Edmund Eats Up the Chips on Day 1a of MPCC Main Event

There is something unnerving about the chip leader who manages to accumulate a huge stack, all the while barely going noticed. You just have to wonder how they do it. That was exactly the case with Hoi-Ting "Edmund" Lee on Day 1a of the 2012 Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event. Don't get us wrong, there was at least one hand that added a huge amount of chips to Lee's 119,125-chip stack, but that was halfway through the day and since then, Lee simply chiseled away at his opponents and kept adding to his stack, chip-by-chip.


No player could come close to the might of Hoi-Ting "Edmund" Lee on Day 1a of the MPCC Main Event.

The hand we alluded to earlier saw Lee eliminate Hong Kong based Australian David Steicke. It all began with Steicke raising preflop holding the trusty old nine-six. Lee then three-bet holding A♥Q♥ and Steicke opted to make the call. When a nine-high flop housing two hearts was dealt, Steicke decided to get all his chips in and was at-risk against Lee. Unfortunately for Steicke, a heart fell on the river and it was all over. From there, Lee never looked back and now stands as the Day 1a chip leader.


David Steicke was eliminated by the eventual chip leader

Another player who started the day, but ended up joining Steicke on the rail was 10-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner, Johnny Chan. It was a short day for Chan as he must have had some high-stakes cash games waiting for him somewhere in Macau. The last hand of Chan's tournament saw him limp from early position holding A♣T♣. Three players then limped behind Chan before the action was on Xibo Hu in the big blind. Hu opted to three-bet to 2,000 which prompted Chan to shove all in for around 8,000. Only Hu made the call, turning over his pocket-queens and putting Chan at risk. The board ran out king-high and with that, one of the most recognisable faces in all the poker world was sent to the rail.


No more glory at the MPCC Main Event for 10-time WSOP bracelet winner Johnny Chan

Some of the players who managed to do far better than Chan and Steicke and will be joining us for Day 2 action on Friday include Aimin Zhang (101,500), Lei Zhang (76,350), Sparrow Cheung (73,925) and the 2011 Asia Player of the Year Hung-Sheng "Shaq" Lin (60,500). Of course, not all players could sit at the poker tables and hope to make it through the night unscathed. A few of the players who will have to be happy with simply making it through the night alive include Justin Chan (7,800), Minh Nguyen (22,250), 2012 APPT Cebu fifth-place finisher Amit Varma (22,950) and 2012 APPT Seoul runner-up, Vincent Rubianes (22,975).

Click here for a complete list of end-of-day chip counts.

With 40 players heading out into the night to enjoy the many wonders this city of bright lights called Macau has to offer, there will be a new horde of hopefuls set to take to the tables for tomorrow's Day 1b. It all kicks off in the PokerStars Macau poker room in the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex at 3:10pm (GMT+8) tomorrow. Until then, poker fans!

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in PokerStars Macau