2012 MPCC Day 3: Level 17-18 (blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 500)

MacauPokerCup_thn_promo.jpg5.25pm: Twelve to Break

The twelve remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break. We will be back soon and continue on our way to the 2012 MPCC Main Event final table!

5.20pm: Two More Prior to Break

Just as the players were about to be told they only had a few minutes until the break, Shanshan Zhao was eliminated in 14th place and Amit Varma in 13th place . For that effort Zhao goes home with HK$60,200, and Varma with HK$72,300. With Zhao out the door, two ladies still remain in the tournament!

5.15pm: Jung Cracks a Million

Sunny Jung has had an absolute field day today, with his stack the first to tower over one million in chips. Jung recently took down a big pot against Wenlong Jin. The hand in question started when Jung opened the pot to 19,000 from middle position. Jin was in the big blind and three-bet to 63,000. Jung made the call and the dealer flipped over a A♦K♦2♣ flop. Jin was first to act and took his time before betting 65,000. Jung made the call and both players checked down the 4♥ turn and the 8♦ river. At showdown, Jung's A♠Q♥ scooped up the pot, while Jin's Q♣Q♦ went into the muck.

5.00pm: Fast Three Down

Three more eliminations in five minutes! The action will not slow down here on Day 3 of the 2012 MPCC Main Event, with three more players finding the rail in quick succession. The first of those players eliminated was the Day 1a chip leader Edmund Lee (17th), followed by Hon Cheung Kwong (16th) and Amit Jain (15th). Lee started the day with quite the short stack and put it in a solid effort to make it this far. Kwon's tournament life came to an end when his two over cards couldn't catch up against an opponent's pair.
The end for Jain saw him all in preflop holding pocket sixes against Jessica Ngu's king-queen. The flop gave Ngu two pair and with no six on the turn or river, it was all over for Jain in 15th place. And then there were 14!


Edmund Lee - eliminated in 17th place

4.45pm: Yifan Zheng Home In 18th

The first player to be eliminated on the final two tables was Yifan Zheng. A solid day for Zheng sees him sent home in 18th place, collecting HK$60,200. The last hand of Zheng's tournament saw him all in preflop holding A♥6♣. Jessica Ngu was Zheng's opponent and she held 8♠8♥. The board ran out 3♦4♦8♦J♠5♠ and with that, Zheng was sent packing.

4.30pm: Three Quick Busts

Three players have just been eliminated within 10 minutes of play. The first of these players was the 2011 Asia Player of the Year Shaq Lin, sent home in 21st place. Lin was all in with ace-jack on an ace-high board, but fell to the might of Rui Chen who hit a flush holding 7♣6♣. The next player out, in 20th place, was Victor Chong. It was Lisi Wei who dealt the fatal blow to Chong, with Chong running his pocket jacks into Wei's pocket aces preflop. Next home was Milad Sheva in 19th place, as he was sent home by Sunny Jung, who seemingly can't be stopped.

We are now down to just 18 players and one table break away from our 2012 MPCC final table!


Shaq Lin was eliminated in 21st place

4.25pm: Level Up, Blinds 4,000-8,000, Ante 500

4.10pm: Masaki Gone as Sunny Kills It

Ryan Hong managed to hold on to the chip lead for much of the early stages of the day, but has since been far surpassed by Sunny Jung. One of Jung's recent exploits saw him eliminate Yuji Masaki in 22nd place. The hand in question saw Masaki get his short stack all in preflop holding A♣T♦ and he would have to come up against Jung's 6♣7♣. By the time the K♣8♠9♠4♣ board had run out to the turn, Masaki was looking good to double, but the 7♠ on the river would change all that, sending Masaki out the door and adding to Jung's already mammoth stack. For your information, Masaki was the first player eliminated in the next payout bracket, with 22nd place worth HK$48,100.

Following the above hand, Jung now sits behind a stack of around 775,000 in chips.

4.05pm: Lei No More

The latest player to hit rail was Lei Zhang. We didn't quite catch Zhang's demise, but we did arrive at his table with Zhang looking very disappointed as his cards went into the muck on a 9♦2♥J♦Q♦7♦ board. The hand in question saw Zhang in the small blind and his opponent was Shaq Lin, who sat with the button in front of him. Lin's A♠8♦ was out on the felt, with the four diamonds on the board giving him the flush and enough to send Zhang's cards in the muck. Zhang was officially eliminated in 24th place.

3.50pm: Two More Railed

The eliminations continue to fly fast during this level, with another couple of players finding the rail with a min-cash. The first player was Ping Lin, sent home in brutal fashion in 26th place. Lin's last hand saw her get all the chips in on a J♠2♠8♦ flop, holding A♣A♦ and getting a call from Xing Zhou who held 6♣6♠. A T♠ on the river and a 9♠ on the turn would be brutal for Lin as the flush was sent to Zhou and Lin was went out the door. Following Lin's elimination, Masaki Hirayama was sent home in 25th place.

3.40pm: One More Down

Sparrow Cheung had a roller coaster day yesterday and will now have to be content with a min-cash as he has just been eliminated in 27th place. The last hand of Cheung's tournament saw him get all the chips in preflop holding A♥J♣ and having to come up against the K♦K♥ of Amit Varma. A T♦7♦8♥J♠Q♥ board was of no use to Cheung and it was all over with HK$36,100 for his time.

3.30pm: Who Was Sent Home

We have just found out the unfortunate four players who were eliminated in quick fashion just prior to the break. Out the door with first official payout of HK$36,100 was Daren Yoon (31st), he was followed very closesly by Jian Yang (30th), Jill Maley (29th) and Andy Asihwardji (28th). All of these players went home with the same amount of cash for their time, just as the next few players will. Be sure to check out our prize pool and payout page

3.20pm: Twenty-Seven Return

There were four quick eliminations in the five minutes before the break. We will have details of those players once the dust has settled. In other news, 27 players are back in their seats and ready to keep making their way to a final table!


The beautiful girls of PokerStars Macau have been on the rail throughout the MPCC

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