2012 MPCC Final Table: Level 23-24 (blinds 15,000-30,000, ante 3,000)

MacauPokerCup_thn_promo.jpg7.00pm: Three Head to Break

Following the elimination of Sunny Jung, the three remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break.

6.55pm: Sunny Jung Eliminated in 4th Place (HK$361,500)

After more than two hours of very little action, a player has been eliminated! The 4th-place spot has gone to Sunny Jung, with his tournament coming to an end at the hands of Yosuke Sekiya.

Jung was on the button when he shoved his short stack all in holding 4♦4♥. Sekiya woke up with A♥K♥ in the small blind and shoved his big stack in the middle. The big blind quickly got out of the way and the railbirds started cheering for kings, aces, fours and who knows what else.

The K♦2♣8♣ flop was not good for Jung and with a Q♣ on the turn and a 3♠ on the river, it was home with HK$361,500 for Jung.


Sunny Jung - 4th Place

6.45pm: Chen More Powerful Than The Sun

Rui Chen was under the gun when he opened it up to 70,000. With the button out of the way, Sunny Jung would three-bet to 200,000. Chen flicked out the call and a K♠7♠9♦ flop was spread on the felt. Jung opted to lead for 245,000 here and Chen quickly announced he was all in. With a glance up at the tournament clock, Jung decided to let his cards go, sending the big pot to Chen and leaving himself with around 400,000 in chips.

6.30pm: The Big Shove from Wenlong

There still hasn't been many flops seen over the last level or so, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been some action. Recently the action was folded to Rui Chen in the small blind and he raised it up to 90,000. Wenlong Jin was in the big blind and thought for a long time before shoving for around 800,000. It was certainly a big shove to say the least and had Chen thinking for a long time. Eventually he decided to let his cards go and Jin raked in the small pot.

6.15pm: Chen Never Bluffs

"You never bluff!" said Sunny Jung to Rui Chen at the end of the following hand. It started with Jung opening it up to 70,000 from the button. Chen called out of the big blind and a Q♠6♦4♣ flop was dealt on the felt. Chen check-called a bet of 100,000 here and then both players checked the 3♦ turn. On the 3♣ river, Chen led for 150,000 and Jung went into the tank. Eventually he called and then mucked when Chen tabled his Q♣8♠. That's when Jung said that Chen never bluffs, adding "I called with king-high."

6.00pm: Level Up, Blinds 15,000-30,000, Ante 3,000

5.55pm: The Power of the Sun

The first all-in move we have seen this level has just occurred, and it all played out like this: Folded to Wenlong Jin in the small blind, he would tumble out a small raise. Sunny Jung was in the big blind and he made it an extra 74,000 to go. Jin made the call and then watched a dealer turn over a 9♠6♥J♠ flop. At this point Jin took a long time before deciding to lead for 150,000. Jung was quicker in his thinking, shoving all in for over 500,000. Jin didn't want to rumble as he let his cards go into the muck and a fair chunk of his chips into Jung's stack.

5.45pm: One Time Showdown

We can't remember the last time a hand to showdown. It was certainly a long time ago, but that has recently changed with Yosuke Sekiya and Wenlong Jin playing a hand down to the river.

The hand in question began with Sekiya opening the pot to 48,000 from the button. Jin called out of the big blind a the dealer spread out a A♦3♣7♥ flop. Jin checked here and called a bet of 40,000 from Sekiya. Both players then opted to check the K♦ turn and an A♠ completed the board on the river. Jin decided it would be best to lead out on the river, sliding out 75,000 in chips. Sekiya instantly called and then folded even quicker when Jin tabled his A♣T♣ for trip aces.

5.30pm: Four-Handed Count Update

The play has still been quite slow during four-handed action, with the rare flop seeing one bet and one fold. Rui Chen is still the player to catch, while the current chip counts can be seen below.

Rui Chen - 2,450,000
Wenlong Jin - 1,080,000
Yosuke Sekiya - 900,000
Sunny Jung - 750,000

5.15pm: Rui Stays Aggressive

The final four are still staying away from playing big pots, with barely a flop being seen after the break. A recent hand was quite action filled, with Rui Chen putting in a cold four-bet to 400,000 from the big blind. The hand started with Wenlong Jin opening it up to 50,000 and Sunny Jung three-betting to 145,000. Jin and Jung didn't want to rumble with Chen as a few more chips were added to his towering stack.

5.00pm: Four to Play

The four players are back from the break, with blinds recommencing at 12,000-24,000 with a 3,000-chip ante. It is still Rui Chen who is the chip leader, but his opponent's are closing in.


The beautiful girls of PokerStars Macau are railing the final table

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