MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 3: Levels 18 - 19 (blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000)

1:35pm: Ten-minute break

1:30pm: What a recovery!

Not long ago Edward Yam was time wasting with a one big blind stack. He's now up to 250,000 after a remarkable double up through Gabor Peteri.

Yam was all in preflop with 7♦7♣ against the Q♥T♥ of Peteri, and things looked very grim when the flop landed Q♠8♥2♥. Peteri took the lead with a pair and added a flush draw to leave Yam with just one out.

The turn was the Q♣ which was actually a good card for Yam as he went from one out, to two outs. He needed it too as the 7♥ spiked on the river to the roars of the rail to give Yam a full house for the double up. Peteri is left with 80,000.

1:25pm: Wong gone

Tommy Wong is next to be eliminated in an interesting clash with Kwan Mah. Wong started things off with a limp from under the gun before Mah raised to 40,000. Justin Chan came along before Wong re-raised all in for an additional 77,000. Both Mah and Chan called to see a flop of 2♥7♦Q♣.

Mah declared himself all in to force a fold from Chan as Wong tabled K♣Q♠ for top pair, but Mah held A♠A♣ for the rockets! The turn was the A♦ to seal the deal and the river was a meaningless 9♣. Wong collects HK$40,200 for his 18th place finish.

1:20pm: Redraw for final two tables

Albert Lau has become our 19th place finisher. He went with pocket sevens against the ace-king of Jessica Ngu which connected with the board of A♥4♠8♦2♠9♣.

With that the players are now redrawing for the final two tables of play.

1:15pm: Stall tactics

After being crippled in a pot with Nathanael Seet, Edward Yam was left with just small change but he was determined to make it go a long way. Yam has been constantly stalling, and the clock has been called on him by Danny McDonagh twice. Yam at one point held just over one big blind and timed out before reaching a decision - blatant stalling.

Danny McDonagh has said that Yam would now only have one minute to act on every decision.

However moments later Yam did find a triple up with his king-two spiking a pair of kings. He's back to 40,000 chips.

1:10pm: Khong Lam cut

After having his pocket kings cracked a few minutes ago, Yong Kin has been on a rush as he was responsible for consecutive eliminations.

Kin won another race as he called the 67,000-chip all in bet of Khong Lam. Kin held 3♣3♠ while Lam had the overcards with A♦K♥. The board ran out T♣T♠8♣Q♠9♣ to leave Kin's pair in front and eliminate Lam in 20th place.

1:00pm: Sayonara Suzuki

Takuya Suzuki is next to go after he first lost preflop clash with K♠Q♣ against the A♠9♦ of fellowJapanese player Mamoru Takahashi, before his last chips were in the middle with pocket sixes against the A♦Q♥ of Yong Kin.

The board ran out J♦T♥A♥T♠5♠ to pair up the ace of Kin to eliminate Suzuki in 21st place.

12:55pm: Mcadams perishes

Peter Mcadams' battle with his short stack has come to an end after he pushed all in for his last 100,000 with 9♠7♠ but Tim Luk made the call with A♥J♥.

It was all over on the 8♥Q♥4♥ as Luk flopped the nuts to leave Mcadams drawing stone-cold dead. The 5♠ turn and T♥ river completed the board to eliminate Mcadams in 22nd place.

12:50pm: Spiderman's great escape

We gave Kwan Pao Mah this nickname "Spiderman" yesterday for his spider web embroided cap that he wears, but he's just pulled off an escape act worthy of a super hero to find a remarkable double up and stay alive.

When action folded to Mah on the button he moved his last 135,000 all in however Yong Kin woke up with K♠K♦ in the small blind and snap-called. Mah sheepishly revealed J♦8♣ and stood from the table in resignation.

The flop landed 4♣4♥T♠ and Mah was in a world of pain but he picked up outs on the 7♣ turn. He'd need a nine on the river to stay alive, and BOOM the 9♥ fell to give him an amazing backdoor straight as Kin dropped his head into his hands in dismay.
Mah doubles up to nearly 300,000 with Kin now on the short stack.


Kwan Pao "Spiderman" Mah finds a magical double up

12:40pm: Kings crack aces

We arrived to the table on a dangerous looking flop of J♥9♥Q♦ to see two players all in and Edward Yam in the tank. He eventually folded as Saejin Lee opened K♦K♥ only to see Peter Mcadams table A♠A♣.

Lee had a straight draw but instead he spiked the K♣ on the turn to take the lead and leave Mcadams shaking his head in disgust. The river was the 9♦ and Lee more than doubles to 300,000.

Mcadams was crippled but managed to find a double up next hand when he flopped a straight to stay alive.

12:35pm: Level up, blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000

12:30pm: Slow start

The first twenty minutes or so haven't seen a lot of action as the players are either sitting really tight or overbet shoving preflop to steal the blinds. Matthew Chan did find a much-needed double up with king-jack when two kings hit the board against Tommy Wong.

Meanwhile Jessica Ngu was a late arrival and only just took her seat. She's the second biggest stack in the room, so I guess she can afford to miss a few blinds and antes

12:10pm: We're underway!

The final 23 have taken their seats and unbagged their chips as Day 3 of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event is now underway!

The final countdown!

This is it. The final frontier and a potentially life-changing day for 23 people that are about to walk into the PokerStars Macau Poker Room in the Grand Lisboa Casino. All of them have dreamt of becoming champion but only one can walk away with the title.
The man out in front has done it all before. PokerStars sponsored player Justin Chan claimed glory at the 2010 Macau Millions and today he's a good chance to become the first player to win two major titles in Asia.

Also today will be the conclusion of the High Rollers Event which last night attracted a massive field of 69 runners which is a tremendous result for PokerStars Macau.

"We fully expected over 200 players to enter the side events on Saturday." said APPT Senior Events Manager Robin Lim. "But having such a high percentage of those players in the High Rollers event is just fantastic. It really bodes well for APPT Macau in November which has the same buy-in."

Keep your browser locked onto the PokerStars Blog and give that refresh button a workout as we look to crown a new champion of poker in Asia!