MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 1a: Levels 7-9 (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

2:30am: Ten-minute break

2:20am: On the rail

A couple of recent eliminations include Sparrow Cheung and Kai Paulsen.

Cheung was eliminated when his K♦K♥ were cracked by an opponent's 7♦7♣ when a third seven appeared on the flop.

Joining him on the rail was Paulsen who was severely short-stacked and all in with K♠5♦ against an opponent's 9♣7♥. Paulsen spiked a pair of kings but his opponent made a flush with four clubs on board to end his tournament.

2:05am: Scott's skirmish

Andrew Scott is not making too many friends at the table this evening, but his little spat with Kazakhstan's Roman Paxyutkin has certainly woken things up for everyone.

We arrived on the turn with the board reading 8♦T♥K♠A♣. Scott led out 5,500 before Paxyutkin quickly splashed the pot with his stack to put Scott to a decision for his last 9,000.

This is where things got interesting.

After barely a minute of thought, Paxyutkin threatened to call the clock, to which Scott responded, "Oh, you don't wanna do that!"

Paxyutkin was true to his word and incredibly called the clock and the floor was called. While they waited for the TD to arrived Scott said, "I was going to fold. But now that you've done that, I'm going to sit here and time out."

The TD arrived and after conferring with the dealer, they agreed that Scott hadn't been given enough time on a decision for his tournament life - both unaware of Scott's intention to fold anyway. Everyone sat around twiddling their thumbs, until Scott noticed Paxyutkin using his phone to write a text message.

"Is he allowed to use his phone?" asked Scott. The TD instructed Paxyutkin to put down the phone but there would be no penalty.

Eventually Scott was given 60 seconds, and true to his word, timed out with his cards mucked.

"You just wasted eight minutes of everyone's time buddy!" exclaimed Scott.

"I'm not your buddy," replied Paxyutkin, who ultimately had the last laugh, padding his stack to 80,000 while Scott sits with just 9,000.


Roman Paxyuth splashing and stirring the pot at the same time

1:50am: Level up, blinds 500-1,000, ante 100

1:40am: Slow going

Play has slowed up over the last hour or so, with very little action to report with around 160 players still alive. Perhaps the late night (early morning) has left the players a little fatigued and lethargic?

We did catch the end of a hand where Emanuel Seal was left to pay off 18,100 to his opponent. Seal's cards were already in the muck as he couldn't better his opponent's J♦J♣ on a board of 3♠6♠4♥J♥9♥. Seal is still in good shape with a stack of 30,000.

1:20am: Cockburn cut

Australian Craig Cockburn has been eliminated from the MPC Red Dragon Main Event. He pushed his short stack in preflop with A♥2♥ but was called by a dominant A♦Q♦.

The board ran out 8♥J♦T♣Q♣J♥ to miss Cockburn and send him to an early exit.

1:10am: Level up, blinds 400-800, ante 100

1:00am: Xue out, Sawicki soars

Haifeng Xue has ridden his luck once too often and is now heading for the cash games as Harri Sawicki collected a massive pot in a three-way all-in clash.

Xue got away with an all-in shove moments earlier but his timing was awry when he tried it again. There was a raise to 3,000 and a call in front of him, before Xue moved all in for 17,825 in total. Sawicki was in the big blind and he was quick to move his last 18,750 which sent the original raiser into the tank. After several minutes of Hollywooding, he defiantly plonked his chips into the middle as the fourth player folded (what he later said was pocket nines).

Xue was already preparing to light up a cigarette on the rail as his 8♥8♦ were up against Sawicki's A♠A♣ and the third player's K♣K♠ as the board ran out 2♣4♥2♦9♥J♦.

Xue is out as Sawicki jumps to almost 60,000.

12:50am: Shaq no longer king

Hung-sheng "Shaq" Lin has been eliminated from the Red Dragon Main Event after moving his last 7,200 in preflop with 6♣6♠. He was called by an opponent on the button who held a monstrous K♦K♣.

Lin would need big help but it didn't arrive on the 5♦5♠Q♣ before it was all over on the K♠ turn. Lin was already walking from the table when the meaningless 9♦ rolled off on the river to see Lin eliminated from the tournament.

Doing a little better is Lin's good friend Yi Po Lee who would be amongst our chip leaders, thanks mostly to an aces versus kings hand earlier in the day. Lee is up to 70,000 chips.

12:40am: Bobo survives

Daoxing "Bobo" Chen has definitely turned on the kamikaze switch. We recently reported him winning a pot with a big preflop shove, but somehow he was down to just 2,725 when we arrived at the table to see him move all in preflop.

Chen was in middle position and was called by the player on the button who held K♦T♦. Chen tabled a less than impressive 8♥6♦ but held live cards which connected on the board of 9♦8♠5♣7♦A♠ to take down the pot.

With the blinds and antes, Chen more than doubled up to 7,500.

12:30am: Play resumes

The players are back in action with around 200 players still in contention from today's flight. It may be after midnight but we still have a long way to go this evening until play wraps up for the day.