2012 MPCC Final Table: Level 27-28 (blinds 40,000-80,000, ante 10,000)

MacauPokerCup_thn_promo.jpg10.35pm: Take a Time Out

The last level of poker has been some of the most intense we have ever witnessed. The two players are heading on a much-deserved 10-minute break!

11.25pm: You Couldn't Write a Script Like This

Yosuke Sekiya should have been eliminated multiple times by now. But, he will not go down without a fight! The latest defying of death saw Sekiya all in preflop holding T♦8♦ against the K♥T♥ of Rui Chen. A 6♣A♣9♥ flop was no help for Sekiya, but his rail went absolutely wild when a 8♥ hit the turn. The scream changed from "tens" and "eights" to "no hearts!" and the rail got their wish, with an A♠ completing the board on the river and sending a double up to Sekiya!


Yosuke Sekiya pictured with one of his biggest fans, Hirotoshi Nakabo

11.15pm: Rui Regains the Lead

Yosuke Sekiya was the chip leader only for a short while, with a huge portion of his chips heading back in the direction of Rui Chen. The big hand started with Chen limping the button. Sekiya then raised it up to 200,000 and Chen called. On the 5♦5♠3♦ flop, Sekiya led for 225,000 and Chen made the call. A Q♦ on the turn would see both players check and an A♣ would complete the board on the river. This time when Sekiya checked, Chen would bet a large 600,000. Sekiya almost chuckled at this bet, leaning back in his chair and thinking for quite some time. Eventually Sekiya decided to call and then would regret it as Chen's Q♣9♠ was good enough to trump his cards and send them into the muck. With that, Chen is again the chip leader!

11.00pm: Wow, This Sekiya Has Nine Lives!

Yosuke Sekiya was starting to get short when he got all his chips in preflop holding 9♠8♦ and unfortunately for Sekiya, he had to come up against the 8♠8♦ of Rui Chen. By the time the turn had run out on a K♣5♣K♦T♦ board, Sekiya was looking for one of three nines to survive in this tournament. We were one card away from crowning a MPCC champion.


River: 9♣

The rail were on their feet, shouting, cheering, hooting and hugging their friend Sekiya has he had managed to dodge a bullet. Not only had he dodged a bullet, he now has a slight chip lead!


Yosuke Sikiya celebrates with his rail

10.40pm: A Couple of All in Moves

Yosuke Sekiya has gone all in twice preflop recently and has received no action from Rui Chen. He's still at a big chip deficit, but is gaining some ground.

10.30pm: Level Up, Blinds 40,000-80,000, Ante 10,000

10.25pm: The Sekiya is Falling

Yosuke Sekiya had the button when he raised it up to 120,000. Rui Chen called in the big blind and a 2♦8♣A♥ flop was spread on the felt. Both players checked here and a 6♦ hit the turn. This time Chen led for 160,000 and Sekiya clicked it back to 320,000. Chen took his time before making the call. On the 4♣ river, Chen led for 200,000 and Sekiya called. At showdown, Chen tabled 7♠5♠, with the straight strong enough to send Chen the pot and leave a big dent in Sekiya's stack.

10.15pm: Sekiya Shows Bluff

The first action hand of the night has just taken place and it played out like so. Yosuke Sekiya had the button and raised it up to 120,000. Rui Chen called out of the big blind and the dealer turned over a T♣Q♥7♠ flop. Chen checked here and then called a bet of 140,000 from Sekiya. Both players checked the A♥ turn and a 2♥ completed the board on the river. This time when Chen checked, Sekiya would bet 300,000. Chen tanked for a long time before letting go of his hand. As Sekiya raked in his new chips, he tabled his 6♦5♦ for a whole lot of nothing.

10.00pm: Slow Times

The two heads-up players have yet to fight it out for any substantial pot, instead trading blinds and antes back and forth several times. Something has to happen soon!

9.50pm: Heads-Up Begins

After getting the chips in position and introducing the players, the heads-up battle has begun! Here is how the two players stack up.

Rui Chen - 3,100,000
Yosuke Sekiya - 2,200,000

9.40pm: Wenlong Jin Eliminated in 3rd Place (HK$458,000)

It has taken a long time to get here, but finally after more than eight-hours of play we have reach heads-up. Unfortunately for Wenlong Jin it was so close, yet so far, with his tournament now coming to an end in 2nd place.

The final hand of Jin's 2012 Macau Poker Cup Championship began when Jin open shipped all in for around 600,000 in the small blind. Yosuke Sekiya was in the big blind and made the call, having Jin covered by a large margin. Jin would need help with his K♣8♥ lagging behind the A♠9♦ of Sekiya and that help would come on the turn of a 6♥7♦2♣8♦ board. However, poker is a cruel beast and so when a 9♠ landed on the river, Jin was sent home in 3rd place, pocketing HK$458,000.


Wenlong Jin - 3rd Place

9.30pm: Let's keep Playing

Jin Wenlong, Rui Chen and Yosuke Sekiya are back from their break and the cards are in the air. The blinds are recommencing at 30,000-60,000 with a 5,000-chip ante. The current average stack is 1,800,000, but Chen has far more than that amount as he sits as the chip leader.


Which of the remaining three players will win this trophy?

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in PokerStars Macau