MPCC Final Table: Levels 24-25 (blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000)

Raiden Kan wins Macau Poker Cup Championship!

In an utterly dominant performance, Raiden Kan has carried his overnight chip lead all the way to victory in the Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event.

It was a superb performance by Kan who steamrolled his way through his opposition, and despite some hairy moments heads up, he was able to secure the title for Malaysia.

Kan will now narrow the lead of Hung-sheng Lin in the Asia Player of the Year race, setting up a mouth-watering finale at the APPT in November. He also takes home an impressive trophy and a massive HK$1,250,000 in prize money. Congratulations Raiden!

That concludes our live coverage but we'll be back with a full wrap of today's action for you very shortly.


Congratulations Raiden Kan, Macau Poker Cup Championships Main Event winner!

8:15pm: Victor Chong eliminated in 2nd place; Raiden Kan wins!

Just as Victor Chong was close to getting back to even in chips, a cooler of a flop has seen the chips go flying as Raiden Kan is emerged as the Macau Poker Cup Championships Main Event winner!

The final hand started with a raise from the button by Kan to 80,000. Chong made the call and then led for 100,000 on the Q♦9♦6♦ flop. Kan raised to 300,000 before Chong moved all in. Kan quickly called as the trophy was on the line!

Kan: J♦7♦
Chong: Q♥6♥

It was two pair for Chong but Kan had flopped the flush! Chong would need a six or queen to survive but the 5♥ turn and 3♦ river completed the board as Kan celebrated with his rail! It was a little premature as it required a countdown of chips to verify that Kan had Chong covered by just a few hundred thousand.

Raiden Kan wins the title as Victor Chong should be very proud of his 2nd place finish worth HK$860,800.


Victor Chong eliminated in 2nd place

8:00pm: Colour down?

It's getting very close to even in chips as Victor Chong continued to chip away at a clearly rattled Raiden Kan. In a recent pot Kan opened to 80,000 before Chong three-bet to 165,000 from the big blind. Kan called and they checked the board of K♠3♦Q♠A♦6♥ to the river where Chong's bet of 300,000 was enough to take it down.

Following the hand, Kan made a strange request for the orange T25,000 chips to be changed back to yellow T5,000. There are already a tonne of chips on the table and the two players already act slow enough with their decisions, so we were baffled by the request which would slow the game down even further.

Fortunately the request was denied. With Chong slowly getting on top here, and now with most of the orange chips in play, Kan may not have to worry about having too many orange chips shortly.

7:45pm: Big pot for Chong

Victor Chong has rattled Raiden Kan with a huge pot to reduce his once mighty empire.

Chong limped the button and Kan checked his big blind to see a 4♦3♣9♦ flop. Both players checked and the turn brought the 2♦. Kan led out for 75,000 before Chong announced a raise to 200,000. Kan thought for a moment and made the call as the 5♣ hit the river.

Kan checked and Chong slid out a hefty 575,000. Kan stood from his chair and made a crying call. Chong showed A♥3♠ for a rivered straight as Kan sighed and mucked.

Kan slips to 3.7 million to Chong now up to 2.4 million. Game on!


7:35pm: Chong ships it in

After Raiden Kan got the early ascendancy in heads-up play, Victor Chong has just recovered some chips with a big all-in play.

Kan limped the button and Chong checked his option to see a A♠2♠T♥ flop. Chong checked and Kan bet 80,000. Chong called and the turn brought the 5♦. Again Chong checked and Kan bet, this time for 150,000. However Chong responded with a check-raise all in! Kan quickly gave it up.

Chong is up to 1.65 million with Kan at 4.45 million.

7:20pm: Heads-up for the title!

After a brief pause to setup the final table area for heads-up play, the players are now back with the trophy on the line! Raiden Kan holds a commanding chip lead as play recommences.

Raiden Kan - 4.65 million
Victor Chong - 1.45 million


7:15pm: Robert Chang eliminated in 3rd place

Robert Chang is the next to the cashier after his excellent tournament came to an end in 3rd place. Chang moved all in from the button for 439,000 and Victor Chang entered into his usual stage show in the big blind. After some banter with his support on the rail (which was quickly reprimanded by Danny McDonagh), Chong stood several times from his chair, looked at the big screen, rechecked his cards and finally announced a call!

Chong: K♠6♠
Chang: A♣7♥

Chang held the best hand but the flop of 7♣K♥6♥ gave Chong two pair to take the lead. The 8♠ hit the turn and the 3♥ was the river to leave Chong with the chips as Chang collects HK$511,000 for his 3rd place finish.


Robert Chang eliminated in 3rd place

7:10pm: Level up, blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000

7:00pm: More for Raiden

Raiden Kan continues to steamroll this final table as he's just taken another nice pot, this time from Victor Chong.

Kan raised preflop to 90,000 in the small blind and Chong called in the big to see a 5♥2♦8♦ flop. Kan checked it over to Chong who bet 135,000. Kan thought briefly before he declared himself all in. We knew that Chong wasn't going to hurry over a decision for his tournament life and five full minutes ticked by before he finally released his cards.

Chong slips to 860,000 with Kan now up to a commanding 4.7 million.

6:50pm: Chester Lee eliminated in 4th place

Raiden Kan opened with a raise to 75,000 before Chester Lee three-bet to 185,000 in the small blind. Kan made the call and they saw a monotone flop of 5♦7♦3♦.

Lee checked and Kan bet 105,000. Lee responded with a check-raise all in but Kan beat him into the pot with a call. Kan waited for Lee to show his A♠T♦ first before he revealed A♦8♦ for the absolute nuts! Lee was left drawing stone-cold dead to win, with his only hope being a runner-runner straight-flush to chop. The J♣ turn and Q♣ river completed the board to eliminate Lee in 4th place for HK$402,700 in prize money.

Kan's amazing run continues as he's now up to a staggering 4.3 million chips.


6:40pm: Double for Chang

It's been a slow grind since the last break, with Victor Chong especially taking forever to act on many of his decisions. However we've just had an all-in clash with Robert Chang doubling through chip leader Raiden Kan.

It folded around to Chang in the small blind who moved all in for 297,000. Kan insta-called with A♣J♦ and had Chang in trouble with his A♦5♦.

However the board ran out K♠A♥3♠5♠3♦ as Chang thumped the table in delight at spiking his lucky five. He's the odd man out in this foursome as the only Taiwanese player among the three Malaysians, so he'll be relieved to double to 650,000 with Kan still in control on 3.4 million.


Robert Chang hits a three-outer to stay alive in the MPCC Main Event

6:20pm: Small one for Kan

Raiden Kan opened to 75,000 from under the gun and Robert Chang made the call in the big blind. Both players checked the 6♣K♣A♣3♠6♦ board until the river where Kan tossed out 80,000. Chang paid to see but mucked when Kan showed A♥4♥ for top pair.

Kan is up to 3.65 million with Chang down to 300,000.

6:10pm: Play resumes

The four remaining players are back and ready to fight it out for the HK$1.25 million first place prize!

Approximate chip counts at the break:

Raiden Kan - 3,200,000
Victor Chong - 1,300,000
Chester Lee - 1,000,000
Robert Chang - 600,000