MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 1b: Levels 4-6 (blinds 200-400, ante 25)

12:20am: Ten-minute break

12:15am: Numbers game

The big screen is now showing an incredible 352 entrants for today which takes the total number of entrants to 635 for the Main Event which we believe will be the final number. Expect confirmation of this as well as the prizepool information to be released shortly.

12:05am: Tan takes one out

Jay Tan has just let off another squeal of delight after winning a flip to eliminate an opponent. She shoved from the small blind to isolate a short stack, with Tan's T♦T♣ holding against her opponent's A♥K♠ on a board of T♥J♦4♦4♥K♣.

"Full house! Full house!" shouted Tan excitedly as she moves up to 24,000.


Jay Tan continues her good form at the Macau Poker Cup

11:55pm: Lin in the zone

There's something about Celina Lin today. Focussed. In the zone. She's not her normally bubbly self at the table. That's not a bad thing though as she seems to have her game face on and, so far, it's paying dividends.

Lin is now up to 45,000 and one of the larger stacks in the room. We caught her raking in a small pot after checking the flop of 6♦7♠3♥ and then calling a bet of 2,100 on the 9♥ turn. The river 7♣ was checked and Lin's A♥Q♥ for ace-high was enough to better her opponent's K♠8♠.

11:40pm: Level up, blinds 200-400, ante 50

11:35pm: Chan cut

Johnny Chan's battle with his short stack has come to an end. He committed his final 3,200 with king-ten on a K-Q-5-X board against an opponent's ace-queen, but a nasty ace on the river brought the end for the ten-time WSOP bracelet winner.

11:25pm: No more footage

Our video friend has just had his blossoming film making career nixed, with tournament staff becoming aware of the situation of him recording action and they quickly put an end to it.

"You're either a player or you're with the media, you can't do both!" announced Danny McDonagh to the room.

11:20pm: Im and Lin going well

The girls are flying the flag for Team PokerStars with pros Celina Lin and Viviam Im both chipping away nicely. Lin is up to 35,000 with Im sitting at 18,000 after the following hand.

It was a battle of the blinds on a flop of 8♣A♦T♣. Im checked and then called a bet of 1,500, before both players checked the K♠ turn. The river was the T♦ and Im tossed out 2,000 which was enough to take it down.

11:10pm: Queens for Jay

"Phew, no more bad beats!" sighed Jay Tan with a touch of relief after landing a double up to stay alive in the Red Dragon Main Event.

Following an open to 800, Tan popped it to 2,600 from the big blind - a raise that represented half of her stack. Her opponent moved all in and Tan quickly called, tabling Q♣Q♦ to be in good shape against her opponent's J♦J♥.

The board ran out K♠A♦2♠9♠8♣ to see Tan double up. After finishing second in a side event earlier in the week, Tan will be looking for another deep run as she gets back to 11,000 in chips.

11:00pm: Level up, blinds 150-300, ante 25

10:45pm: Not so marvellous

Michael Marvanek has been elimination from the Main Event in every poker player's worst nightmare - set over set. On a flop of 3♣9♠4♥, Marvanek bet 3,100 only to find his opponent check-raise all in. Marvanek instantly called off his last chips with 3♦3♥ for bottom set but found himself crushed by his opponent's 9♦9♥.

With one out in the deck to survive, it wasn't to be as the 2♣ turn and K♥ river completed the board.

10:40pm: Strange but true

We just noticed a player at the table using a video camera to record his opponents! He's not using it while he has cards, but once he folds he whips the camera out to film the action when it gets interesting! Once the hand is over, the camera returns to his pocket and play continues as normal.

The player appears to be part of the Asian media contingent, as he's wearing a media pass, so the footage is likely to appear on a website somewhere - either that, or he's just really serious about logging hand histories. We're also not sure if he's even allowed to be doing it, but his opponents don't seem to mind!


10:30pm: Hiro getting excited

"What happened to Hiro? He sounded pretty mad," asked Jacky Wang as we wandered past his table. He was referring to Hirotoshi Nakabo, and as we looked across the room we saw that his seat was empty.

We decided to suss it out, but on closer inspection, Nakabo had plenty of chips and when he returned to the table he explained what happened.

"I have aces, he have nines!" exclaimed Nakabo. No drama, just Nakabo getting a little excited with his aces. He's up to 30,000.

10:20pm: Play resumes

The players are back from the break with the big screen showing 280 players remaining from the starting field of 320 in today's flight. We'll have official confirmation of entrants and prizepool for you shortly.

Antes have been introduced for the first time with the blinds now up to 100-200 with a 25 ante.