2012 MPCC Day 1a: Level 3-4 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

MacauPokerCup_thn_promo.jpg7.25pm: Second Break of the Day

The approximately 70 remaining players have been sent on their second 10-minute break of the day.

7.15pm: All Downhill For Steicke

At the start of the day, there was no other player than David Steicke who managed to see their stack increase to well over 50,000 in such a short amount of time. However, from there it was all downhill as Steicke has now been eliminated from the tournament.

We missed the action on Steick's last hand of the night, but according to players at his table, Steicke's last hand played out like this.

Steicke raised preflop holding nine-six and Hoi-Ting "Edmund" Lee three-bet holding A♥Q♥. Steicke opted to make the call and a nine-high flop housing two hearts was dealt on the felt. This is when all the chips went in, with Steicke at risk. When a third heart was dealt on the river, it was all over for Steicke as he made his way out of the tournament area. With that, Lee sky rockets into the chip lead.

7:00pm: Shaq On the Up; Conrad On the Down

The 2011 Asia Player of the Year, Hung-Sheng "Shaq" Lin is having a solid evening and that continued as he recently took down a handy pot against Conrad Coetzer.

The hand in question began when the player in the cut-off seat opened up the pot to 600. Coetzer called out of the small blind and so too did Lin out of the big blind. On the 7♥T♥9♣ flop, Coetzer led for 1,075 and Lin called, while the preflop aggressor got out of the way. The 9♥ turn would see Coetzer lead for 2,800 and Lin take his time before calling. A 2♦ completed the board on the river and Coetzer opted to this time check and again Lin took his time before doing the same as his opponent. At showdown, Lin tabled A♠9♦, which was strong enough to send Coetzer's cards into the muck and the nice pot into Lin's stack.

6.50pm: Steicke the King No More

We aren't exactly sure how it happened, but David Steicke is no longer sitting behind a monster stack. What was once more than 50,000 is just a little more than the starting stack now. With the player directly on Steicke's right now having quite a large chip stack, it is safe to discern that they were the culprit of Steicke's misfortune.

6.35pm: Chips for Akira and Wang

Akira Ohyama and Jacky Wang are sitting on tables that are situated right next to each other and have both recently taken down handy pots. Wang raked in a huge amount of chips when he put in a large bet on the river of a 6♦8♣5♣3♠A♣ board and received no callers with a big pot already out on the felt.

The hand which Ohyama took down began with Ohyama opening the pot to 700 from middle position. Johnny Chan called from the button and the player in the big blind also called. On the 8♣J♣9♥ flop, the action was checked to Ohyama and he bet 1,400. Both his opponents folded and Ohyama tabled A♣T♣ as he raked in the pot.

Despite winning the above hand, Ohyama is currently sitting behind a stack of around 14,000, while Wang is doing far better on 35,000.

6.25pm: Level Up, Blinds 150-300 (Ante 25)

6.10pm: Chan The Man

While plenty of attention is currently on 10-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Johnny Chan, it is another "Chan" who is doing very well here on Day 1a of the MPCC Main Event.

We didn't catch the action of the hand, but following the aftermath of a giant pot, Justin Chan managed to see his stack tower over 50,000 in chips. That sees him sitting behind the second largest stack in the room, with David Steicke currently the chip leader.

6.00pm: A Few Counts From Around the Room

As we near the late stages of the third level of the day, we thought we would take a look at some of the chip stacks in the room. The following players are doing great: David Steicke (58,000), Sparrow Cheung (45,000) and Jacky Wang (34,000); while these few are well below the starting stack: David Zhao (14,000), Michael Marvenek (15,000), Victor Chen (15,000) and Minh Nguyen (11,000).

5.50pm: Sparrow Can't Get Enough

Sparrow Cheung is no stranger to the poker world, having just shy of $200,000 in live tournament results on his poker resume, with plenty of that coming in PokerStars Macau events. We recently watched Cheung take down a handy pot, with the hand playing out like so.

Victor Chen was in early position when he raised it up to 800. A player in middle position made the call, along with Cheung in the small blind and the player in the big blind. On the 3♠8♣A♥ flop, Cheung led for 1,500 and the player in the big blind raised it up to 3,500. Chen looked amused and gave a slight chuckle as he folded his cards and with the middle-position player out of the way, Cheung and his one opponent would take to a Q♣ turn. This time Cheung checked and then called when his opponent bet 3,500.

On the river, Cheung slowly checked and his opponent opted to do the same. Cheung looked slightly disappointed with this outcome, letting out a bit of a sigh as he tabled his 3♥3♣ for a flopped set. Cheung's opponent let his hand slide into the much and Cheung stacked his newly won chips.


Sparrow Cheung is doing great on Day 1a of the MPCC Main Event

5.35pm: Shaq Moving On Up

Hung-Sheng "Shaq" Lin has been doing fine in the early stages of Day 1a of the MPCC Main Event, with his stack currently one of the healthiest in the room. We recently caught up with Lin taking down a handy pot on a K♣4♠7♠6♠4♥ board. There was already over 5,000 in the pot and Lin took his time before betting 2,375 on the river. Lin's one opponent didn't take long to call and then quickly mucked when Lin turned over 3♠2♠ for a turned flush. With that, Lin was left sitting behind a stack of around 35,000.

5.25pm: Back From the Break, Ready For More

The players here in the 2012 Macau Poker Championship Main Event are back from their break and ready for more. The tournament clock is currently telling us that there are 89 players registered.


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