MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 2: Levels 16 & 17 (blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 1,000)

6:50pm: Ten-minute break

6:45pm: Seung Heon busts bluffing with kings as Chan soars!

Baek Seung Heon has been teasing us all day with plays that have bordered on a very thin line between sheer genius and madness. We haven't been able to tell which side of the line he fell, but Justin Chan must've figured it out after making a massive call in the biggest pot of the tournament to eliminate Seung Heon in dramatic fashion.

As described to us, Seung Heon opened with a raise to 15,500 before Justin Chan raised an additional 36,500 from the big blind. Seung Heon made the call and they saw a flop of 6♥5♦A♠. Chan fired out 65,000 but Seung Heon instantly responded by verbalizing "ALL IN!" as he stood and walked away from the table.

He wouldn't have to return to his seat again as Chan thought for a long time before making the call with A♥T♣ as Seung Heon found himself with just two outs as he'd turned his K♦K♥ into a bluff. The turn was the 6♦ and river was the 8♥ and Seung Heon is gone as Chan has a monstrous stack verging on one million chips. Wow!

6:40pm: Hello Jessica!

Jessica Shi-ling Ngu has been on a hot, little run recently to climb up the chip count leaderboard to put herself in contention for a final day berth.

We first caught her eliminating Thomas Yip who called off his last chips holding A♥9♥ for a flush draw on a flop of 3♥K♦2♥. Shi-ling Ngu held A♦A♠ and was pleading with the dealer for "no heart!" He obliged as the 7♠ turn and 4♦ river completed the board.

Shi-ling Ngu hadn't even finished stacking her chips when she was forced to call a short-stack shove for just double the cost of her big blind. She held J♠4♥ up against pocket sixes and caught a jack on the river to bust two players in two hands! Shi-ling Ngu is now up to 450,000.


The "Pink Panther" Jessica Shi-ling Ngu strikes big with pocket aces!

6:25pm: Lovett goes down swinging

Following a raise to 17,000 and a re-raise to 37,000 from Wai Kin Yong, Brian Lovett decided to move all in for around 45,000 from the big blind. There was plenty of value for him to try and more than double up as the original raiser folded. Lovett showed J♦T♦ but was well behind Yong's Q♣Q♠.

Lovett caught some help on the T♣5♣8♠ flop and gave a fist pump when he snagged the lead on the J♠ turn, but the river was a cruel 8♥ to give Yong a better two pair to take the pot.

Lovett is eliminated as Yong moves up to 210,000.

6:05pm: Quads for South Africa

In an international battle, South African Conrad Coetzer has doubled up in emphatic fashion against Hungarian Gabor Peteri. It was your usual, every day, preflop tournament race with Peteri's A♦Q♣ up against Coetzer's 8♦8♠, however what was unusual was the 8♣8♥9♥ flop that landed to give Coetzer quads!

Peteri was left drawing dead as the T♠ turn and 9♦ river completed the board. Coetzer doubles up to nearly 250,000 with Peteri against experiencing the frustrations of tournament poker as he drops back to 90,000.


South African Conrad Coetzer doubles up in style!

5:50pm: Level up, blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 1,000

5:40pm: Hibuse heads home

Japanese starlet Emi Hibuse is the latest to the cashier as 36 players remain in the MPC Red Dragon Main Event. Her last chips were in the middle with 7♠7♦ but she was unlucky to run into an opponent's 9♦9♣ overpair.

The board ran out 5♣Q♠Q♥3♦Q♣ to eliminate Hibuse from the tournament.

5:20pm: Chan finds yet another monster hand

Justin Chan has done it again. Every time we wander past his table he appears to be in a big pot, and every time he seems to have a monster hand. The board read K♥4♣3♥ as Chan's flop bet from the big blind was raised all in by his opponent from under the gun. Chan was deep in the tank before he announced a call with A♠K♣ to find himself in great shape against his opponent's K♠Q♥.

The turn 9♥ and river 3♣ changed nothing as Chan eliminates another opponent. The dealer kindly pushed the neat stacks of chips towards Chan and spread them all out on the table in a giant mess, giving Chan a good few minutes work to do stacking them back up again. We guestimate 540,000.

5:10pm: Rich get richer

Baek Seung Heon has extended his lead after eliminating another opponent. Seung Heon called with a flush draw which he hit on the river to jump himself up to a commanding 570,000 chips.

5:05pm: Cashier about to get busy

And now here come the eliminations! The short stacks who have been hanging on for dear life are now looking to double up or die trying. One of the first to visit the cashier is Aussie Brian McAllister. He was all in with his short stack holding J♠4♠ but Gabor Peteri found A♠A♦ at the right time.

The board ran out [k][5][2][4][6] and McAllister is off to collect HK$20,100 for his efforts.


The cashier is about to get busy!

5:00pm: Bubble bursts on Shao

The bubble has burst and the unfortunate soul is Michael Shao. He pushed his last 26,000 from middle position and action folded to the big blind who made the call. The players waited until all action had finished on the other tables and a suitably large rail had gathered around the table before they exposed their cards.

Shao showed A♦T♦ and he was in front of his opponent's Q♠J♦ but that all changed when the flop landed Q♦Q♥4♠. The A♠ turn gave Shao two outs as the rail found some voice, but the river was an anti-climactic 5♥.

Shao exits as the bubble boy as the remaining 50 players are now safely into the money!

4:50pm: Play resumes

51 players have returned to their seats. 50 will cash. One will cry. That's where we're at as play resumes in the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event.