MPCC Day 1a: Level 7 (blinds 300-600, ante 50)

9:40pm: Let's bag and tag

It was neck and neck between Richard Hu and Sunny Jung for the end of day chip lead, but with that last big pot its Jung who is the clear chip leader as approximately 60 players have survived the day. Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu, Neil Arce, David Steicke and Hung-sheng Lin are all safely through the day.

We'll have a wrap of today's action and chip counts for the field for you shortly.

9:25pm: Sunny bursts through the clouds

Just as we were debated who would be the end of day chip leader, Sunny Jung put the issue beyond doubt.

After flopping a set of eights, Jung got his opponent to commit his last chips on the turn on an ace-high board. Jung's set had his opponent's ace-king drawing stone-cold dead.

With that pot, Jung is stacking up over 150,000 for a clear chip lead.


Sunny Jung will end the day as our chip leader

9:05pm: Percy perishes

The delightful Percy Yung has just been derailed from the tournament at the hands of Haifeng Xue.

Xue opened from early position to 1,250 before action folded to Yung in the big blind who moved all in. It took two rocket scientists and a lot of arguing in Chinese to determine the bet amount as an additional 11,625, which Xue was happy to commit.

Xue showed T♥T♠ as Yung was racing for her life with A♠Q♣.

The board was spread 5♥8♥K♥Q♥9♦ and despite pairing her queen, Xue held the only heart to make a flush and eliminate Yung from the tournament. Xue moves up to 60,000.

8:50pm: He who laughs last, laughs loudest

An almighty roar just went up on one table, and in Macau, that can mean anything from having aces cracked to being dealt six-high. But we wandered over anyway and discovered a rather unique hand had just played out.

According to the table, Will Jones opened with a raise to 1,300 from under the gun. The button raised to 3,100 before the small blind popped it to 9,000. Action was then with Qong Zang Hoang in the big blind and he declared himself all in for about 50,000.
Jones folded, what he later said was [k][q], while the button and small blind both showed cards to their tablemates before both folding [a][k]. So what did Hoang have? He also had [a][k] as he managed to get two others with the very same hand to fold their cards.

"I was in bad shape!" laughed Jones after the hand.

8:40pm: Play resumes

We're now into the final level of the day with approximately 75 players still alive on Day 1a of the Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event.

Leading the way is Richard Hu who is sitting with 95,000 chips to be perched on top of the tree.