MPCC Day 2: Levels 12-13 (blinds 1,200-2,400, ante 300)

6:30pm: Ten-minute break

6:15pm: Steicke sticks around

Australasian poker cult hero David Steicke has just landed a timely double up. With a raise to 6,000 from Marcus Lau and a call from chip leader Sunny Jung in front of him, Steicke squeezed all in from the small blind for an additional 36,500.

Lau folded and saved his final 20,000 for another time but Jung didn't budge. When plenty of chips to gamble with, he made the call with K♣T♣ but Steicke showed a real hand with his Q♦Q♠.

The flop of 4♦J♥Q♥ improved Steicke to a set but it was actually a good flop for Jung as he picked up a straight draw. The 8♣ turn was close and the K♦ river was just salt into the wound. Jung is still our chip leader with 310,000 as Steicke doubles to 80,000.


David Steicke finds a handy double up

6:00pm: Shaq jams

Hung-sheng Lin is still on target to grab more Asia POTY points after he just made a nice cold four-bet shove. With a raise to 7,500 from early position and a re-raise to 20,000 in the cutoff, Lin moved all in from the big blind for 64,900.

The original raiser was quick to get out of the way, and the cutoff thought for a few moments but also let it go as Lin took down a healthy pot without even seeing a flop. He's back up to 100,000.

5:45pm: Spiderman cracked

The dream of another Macau Poker Cup title has slipped away from Kwan "Spiderman" Mah as his tournament has come to a crashing halt after a nasty bad beat.

Mah opened with a raise to 5,000 and found one call in position before the small blind raised to 16,000. Mah moved all in for another 18,900 on top to force a fold from the caller, but the small blind was committed enough to make the call with 4♥4♠. Mah opened the big guns A♦A♥ and looked set for a double up.

However the dealer spread a board of 7♣4♣K♠J♣K♦ to give Mah's opponent a full house to crack his rockets wide open and send him to the exit.

5:30pm: Level up, blinds 1,200-2,400, ante 300

5:15pm: Diamonds for Chan

Picking up the action on the turn on a board of 9♥A♦7♦T♦, Gabyong Kim bet out 8,500 and Justin Chan took a long time before making the call as the dealer revealed the Q♦ river to put four diamonds on board.

Kim waved his arms around erratically and the dealer reached for the all-in plaque thinking that he was all in. But Kim tapped the table in clarification of a check as Chan again took his time before moving all in.

It was around 50,000 but Kim wasn't interested in the slightest as he quickly mucked. Chan showed K♦K♥ for the nut flush.

"No ace?" queried Chan in disappointment.

A handy river though as Chan recovers to 90,000 with Kim still wielding a big stack with 200,000 chips.

5:00pm: Ray on the rail

Our final Team PokerStars Pro has been eliminated as Raymond Wu's tournament has come to an end. With Haifeng Xue opening with a raise from middle position, Wu decided to three-bet jam for around 30,000 with ace-jack but Xue made the call with a dominant ace-king.

The board bricked out without a jack to send Wu to the rail as Xue moves up to 85,000.


Raymond Wu's MPCC tournament has come to an end

4:45pm: Arce out

Neil Arce was down to his last 20,000 or so which he committed preflop against Marcus Lau. Arce held J♣J♠ while Lau showed K♥K♦.

The board ran out 8♣8♥6♦K♠Q♦ to see Arce sent to the rail as Lau gets himself back to 95,000 chips.

4:30pm: Play resumes

We've returned to our blogging position as the fifth level of the day kicks off with the blinds up to 1,000-2,000 with a 200 ante. We currently have 72 players remaining. At this rate we're going to get very close to bursting the bubble before the end of the day.

Richard Hu is our chip leader with 280,000, ahead of Sunny Jung (270,000), while Gabyong Kim has made good progress to now sit with 215,000. Other notables include Hung-sheng Lin (100,000), Justin Chan (100,000), David Steicke (80,000), Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu (35,000) and PokerStars sponsored Neil Arce (20,000).