MPC Red Dragon: Final table player profiles

MacauPokerCup_thn_promo.jpgPlease find below player profiles for the nine finalists at the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Series, June 2012 renewal.

A full list of players making the money so far is available on the payouts page.

The final table begins at 2pm Monday at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex, Macau.

Player profiles:

Seat 1 - Celina Lin, 29, China, Team PokerStars Pro


One of two Team PokerStars Asia to make the money here at the Red Dragon this week (the other, Vivian Im finished 13th), Celina Lin is heading to her third final table in this series. She has won one and come second in another, and is aiming to be the first double champion. Lin has played poker for seven years, starting off in limit games in the Crown Casino, Melbourne, but has been a successful tournament player in recent years. Supported throughout day two by a vociferous rail, they will almost certainly swell in number for Monday's final. (Chips: 477,000)

Seat 2 - Zhengwei Ni, 26, China


On day one, Zhengwei Ni was involved in one of the tournament's most notable pots: three players all flopped a straight with king-ten in the hole. However one of them - fellow finalist Chul Woo Park - was also suited and made a straight flush. Ni was damaged but not out, and recovered to make the final. He has only been playing poker for a year, usually small limit cash games here in Macau, but credits watching training videos for his recent good form. A 26-year-old professional driver, he is one of few amateurs in a final table of pros, but has shown that he has the game to get this far, and maybe further. (Chips: 304,000)

Seat 3 - Jordan Westmorland, 22, Thailand


Few players will ever have the chance to enjoy/endure a poker tournament like Jordan Westmorland has this week. He was the soaraway chip leader after day one, but then had a torrid opening few levels of day two and looked at one point as though he might miss the money. But then he rose back up to beyond a million (from a low of about 50,000) before being pegged back again to the 256,000 he will take to the final. Westmorland lives in Phucket, Thailand, where he plays online for a living, usually $100 or $200 heads up tournaments. He has a string of decent online tournament scores to his name but this will be his biggest live cash. (Chips: 256,000)

Seat 4 - Qi Ming Fan, 25, Canada


Qi Ming Fan will be the dominant chip leader going into the final - and admits he enjoyed his fair share of fortune to get there. He beat ace-king with ace-nine at one point, then beat kings with ace-queen. But anyone who has watched the man from Vancouver at the tables this week knows he has game beyond just the strokes of luck. He already describes this as the highlight of a six-year poker career. (Chips: 1,669,000)

Seat 5 - Chang Rak Choi, 33, Korea

profiles_chang_rak choi.jpg

Having only taken up poker a year ago, Chang Rak Choi is already a professional player, usually in games in Macau. This is his biggest tournament success already and credits a huge double up with pocket fives, against Brice Renaud's king high, for his place at the final. Too true: that knocked Renaud out in 10th, brining us to the last nine and giving Choi the second biggest stack of all. (Chips: 1,450,000)

Seat 6 - Richard Hu, 46, China


At 46, Richard Hu is the oldest player at the final table, but has shown the kind of judgment and aggression that characterises all the young guns in the poker world. Although he was introduced to the game at a home game about five years ago, he is now a regular on PokerStars, which presumably explains the sophisticated approach. He managed to crack kings with pocket jacks earlier in the tournament, but was the chip leader from the third opening flight and navigated his big stack all the way to the final. (Chips: 305,000)

Seat 7 - Yu Liang, 42, China


Yu Liang hails from Shanghai and is one of three Chinese players making this final. But only just. Yu lost a massive pot when they were ten handed and narrowly avoided elimination, finding pocket aces to triple up on the next hand. An avid watcher of poker on television, Yu has surely seen some of the thrills and spills of top level competition. He'll need to put on a chip-and-a-chair performance tomorrow to grow his short stack anywhere close to the title. (Chips: 82,000)

Seat 8 - Daniel Sing, 37, New Zealand


An actor by trade, there was nothing artificial about the relief Daniel Sing showed at the elimination of Brice Renaud in tenth place on day two. Sing had been grinding a short stack - doubling up at least three times - for hours, but ultimately making it to the final. He has previously played poker against his heroes, the All Blacks rugby team, and has been wearing an All Blacks jersey throughout this tournament. He says he has enjoyed "everything" about this event, and it's not even over yet. (Chips: 380,000)

Seat 9 - Chul Woo Park, 40, Korea


Chul Woo Park has had a good deal of success in his ten-year poker career, including a second place in a WCOOP tournament on PokerStars in 2008. He usually plays $2-$4 cash on the site, and something similar in the live rooms of Macau. He was the player who flopped a straight flush on day one, in a monster pot with Vivian Im and his fellow finalist Zhengwei Ni. That was the launch pad for this cruise into the final. (Chips: 902,000)

Howard Swains
@howardswains in PokerStars Macau