MPCC Day 1b: Level 7 (blinds 300-600, ante 50)

9:40pm: We're done!

The final hands have been dealt and the players are currently happily bagging up their day's efforts with around 90 players surviving. It appears that Yue Qing Zhou will indeed be our chip leader, with Marcus Lau and a fast finishing Kim Gabyong not too far behind. Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im is also comfortably through to day two tomorrow.

We'll have official confirmation of all the counts, and a wrap of today's play for you shortly.

9:30pm: Tsang stumbles as Zhou storms into lead

Our chip leaders are falling late as Elton Tsang has now lost his big stack as Yue Qing Zhou of China has doubled up to jump to the top of the pack.

Zhou raised it up to 1,500 with Tsang and one other player coming along to see a flop of 5♦7♠T♦. Action checked around to Tsang who bet 2,700. One fold and it was back with Zhou who defiantly check-raised to 8,000. Tsang stuck around as a big pot was brewing.

The turn brought the Q♦ and Zhou tossed out another 13,000. Tsang again called before the 5♣ paired the board on the river. Action was with Zhou and he declared himself all in for a total of 35,575 to send Tsang deep into the tank. The crowd gathered and the clock was eventually called. There was too much out there for Tsang to resist as he made the call however Zhou showed A♦3♦ for the nut flush which was good to take it down.

Tsang is back down to 50,000 with Zhou now a chance for the end-of-day chip lead with a stack of 130,000.


Yue Qing Zhou has shot to the top of the charts after doubling through Elton Tsang

9:15pm: Quads for Yoon

Daren Yoon has been working the short stack for much of the day and, as such, has been the subject of many of Danny McDonagh's jokes throughout the day.

"Daren comes to these tournaments to enjoy more than just poker," giggled McDonagh.

Well, Yoon may still have the last laugh as he's just found a double up to get himself back into the black. Yoon was all in with pocket eights against an opponent's ace-king and proceed to not only flop a set, but turn quads on the 5♠2♣8♠8♥J♥ board.

We're seeing quads everywhere today as Yoon will be relieved to get himself back to around 25,000 chips.

9:00am: Mega-stack slips through Lau's fingers with cruel river

We should be reporting that Marcus Lau currently has 200,000 in chips and more than double his nearest competitor. But poker is a cruel game and having the best hand preflop is only half the battle.

After Chang-hau Huang opened with a raise, Lau three-bet an additional 2,400. Action folded back to Huang who four-bet another 5,500 on top with an array of small denomination chips. With big stack in hand, Lau wasn't mucking around when he five-bet another 19,500 on top to send Huang into the tank. He looked down at his chips and eventually decided to move all in. It was another 10,975 and Lau quickly called.

Huang opened Q♠Q♦ but seemed to know that he was trailing as Lau confidently opened K♣K♥. With almost 100,000 in the middle the flop was a dry J♣9♣5♥. The J♦ changed nothing but the Q♥ on the river was one lady that Lau did not want to meet. Huang spikes a remarkable two-outer to go from zero to hero in an instant as Lau pondered what might have been, but he's still one of our chip leaders with 100,000 chips.


Marcus Lau is unfortunate to lose a massive pot, but he's still one of our chip leaders

8:40pm: Play resumes

The players are back with one more level to play this evening until we bag, tag and call it a day. Marcus Lau is our chip leader with 130,000, while Elton Tsang is the only player we can spot with over 100,000 chips. However as we saw last night, anything can happen in the last level of the day!

Our lone Team PokerStars Pro, Vivian Im, has recovered nicely to be sitting with 55,000 chips.

The big screen is telling us that there are 110 players still remaining in today's field.