MPCC Day 2: Level 14 (blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300)

7:45pm: Day two is done; Jones comes from the clouds to top Sunny for chip lead

A dramatic end to the day as 43 players have made it through to day three action and we're just five places away from the money.

Sunny Jung looked our chip leader all day, but Australian Will Jones topped him in the final minutes of play to take 387,400 into day three tomorrow as our chip leader. Jung and Gordon Huntly aren't too far behind.

We'll be back with full counts for the field and a wrap of today's action for you shortly.

7:40pm: Jones flops the goods for massive double up!

We're doing a little overtime tonight as a massive hand that took quite some time has just unfolded on the infamous Table 2. The result was that we have a new chip leader.

The action started with a raise from under the gun by Victor Chong to 6,100. Gordon Huntly made the call as did Will Jones on the button before Raiden Kan made it four ways to the flop of 3♣3♠9♦.

Action checked around to Jones on the button who casually splashed out 13,300. Kan thought for a while before folding but Chong wasn't done with yet as he check-raised to 38,100. Huntly gave a wry smile and folded and play was back with Jones.

He thought for a moment and cut out some raising chips and splashed them into the middle. The dealer was busily pulling in chips to try and figure out raise amounts, and it appeared to be around 30,000 more to Chong, but he didn't wait around to find out as he slid in a massive double-stack of yellow T5,000 chips to put Jones all in. It took Jones a tenth of a heartbeat to make the call.

Chong showed 6♥3♥ for trip threes but Jones had flopped the goods with his 9♥9♠ flopping a full house! Chong had just one lonely out in the deck but the A♦ turn and T♥ river were not it as Jones wins the biggest pot of the tournament in the dying minutes of play.

The young Aussie will bag up around 380,000 at the end of the day with Chong now well back into the pack. What a way to end the day!


It took two dealers to do it, but the massive pot and chip lead was pushed to Australian Will Jones

7:25pm: Chong chomps on Rosen

The action continues to be heavy on Table 2 with several big stacks and a couple of aggressive players providing some entertaining play. However it's Victor Chong who appears to have the biggest stack of them all following the elimination of Mikael Rosen.

The two were involved in a preflop war which saw Rosen's last chips committed with A♥K♦ only to find he'd walked into the K♣K♥ of Chong.

The board ran out T♥9♥3♠J♠8♦ to leave the kings in front and send the Swede to the exit. Chong is now up over 300,000.


Smile if you're chip leader! Victor Chong claims another victim at the MPCC

7:15pm: Steicke sunk

David Steicke doubled up just before the last break and looked set to make a run towards a day three berth. However it's all gone wrong for the Hong Kong-based Aussie in the final level and his tournament has come crashing to a halt.

Steicke clashed with Elton Tsang on a flop of 6♠K♦5♦. Steicke went with K♠7♥ for top pair but Tsang had him covered with his K♣J♦. Steicke picked up a straight draw on the 8♦ but Tsang had the flush draw which connected on the 6♦ river.

Steicke is out as Tsang climbs to 190,000.

7:05pm: Multi-way pot for Huntly

Gordon Huntly hasn't put a foot wrong today as his climb up the chip counts continues.

We caught the Scot in a multi-way pot on a flop of K♥7♦A♦. Action checked around and the turn brought the 8♥. Play again checked to Victor Chong on the button who bet 15,000. Huntly and the big blind called as Raiden Kan jumped aside.

The river was the T♣ and again play was checked down. Huntly opened A♥J♥ for top pair which was enough to take it down. He's now up to 290,000 chips.

6:50pm: Kim pressures Steicke

Gabyong Kim opened with a raise to 6,500 before David Steicke put his new-found chips to work with a three-bet to 16,500. Kim made the call and they saw a flop of K♥6♦4♥.

Kim checked it over to Steicke who continuation bet for 22,000 however Kim waved his arms to indicate that we was all in. Steicke cringed and let it go to slip back to 50,000 as Kim motors his way to 250,000 chips.


Korean Gabyong Kim has pounded on his opponents with relentless aggression

6:40pm: Play resumes

The players are back with seven tables still in action which means around 60 players still in contention. This is the final level of the day.

Sunny Jung remains our chip leader with a stack of 310,000, while Victor Chong, Richard Hu and Gordon Huntly are also towards the top of the tree.