MPCC Day 1a: Levels 3-4 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

6:20pm: Ten-minute break

6:15: Double up for David

The enigmatic David Steicke has just found a double up as we approach the second break of the day.

It was on a multi-way flop of 7♦2♥K♣ where Nigel Jones bet 1,525 to force one fold before Steicke made the call to see the 3♦ hit the turn. Jones released another 2,500 but this time Steicke responded by moving all in for an additional 9,900. Jones made the call but Steicke held 2♣2♦ to leave Jones and his K♠J♥ drawing dead. The river bricked as Steicke doubles to 30,000.

6:05pm: Small loss for Wu

Raymond Wu opened from the hijack position to 600 and picked up two callers to see a flop of 3♦9♥T♠. Action checked to Wu who continuation bet for 1,350. The cutoff folded but the small blind called to see the J♠ hit the turn. Check. Check.

The river was the 9♠ and again the small blind checked with Wu tapping the table behind. The small blind opened K♠J♥ for top pair on the turn which was good to take it down. Wu sits with 21,000 chips.

5:50pm: Shaq magic

It's good to be Hung-sheng Lin. The guy cannot put a foot wrong after two final tables already this week, Lin has just found a fortunate double up through Rundulf Gonzales.
Gonzales decided to limp in from under the gun which induced a raise from Lin, with play back on Gonzales he moved all in for another 7,450 and Lin made a reluctant call. Lin showed A♣4♣ as Gonzales was in good shape with his J♦J♥.

The flop was a bare 5♦9♣5♠ but the A♦ on the turn caused Gonzales to stand and slam his hand down onto the table in frustration. The river bricked the 3♠ as Lin doubles to 25,000 with Gonzales crippled.

5:30pm: Jones survives the jack-six

Will Jones is now stacking up a healthy amount of chips after eliminating another opponent. We caught the action on the turn with Jones betting 4,000 on a board of 2♣8♠9♣8♥. His opponent thought for a while before check-raising all in as Jones quickly called and showed Q♥Q♣. His opponent tabled J♣6♣ which was a flush draw, although one might question how he got this far with the less-than-marginal holding.

Jones needed to fade a club and he did so as the 4♠ fell on the river. Jones is now up to 48,000.

5:20pm: Level up, blinds 150-300, ante 25

5:10pm: Wu puts on the squeeze

Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu is flying under the radar so far today, seated on the far side of the room to our blogging desk. We swung past to check on his progress and found him raising things up. Following a raise to 1,000 from Lica Sever, and calls from two players, Wu popped it up to 3,450 from the big blind.

Each opponent took their time before reluctantly folding as a nice squeeze by Wu grabs himself some uncontested chips. He's up to 24,000.

4:45pm: Hasse hits

Julian Hasse is off to a solid start in the defence of his title after eliminating an opponent. It was Matias Metsanen who picked the wrong time to check-raise all in for his last 5,350. The flop read T♠J♦K♦ and Hasse, who had placed a bet of 1,250, was quick to call off the remaining chips.

Metsanen showed K♠9♠ for top pair and a straight draw, but Hasse held K♥T♣ for two pair. The 2♥ turn and 6♣ river changed nothing as Metsanen is sent to the rail. Hasse moves up to 30,000.


The defending champion, Julian Hasse

4:35pm: Sunny skies in Macau

Sunny Jung has emerged as our current chip leader after a succession of hands has jumped him up to around 72,000 in chips.

In the first hand Jung managed to snag two pair to better the flush draw of Michael Tran, before getting involved in a three-way flop of 5♦9♣7♥. After calling 3,100 on the flop, and facing a bet of 7,225 on the K♣ turn, Jung moved all in for force folds from both opponents. Jung is now sitting on the biggest stack in the room.


Sunny Jung is our current chip leader

4:25pm: Nothing stale for Stahle

Sweden's Christoffer Stahle has just landed a big double up as Shih Chieh Su has imploded.

Catching the action on a board of A♥K♦2♦T♥, Su moved all in over the top of a bet and a call in a rather big overbet. Stahle wasn't going anywhere as he called off his last 11,175 as the third player stepped aside.

Stahle showed 2♥2♠ for bottom set as Su held T♦8♦ for a pair with a flush draw.

The river was the 6♥ and Stahle more than doubles to 30,000. Su still had 15,000 behind but he quickly punted those off on a board of 7♠2♠T♦5♠. Su held top pair with T♥9♥ but his opponent showed Q♠Q♥ which held on the 5♣ river.

4:20pm: Play resumes

The players are back and the cards are once again in the air. We'll have official confirmation of numbers for you shortly but the big screen is showing 121 entrants for today's flight with 113 of those still in contention.