MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 2: Level 18 (blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000)

7:40pm: Day 2 brought to an abrupt end - 23 survive!

With 24:38 showing on the tournament clock, Danny McDonagh announced for each table to finish the hand they were on and that's it! The 23 remaining players looked around at each other in confusion, but yes, it's true. They are all safely through to Day 3 of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event.

It was announced that the players will be returning in the same seats that they finished the day, with a redraw once we reach the final two tables tomorrow.

Leading the way will be Justin Chan, who had a day out, despite a late hit, to bag up close to 800,000 for our end-of-day chip lead.


We'll have confirmation of the chip counts and a complete wrap of the day's action for you shortly. Meanwhile for those in the Macau region, get yourself down to the Grand Lisboa Casino for tonight's High Rollers event which kicks off at 8:10pm local time. Already there are over 30 confirmed registrations with hopes for a field close to 50 players.

7:35pm: Tan out

Ivan Tan has been sent crashing to the rail in unfortunate fashion as Gabor Peteri caught a two-outer to stay alive. Peteri had shoved with pocket fives and Tan made the call in the big blind with pocket tens, only to see a five find its way onto the flop. Tan was crippled and eliminated moments later.

7:20pm: Chan drowns slowly on the river

Justin Chan and Haifeng Xue are two players who like to take their time, so when the two tangled in a big pot it took a long time to reach a conclusion, but it was worth the wait.

Chan started things off with a raise to 23,000 which was matched by Xue on the button. They saw a flop of A♦8♥4♣ and Chan's continuation bet of 35,000 was called by Xue. The turn brought the T♦ and Chan checked to Xue who slid out 40,000. Chan took his time before making the call as the 2♦ was the river card.

Chan checked again to Xue who broke three stacks of 20k away from his stack and slid them one by one into the middle. Unfortunately with no verbal announcement, his actions were ruled as a string bet, and the bet stood at 20,000. It was back on Chan now who thought for a long time. Facing such a small bet, it appeared his only decisions were raise or call, as there was too much in the middle to fold pretty much anything.

Eventually Chan came out raising as he made it 50,000 to go. Chan has showed down strong cards all day, and a river check-raise is supreme strength but Xue quickly called.
Chan showed A♣K♥ for top pair, top kicker, but he'd been rivered as Xue tabled A♥2♥. Chan drops to 780,000 with Xue up to 420,000.

7:00pm: Play resumes

26 players are still in contention for the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event title with Justin Chan a red-hot favourite after that ridiculously big pot at the end of the last level. He has 1,000,000 chips which is more than double his nearest rival.

The whisper is that we might only be playing for another level or so before we wrap things up for the day. By that stage we should be down to two tables and getting close to the final table.