MPCC Day 3: Levels 15-16 (blinds 2,500-5,000, ante 500)

2:10pm: Ten-minute break

2:05pm: Gabyong gutted

Gabyong Kim has been sent to the rail with a devastating river blow against Charles Lam. We're not sure of the action, but it was a battle of the blinds where we assume the chips went into the middle on the flop of T♥9♠3♦.

Lam held K♣Q♣ for overcards and a gutshot, but found himself with just four outs as Kim tabled T♣3♣ for two pair. The turn was the 7♠ but the river was the J♣ to deliver Lam his gutshot straight and send Kim to a disappointing exit. Lam is now up to 350,000.

1:50pm: Kim rolls with the punches

It's been a dramatic couple of moments for Korean star Gabyong Kim.

First Kim was all in with K♥K♠ against the A♣Q♣ of the short-stacked Masato Shimizu. Kim was in good shape but threw his head back in dismay when the board arrived A♥9♠5♥3♦4♥ as Shimizu doubled up to 180,000.

However moments later Kim recovered some chips back when Chinese player Jing Rong moved all in for about 35,000 from the small blind with Q♣7♠ and Kim made the call in the big blind with K♥T♦.

The board ran out A♣9♠T♣T♠6♣ to give Kim trips and the pot to eliminate Rong from the tournament. Kim is back up to 200,000.


Gabyong Kim in action at the MPCC Main Event

1:35pm: Raiden flying high as Huntly crashes and burns

Raiden Kan is ready to bag up for the day after winning a monstrous pot against Gordon Huntly to jump out to a massive chip lead and leave the Scot heading disappointedly to the rail.

Huntly raised from under the gun and Kan called to see a A♥K♦6♠ flop. Huntly led the betting for 22,000 and again Kan flat called.

The turn was the Q♦ and Huntly fired again for 55,000 before Kan made a small raise to 115,000. Huntly moved all in and Kan instantly called with pocket aces for top set as Huntly was in shock to see that his ace-king was only second best.

The river was the J♠ to send Huntly crashing from the tournament as Kan is now close to one million in chips!


Raiden Kan now has about 1/6th of the chips in play with 31 players remaining!

1:30pm: Jones riding the waves

Overnight chip leader Will Jones has just endured a mini-rollercoaster ride after losing a massive preflop race, before getting lucky to get some chips back.

Jones opened with a raise before Scot Calcagno three-bet on the button. Jones responded by moving all in and Calcagno quickly made the call with A♥K♠ as Jones showed 5♣5♥.

Jones' pair held on the 7♦9♥4♥ flop, but the K♥ turn changed things around as the 6♣ completed the board.

Moments later Jones' last chips were in preflop with A♥T♠ against Tadashi Yachida's A♦J♦ but the board was a more favourable T♣4♥9♥T♦8♠.

Jones is back to 150,000.

1:20pm: Two more gone as Shaq will stay number one

Mario Castro is next to visit the cashier after he picked the wrong time to shove his 7♣7♦. Gabyong Kim made the easy call A♠A♦ which held on the board of Q♠2♣9♥6♠3♣.

He was soon followed by Haifeng Xue who three-bet shoved for an additional 43,300 following an opening raise to 12,500 from Tam Truong.

Truong made the call with J♠Q♣ as Xue tabled 8♣8♥. Xue is the only player who could potentially threaten Hung-sheng "Shaq" Lin for the Asia POTY lead, but Lin will now maintain that spot as Xue's tournament came to an end on the J♥2♠9♥7♣9♦ board.


Haifeng Xue has been eliminated to leave Hung-sheng Lin in the lead in the Asia POTY

1:10pm: Level up, blinds 2,500-5,000, ante 500

12:50pm: Ivan exits

The fast and furious action continues this afternoon as Ivan Tan has been eliminated from the tournament.

Hau Huang Chang opened to 11,000 from the cutoff before Tan moved all in for a total of 72,000 from the small blind. Chang asked for a count before making the call with 9♣9♥ as Tan would need help with his K♠5♠.

The flop was a bare J♦7♠7♦ but Tan picked up flush outs with the T♠ turn. However the river was the 6♥ to send Tan to the cashier as Chang moves up to 175,000.

12:30pm: Two more gone as Raiden soars!

We've lost seven players within twenty minutes of play, and its proving tricky for us to keep up with all the carnage! Once again Raiden Kan has done the damage and again it was a double elimination!

The short-stacked Kok Weng Beh moved all in with A♦9♦ and was soon followed by Choong Kian Weng with A♠K♦. However Kan woke up with A♣A♥ as we had another massive three-way all in!

Beh flopped a flush draw but ultimately the board bricked out J♦6♦7♠2♠4♠ to leave Kan with almost 600,000 in chips as Ben and Weng are the first to visit the cashier.

12:25pm: Bubble bursts with double KO!

And just like that we're in the money with the bubble bursting in a huge double elimination!

With a raise to 9,000 in front by Lester Edoc, Hui Min Huang raised it up to 25,000 to go before the short-stacked Giselle Raloto moved all in for her last 21,100. Edoc made the call and they saw a flop of 2♥7♠J♦.

The two live players didn't slow down as Edoc led out for 35,000 into the side pot. Huang responded with a raise all in and Edoc called!

Edoc showed A♦A♥ but Huang had flopped a set with his 7♦7♣, while Raloto was in trouble with her J♥Q♥. The 5♣ turn and 5♠ river completed the board to give Huang the pot and send two to the rail.

When the smoke had cleared, and a head count was taken, it was realised that we were down to the final 38 players and into the money...just like that!

12:20pm: Zhou out

In a battle of the blinds, Robert Browne has eliminated Day 1b chip leader Yue Qing Zhou. Browne held K♦Q♠ and was racing against Zhou's 8♠8♥. Browne couldn't find a pair but the A♦J♥J♠5♥T♠ board delivered him a Broadway straight to send Zhou to the rail.

12:15pm: Edgar eliminated

It didn't take us long to lose our first player of the day as Australian Chris Edgar pushed all in preflop from the small blind with A♣5♠ but ran into Raiden Kan's Q♥Q♦ in the big blind.

Edgar flopped the lead on the A♥3♠7♥ flop, and the 6♣ changed nothing, but Q♣ on the river was not a lady that Edgar wanted to meet as he becomes our first casualty of the day.

12:10pm: MPCC Day 3 underway

The 43 remaining players have taken their seats in the PokerStars Macau Poker Room as we get set for Day 3 of the Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event.

We're in for a few nervous moments as the day gets underway with five of our players about to go home with nothing but a story to tell as only 38 players will get paid. The joys of tournament poker.

PokerStars Country Manager Fred Leung has directed the players to their seats and given the final instructions as the cards are now in the air.