MPCC Day 2: Levels 8-9 (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

2:10pm: Ten-minute break

2:00pm: More for Huntly

Gordon Huntly is now motoring along with a stack of 110,000 after a levelling war with Finnish player Johan Hirvonen saw Huntly collect a massive pot.

Huntly opened with a raise to 2,500 on the button before Hirvonen popped it to 6,000 from the big blind. Huntly responded with a re-raise to 13,000 but Hirvonen wasn't going to back down and in typically Scandinavian style he moved all in. Huntly made the call for his tournament with [a][k] as Hirvonen couldn't get him to budge with his T♣6♣.

With live cards in hand, Hirvonen wasn't in terrible shape but the A♥A♣9♦ flop quickly ended that. The turn and river bricked out to see Huntly double up and leave Hirvonen crippled with just 7,000 in chips.

1:45pm: Chong accumulating

With chips flying around at a rapid rate, it gets pretty tough to track who our chip leader is, but over in the corner of the room we noticed Malaysian Victor Chong quietly accumulating a pretty impressive stack, and moments later we saw him eliminate another opponent.

A short stack moved all in from the button for his last 16,500 and Chong thought for a few moments before making the call from the small blind with A♣7♥. It proved to be a great call as his opponent showed a rather dominated 8♣7♦.

The flop was A♦9♥T♠ and although Chong paired his ace, his opponent flopped plenty of outs with his open-ended straight draw. The turn was the 2♣ and river the K♦ to leave Chong now sitting behind a stack of 150,000 chips.

1:30pm: Hasse out

We'll have a new champion in this year's MPCC Main Event after the defending champ Julian Hasse was recently busted from the tournament.

Hasse came into today on the short stack but couldn't recover. His final stand came when he tangled with Richard Hu on a board of 2♣3♥T♠Q♥K♣. After Hu made a small blocking bet on the river, Hasse moved all in over the top with just A♠4♥ for ace-high but Hu made the call with K♦T♥ for two pair to take it down and eliminate the champ.

1:10pm: Level up, blinds 500-1,000, ante 100

1:05pm: On the hunt

Gordon Huntly was the last player to qualify for this event after winning the last chance satellite on the morning of the opening day, and he's carrying that form into the Main Event after collecting a nice early pot on Day 2.

Huntly raised preflop to 1,800 and found two callers in position to see an innocent looking flop of 2♥3♠4♣.

Huntly led out for 2,600 which forced one fold but Johan Hirvonen came along to see the 9♣ hit the turn. This is where things got interesting. Huntly bet out another 6,000 before Hirvonen popped it up another 8,600. Back on Huntly and he wasn't going anywhere as he declared himself all in. It was an additional 29,825 to Hirvonen and after some thought he decided to give it up. Huntly is up to 66,000 in chips.


Gordon Huntly in action at the Macau Poker Cup Championship

1:00pm: Flush of deception

With only two Team PokerStars Pros left in the field, we'll be keeping a close eye on the progress of both Raymond Wu and Vivian Im today.

Wu is off to a nice start after taking some chips from the highly-talented Gabyong Kim. Wu fired three barrels on the board of 5♥J♣9♠3♥6♥ and Kim called him down with K♣9♦ for second pair, but Wu held Q♥T♥ for a deceptive running flush. Wu is up to 45,000.


Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu off to a bright start on Day 2

12:50pm: Jill wins the last longer

Andrei Pescaru opened with a raise to 1,600 before WAPL player Jill Maley moved all in for her last 10,000 or so. Pescaru didn't need a count as he quickly called with A♠A♥ as Maley's 9♠9♣ were in some trouble.

The board ran out 7♠4♥4♦J♦8♦ to hand the pot to Pescaru as he climbs to 55,000. Maley is out but she did win the last longer bet with her son who was eliminated yesterday.

12:35pm: Chips for Chan

Another to find an early double up is PokerStars sponsored Justin Chan. We didn't see the action but we wandered past his table to see the result.

Chan's last 32,825 were being counted down and paid off by Michael Larsen when Chan showed K♣Q♣ for a flush on a board of 8♠9♣3♣7♦J♣.

Chan is up to 75,000 chips.

12:25pm: Great Scott!

Andrew Scott has found an early double up on Day 2 of the MPCC Main Event. We picked up the action with Scott moving all in for 20,000 on a board of Q♦J♦6♣6♦. His opponent was Tom Hu who made the call with Q♣J♥ for two pair, but the turn was a bad one for Hu as Scott's A♥A♦ had improved to a better two pair.

The river was the 9♠ and Scott doubles to 55,000.

12:10pm: Let's go on Day 2!

The remaining 150 players are back in the PokerStars Macau Poker Room in the Grand Lisboa Casino for Day 2 of the Macau Poker Cup Championship. They've taken their seats, exchanged pleasantries and unbagged their loot in preparation for a big day of poker ahead.

It's a busy day in the poker room as the Main Event will be playing another seven levels today, while two other side events will satisfy those who bust out a little prematurely.
Danny McDonagh has issued final instructions and the cards are now in the air!