MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 3: Level 21 (blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 2,000)

5:40pm: Ten-minute break

5:25pm: Yue Xu eliminated in 8th place

Yue Xu opened to 60,000 and action folded around to Jessica Ngu in the blinds who three-bet an additional 110,000. Xu made the call and they saw a flop of A♥K♣7♣.
Ngu checked to Xu who moved all in, but Ngu snap-called!

It wasn't jack-high this time as Ngu had trapped on the flop with A♦K♥ for top two pair to leave Xu in trouble with his A♣T♠.

The J♣ turn was the ultimate sweat card as Xu picked up straight and flush draws but they all missed on the 9♠ river. Xu departs in 8th place for HK$116,200 in prize money as Ngu is now back on track with 1.1 million chips.


Yue Xu eliminated in 8th place

5:10pm: Yong Kin eliminated in 9th place

Kwan Mah opened with a raise to 60,000 which was called by Yue Xu before Yong Kin put on the squeeze by moving all in for an additional 300,000 on the button. It wasn't enough to deter Mah, who gave some thought before moving all in to force a fold from Xu.

Mah: 7♣7♦
Kin: Q♥T♠

Kin was making a move but he was probably happy enough to find himself in a race situation. Needing a queen or ten to stay alive the flop was a dry 4♠8♣2♠ before it was all over on the 7♥ turn. Mah made a set of sevens to leave Kin drawing dead before the J♥ river card.

Kin takes home HK$91,600 for 9th place as Mah, who had lost some chips to Haifeng Xue, moves back up to 1.35 million.


Yong Kin eliminated in 9th place

5:00pm: What the....?

After taking down the first pot of the final table, Jessica Ngu's confidence was up, but she quickly came down to Earth with a thud in a bizarre situation against Kwan Mah.

Four players paid 48,000 to see a 5♣9♥2♣ flop and everyone checked to see the 5♦ hit the turn. Again action checked to Mah on the button who bet 120,000. Ngu snap-called from the small blind as the two other players got out of the way.

The river was the 7♠ and Ngu checked to Mah who fumbled with his chips, knocking them over as he struggled with a cup of tea in his other hand. He decided instead to verbalize a bet of 200,000, which Ngu again insta-called.

Mah sighed and opened A♠Q♣ for just ace-high as Ngu slammed J♥T♦ down on table proudly. Wait...jack-high? What had just happened here?

"I thought he mucked!" defended Ngu. Hmmm. Our best guess is that it was a cover for a misread hand and Ngu actually thought she held jack-nine for top pair rather than jack-ten. That's just our guess, and it's happened to the best of them, but whatever the reason, the massive pot was sent to Mah in one of the strangest pots we've seen at a final table.

Mah is up to 1.3 million with Ngu back down to 550,000.


Kwan Mah and Jessica Ngu get the final table started in bizarre fashion

4:40pm: Final Table Lineup

Here's the final table lineup for the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event and their approximate chip counts:

Seat 1: Yue Xu - 660,000
Seat 2: Yong Kin - 700,000
Seat 3: Justin Chan - 385,000
Seat 4: Conrad Coetzer - 825,000
Seat 5: Tim Luk - 400,000
Seat 6: Kwan Mah - 860,000
Seat 7: Jessica Ngu - 600,000
Seat 8: Matthew Chan - 890,000
Seat 9: Haifeng Xue - 1,274,000

The clock has been wound back to the start of Level 21, with the blinds at 10,000-20,000 with a 2,000 ante to satisfy the 35BB average stack requirement.

After posing for a few photos the players have taken their seats and the cards are back in the air.

4:20pm: Mamoru Takahashi eliminated in 10th place

Haifeng Xue had turned up the pressure since the break, displaying a lot of aggression with several all-in bets. It allowed him to move into the chip lead, before he once again shoved all in following the opening 62,000-chip raise from Mamoru Takahashi.

Takahashi thought for a moment and called off his last 235,000 chips with A♦Q♦ as Xue tabled J♣J♥. The board ran out 4♣7♥6♠T♥5♥ to leave the jacks in front and eliminate the last Japanese hope in 10th place for HK$76,000 in prize money.

The clock will be paused as the players redraw for the final table.


Mamoru Takahashi eliminated in 10th place

4:00pm: Play resumes

The final ten are back on two tables of five, with one more elimination required until we reach our official final table.

The chips are relatively evenly spread with Conrad Coetzer, Haifeng Xue and Kwan Mah our chip leaders.