2012 MPCC Day 1a: Level 5-6 (blinds 250-500, ante 50)

MacauPokerCup_thn_promo.jpg9.35pm: Final Break of the Night

The remaining players have been sent on their final 10-minute break of the night!

9.25pm: How Many Left; How Many Tomorrow

The tournament clock is currently telling us that 47 players are currently remaining here on Day 1a of the MPCC Main Event. While the 89 players who started the day is certainly not a disappointing number, it is very low compared to the number that is expected for tomorrow's Day 1b. The Regional Director for Asia and head of PokerStars Macau Danny McDonaugh has just let us know that he expects there could be upwards of 200 players who partake in tomorrow's action. That would be a fantastic result and ensure that the HK$4,500,000 guaranteed prize pool is surpassed by a huge margin.

9.10pm: No Winner's Song For Kevin

Kevin Song has just been eliminated from the 2012 MPCC Main Event, with his bust-out coming at the hands of Sparrow Cheung. The last hand of Song's night began with Song opening the pot to 1,100 from under the gun. Folded around to Sparrow Cheung in the small blind, he would tumble out enough chips to put Song all in. Song, who had around 10,000 behind, opted to make the call, turning over his Q♣T♠ as he did so. Cheung tabled his A♣Q♦ and when the board ran out 6♠4♣2♣7♥A♦, Song was sent to the rail, while Cheung was left with a huge stack of around 88,000.

Interestingly, Song took down the High Roller event at the 2012 PokerStars.net APPT Seoul. Since then, Song hasn't managed to post another result, but will surely be looking to do so at the upcoming Seoul Poker Cup. Running from October 12th - 14th, more information on the PokerStars sponsored event can be found here on the Seoul Poker Cup event page.

8.55pm: Chan Crippled; Divan Doubles

Divan Le Roux is now sitting behind what very well could be the largest stack in the room. Most of the chips he now sits behind came courtesy of Justin Chan. Apparently Le Roux held Q♦Q♠ and after a preflop raising war against Chan, who held A♣A♥, he managed to hit a Q♣2♦6♥ flop. It was on the flop that all of Le Roux's chips went in (all 32,000 of them) and with no miracle ace on the turn or river, Le Roux raked in the huge pot, while Chan was left crippled.


Justin Chan started the day off strong, but is now struggling

8.45pm: A Look Back on the Inaugural Year

Just looking around the room today and it is clear that the MPCC has come a long way. Today's Day 1 flight alone features a field of more than half of that of the entire MPCC field in its inaugural year back in 2009. That event saw 158 players create a prize pool of HK$2,970,400 and it was Devan Tang who was crowned the champion, taking home HK$727,600. Tang is expected to play in tomorrow's Day 1 flight as he has since become a staple on the poker scene. Another player who is well known around these parts and certainly around the world is Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang. In 2009, Huang made the final table of the MPCC Main Event, eventually finishing in fifth place for a handy $HK200,000 score. A few of the other players who were seen at the 2009 final table and we expect we will see throughout the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex this week include Vincent Chung and Daren Yoon.

8.35pm: Level Up, Blinds 250-500 (Ante 50)

8.25pm: Big Two-Pair For Marvenek

Michael Marvenek has just raked in a sizable pot, thanks to the very handy 6♣4♣. We only arrived at the table on the river of a 4♠3♣K♥9♦6♠ board, with over 5,000 already in the pot. The action was checked to Marvenek here and he bet 2,9000. Marvenek's opponent thought for a long time before opting to make the call. When Marvenek tabled his hand, the two-pair was enough to rake in the pot and see his opponent tap the table with his fist - both in respect and quite a bit of frustration. With that, Marvenek is far healthier than he was just a short while ago.

8.15pm: Big Stack Hunting

Walking around the tournament area and it is already clear who the chip leaders are. At this point it is looking like Sparrow Cheung and Calvin Ho are sitting behind the largest stacks. Cheung has around 68,000 and Ho has roughly 70,000 in chips. There are quite a few players nearing these amounts, with plenty of the field having stacks of around 50,000. For your information, the current chip average is 30,000.

8.05pm: The Champ is Gone

The highest profile player in the room and one of the highest profile players in all the world has recently gone missing. We noticed that Johnny Chan's table had broken and so naturally we scouted around the tournament area to find out where he had gone. When we realised that he was no longer sitting in any seat in the room, we put on our Sherlock Holmes costume and began hunting for some information.

Eventually we managed to gather up some facts, with Chan's last hand supposedly playing out right before his table broke. Apparently Chan limped from early position holding A♣T♣ and three players limped behind him before it was on to Xibo Hu in the big blind. Hu raised it up to 2,000 and Chan shipped his remaining stack of around 8,000 in the middle. The limpers got out of the way and Hu called, tabling pocket queens. Chan would need some help to survive, but the king-high flop meant it was all over for the 10-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner.


Johnny Chan is no longer with us in the 2012 MPCC Main Event

7:50pm: Queens Good For Marvenek

Michael Marvenek will be very happy he woke up with Q♣Q♥ and even happier his opponent decided to call a preflop all in holding just 2♥2♣. The hand in question saw Minh Nguyen open the pot to 950 from under the gun. The player holding the deuces called from middle position and it was on to Marvenek in the small blind. At this point, Marvenek opted to move all in for just under 10,000 and Nguyen would quickly get out of the way. Now, it was time for the player with the deuces to go so deep into the tank that we really hope he took some snorkeling equipment with him.

Eventually, the player asked how much Marvenek had before tanking some more. More time passed and the player opted to call. With his queens, Marvenek was looking good to double up and it stayed that way as a 7♥8♦6♥5♦5♣ board was spread along the felt.

7.35pm: Back to Action

The players are back from their break, refreshed and ready to keep playing poker here in the PokerStars Macau poker room in the 2012 Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event.

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One of the beautiful PokerStars Macau promo girls

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