2012 MPCC Day 1b: Level 7 (blinds 300-600, ante 50)

MacauPokerCup_thn_promo.jpg10.45pm: Bagged and Tagged

The surviving players have bagged and tagged their chips and are making their way out of the PokerStars Macau poker room here in the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex. The player with the largest number on his bag was Yanqin Huang with 112,925. He was followed extremely closely by Sebastian Benz (112,625), Zhu Lin (110,775), Sunny Jung (107,850) and Kenny Wong (107,050). Also surviving the night with plenty of chips to scare include both remaining Team PokerStars Pros in Bryan Huang (59,050) and Raymond Wu (72,300). At last count it was approximately 88 players who survived the night - meaning somewhere around 130 players will take to the felt for Day 2 tomorrow. We will have a full list of Day 1b survivors, along with a Day 2 seating draw posted as soon as it is made available.

Yanqin_Huang_PokerStarsMacau.jpgMPCC Main Event Day 1b chip leader, Yanqin Huang

10.35pm: Just Four More

The tournament clock has been paused and the call for to deal just four more hands has been made. Stay tuned to find out who survived the night and who the chip leaders are!

10.30pm: All The Past Champs Gone

There will be a new MPCC Main Event champion in 2012! After nursing a short stack for much of the last two levels, the 2010 victor Julian Hasse has been spotted on the rail. Following the eliminations of Raiden Kan and Devan Tang earlier in the day, that means there are no more past champions in the field.

10.20pm: Hunting for Big Stacks

There are quite a few players currently in contention to finish off as the chip leader for the night. Sunny Jung has a stack of around 110,000 and looks to be the slight leader at the moment. Following Jung closely are Zhu Lin (108,000), Kenny Wong (105,000) and Sebastian Benz (102,000).

10.05pm: More for Raymond

Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu has been having a great day, now sitting behind a stack of around 80,000. We recently watched Wu take down a nice little pot on a 3♥4♦K♠6♦A♥ board. We arrived at the action on the river, with Wu leading for 4,800 into a pot of over 10,000. Wu's two opponents opted to get out of the way and Wu raked in the pot.

9.50pm: Sebastian Takes Im Around the Benz

Germany's Sebastian Benz is the latest player to see his stack move into the six-figure territory and he had to take the tournament life of Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im to do so.

We arrived at the table with a flop showing 7♥K♣K♠ and with Benz first to act. He bet 1,200 and it was on to his lone opponent in Im. After some though, Im made the call and a 6♥ was deal on the turn. This is when the action started to heat up. Benz led for 1,900 and Im raised it up to 4,500. Benz then re-raised to 10,600 and it was back on Im, who moved all in for 15,000. Benz called, tabling his A♠K♦, which was ahead of Im's K♥J♦. When a 4♣ completed the board on the river, Im was out and Benz had a stack of around 105,000.

9.45pm: One More Level

The players are back from their break and ready to play just one more level before bagging up their chips and calling it quits for the night. Who will make it through to Day 2 and who will be the chip leader? Stay tuned to find out!

How many will still be in the PokerStars Macau poker room at the end of the night?
Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in PokerStars Macau