2012 MPCC Day 2: Level 10-11 (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

MacauPokerCup_thn_promo.jpg7.25pm: Break Time

There are approximately 65 players remaining in the field and each and every one of them has been sent on a 10-minute break.

7.15pm: The Big One

Recently we had a little wander around the tournament area with the express purpose of finding a chip leader. It wasn't hard to spot who that was, with Sunny Jung currently housing a stack of 230,000 in chips. That amount is so large that one of the players at the table shouted out, "Can we all get a table change please! This guy has too many chips!"

7.05pm: Edmund Eating Up More Chips

Edmund Lee has been having a field day of late, seeing stack increase to around 180,000. Lee is no seat a couple of spots to the right of Kenny Wong and the two players recently played a hand together. It started with Wong opening the pot to 3,600 from early position and only Lee would make the call from the big blind. A Q♣3♥2♥ flop would see Lee check-call a bet of 3,600 and then both players checked the 5♥ turn. On the 7♥ river, Lee led for 11,000 and Wong opted to let go of his hand. Despite losing that hand, Wong is having a far better time at the moment, seeing his stack rise back up to just shy of 100,000.

6.55pm: Lots For Yea

Steve Yea has been having a great late half of the day, first eliminating Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang and since then managing to see his stack increase to almost six figures. We recently watched Yea take down a hand that began with him opening to 3,500 from early position. The player in the small blind made the call and a 6♥A♣T♠ flop was dealt on the felt. Yea's opponent check-called a bet of 4,500 here and a J♠ was flipped over on the river. This time when Yea's opponent checked, Yea would bet 6,200 - enough to see his opponent's cards into the muck and a nice little pot into Yea's stack.

6.45pm: Lisi on the Way Up

Lisi Wei is now one of the chip leader, courtesy of a huge pot she recently took off Sebastian Benz. It all started with an early position player opening up the pot to 2,800. Wei called from middle position and Benz three-bet to 8,600 from the hijack. The original aggressor opted to get out of the way and with a call from Wei, the dealer turned over a 4♥5♥2♥ flop. Wei checked here and then raised to 13,500 when Benz bet 5,600. Benz snapped it off and both players checked the 7♥ turn. On the A♥ river, a flush on the board would see Wei check-call a bet of 15,500 from Benz. Wei's T♥8♥ was strong enough to win the pot against Benz's A♠Q♠ and with that, Wei has a huge stack, while Benz is now struggling.

6.30pm: Huang Home; One Team Pro Remains

Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang has just been eliminated from the 2012 MPCC Main Event. We didn't catch the action, but Huang wandered over to the media desk to let us know. Apparently it all started when Steve Yea opened the pot with a min-raise. Onto Huang on the button and he would three-bet to 6,900 as he looked down at pocket aces. Yea made the call and a flop housing two jacks and a queen was dealt. Yea checked here and Huang bet 6,900. Yea opted to jam and Huang called off his last remaining 30,000 in chips. When Yea tabled king-jack, it was bleak times for Huang and with no help on the turn or river, it was all over during the mid-stages of Day 2. With that, Raymon Wu is the last remaining Team PokerStars Pro.


Team PokerStars Pro Byran Huang has been eliminated on Day 2

6.25pm: Level Up, Blinds 800-1,600, ante 200

6.15pm: Wilson the Warrior

Sean Wilson is the new chip leader, courtesy of a huge hand he just played against Ryan Hong. The hand in question began with a player in middle position opening the pot to 3,400. Wilson called from the cut off and the player in the small blind also called, sending the action to Hong in the big blind. Hong quickly three-bet to 12,400 and only Wilson would make the call.

On the 4♥3♠2♦ flop, Hong led for 15,700 and Wilson thought for a long time before making the call. The 3♥ on the turn would see Hong check and Wilson would again tank, this time counting out his stack. Eventually Wilson opted to check and a 6♦ hit the river. Hong again checked and Wilson again took his time before checking behind. At showdown, Wilson tabled A♣J♣ - the ace-high enough to send Hong's cards into the muck and the handy pot into Wilson's stack.

A great day for Wilson sees him now sit with around 170,000 in chips.

6.00pm: The Two Asia Player of the Year Winners Rumble

We just wandered past Table 12 and found the 2010 Asia Player of the Year (APOY) Bryan Huang and the reigning APOY Shaq Lin rumbling in a hand. We arrived at the action with a Q♠3♦T♣ flop already out on the felt and with Huang leading for 7,300 from the small blind position. Lin was in the cut off and made the call. On the K♣ turn, Huang opted to check-call a bet of 14,000. When an A♦ completed the board on the river, both players checked and Lin scooped up the pot when he tabled his A♣5♣. Huang held a king, but that went straight into the muck, and a chunk of his chips went to Lin.


2011 Asia Player of the Year Shaq Lin is still in the mix

5.40pm: Tan Flops the World; Turns and Rivers Hell

Jay Tan was laughing all the way to the bank when she held A♣4♣ and a 5♦2♠3♣ flop was spread along the felt. It was about as nutty as the best possible hand could get. Even better? Tan's opponent held pocket jacks and decided to get aggressive and get all the chips in on the flop. The action from the flop went as follows. Tan check-raised to 9,000 after her opponent bet 4,500. Tan's opponent then popped it back to 16,500 and Tan moved all in for an extra 29,400. Tan's opponent tanked before making the call and turning over his dominated hand.

Tan was the player at-risk, but was looking great to double up. Even when a deuce paired the board on the turn, Tan was still looking good to double. However, sometimes poker is cruel and when a third deuce completed the board on the river, it was a brutal runner-runner elimination for Tan.

5.30pm: Kings Good For Bobo

Go ahead and Google "Bobo Chen". You will surely be faced with a whole lot of results detailing the way in which Chen goes into the tank ... All the time. We have seen him go into the tank a few times today, but recently that just wasn't the case as he quickly moved all in on the turn of a A♠5♦4♦Q♦ board. One opponent had led for 3,000 and Chen shoved for his short stack. His opponent ended up folding and Chen tabled his K♥K♣.

5.25pm: Back for More

The players are back from their break. We are still a long way off reaching the money, so the players best get comfortable in their seats! For your information, the current level is 600-1,200 with a 100-chip ante and the average stack is 55,000.

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The PokerStars Macau poker room in the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex

Joshua Bell
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