his 259,500 and the cards were placed on their backs.

Li: K♥J♥
Jin: A♠A♥

The 4♣5♣[10c] flop gave no clean additional outs to Li, but when the K♠ landed on the turn, he picked up outs to two pair. Unfortunately for Le -- who finished as the Day 1a chip leader -- the river would fall the 3♠ to see him crippled to just 1,500 as Jin soared to 525,000 in chips.

7:00 p.m: Ee bluffs off to Jin
Manami Hayamizu opened to 10,000 and both Lawrence Ee and Wenlong Jin made the call from the blinds to see a 2♣8♣6♥ flop fall. Ee checked and Jin bet out 17,000 which prompted a fold from Hayamizu but a call from Ee.

The 8♥ on the turn was checked through before Ee led for 25,000 when the river landed the 7♥. Jin deliberated for just over a minute before making the call.

Ee tabled his Q♣9♠ for air, and it would be Jin's 7♠5♥ that would see him collect the pot to move to 235,000 as Ee slipped to just 110,000 in chips.

6:50 p.m: Chao soars to 300k
With the board spread 8♦J♠A♦[10c]A♥ we found Chao Li's J♣8♣ up against an opponent's Q♦[10d].

After all the money went in on the flop, Li managed to fade his opponent's flush and straight outs (along with trips and two pair outs on the turn) to hold and send his opponent crashing to the rail just short of the money.

For Li, he is now the clear chip leader with 320,000 in chips.

Chao Li sorting out his mountain of chips

Chao Li sorting out his mountain of new-found chips

6:40 p.m: Play resumes
With no use for the black 100-denomination chips, Danny McDonagh and his other PokerStars Macau staff have coloured up the majority of those during the break -- and consequently why we're starting a few minutes later then expected.

With sixty-three players remaining, we are now down to the money bubble stage as five players will head home with a tear in their eye as they will have fallen agonisingly close to cashing in the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event.

Stay tuned to see how becomes the unfortunate player to be awarded the moniker of bubble boy or girl!


The Grand Lisboa cashier is about to get very busy

Tim Duckworth
@PokerStars in PokerStars Macau