MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 2: Levels 16-17 (blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 1,000)

8:50pm: 45-minute dinner break

Change of plans #2. We will be taking the dinner break now with 39 players remaining. Back in 45!

8:35pm: Wiesler's one out

German Bjoern Wiesler is somehow still alive in this tournament, but he had to survive a three-way all in and spike a one-outer on the turn to do it!

Wiesler was all in with his T♠T♣ and got action from two opponents - one with A♦K♦ and the other was Cai Yan who held A♣A♠.

Yan had them both covered and was looking for a double KO, but the board ran out 7♣5♦5♥T♥8♥. Victor Chen commented that he folded a ten, so that left Wiesler with the one-outer. He triples to 250,000 as Yan is down to 130,000.

8:25pm: Chen hangs tough

Victor Chen has found a much-needed double up to find a little breathing room from the rising blinds and antes.

Chen moved all in from the big blind following an open-raise to 18,500 from Bjoern Wiesler in middle position. It was 29,000 more to Wiesler and he made the call with K♥Q♥ but found himself well behind the A♥Q♠ of Chen.

Chen was on his feet and calling for an ace, but he didn't need it as the board ran out 3♠5♦6♠3♦Q♦. Chen doubles to 102,000 with Wiesler back to 110,000.

8:15pm: Recent eliminations

Some of those who recently visited the cashier include David Steicke (67th), Brent Charles (63rd), Winfred Yu (60th), Andrew Feldman (52nd) and Alvin Cheam (49th).

8:00pm: Delayed dinner

It's just been announced that dinner will be pushed back one hour. There will be a ten-minute break after this level, then we'll play one more hour before taking dinner at 10pm local time. We believe that the reason for this was to do with staffing.

7:50pm: Level up, blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 1,000

7:45pm: Finding the mark

"We've looked at the cameras and we've narrowed it down to two players," exclaimed TD Danny McDonagh as he gave a stern warning to the players on table four.

Apparently players were marking cards and the deck had to be changed.

"We've had no problems on any other table, just this one!" McDonagh added. "I don't want to have to disqualify anyone!"

7:35pm: No luck for Yum

Claudia Yum's tournament has come to a screeching halt as the Macau regular has been bundled out in unfortunate fashion.

After opening with a raise to 17,000, she called the all-in bet of her opponent when he shoved for a total of 122,000. Yum held A♣K♥ and was in dominant shape against A♦J♦ but the board went against her as it fell A♠3♥J♥T♦9♥.

Yum shook her head in dismay and was left with just 35,000 chips which disappeared shortly after.

7:25pm: Big slick = big stack

Yet another chip leader has emerged with Lu Chen now holding the biggest stack in the room after winning a massive coin flip.

It was a button versus big blind battle, with Chen needing to connect with his A♦K♣ against his opponent's T♥T♦.

The flop of K♠A♥Q♠ smacked Chen pretty hard as he called for "low cards" knowing that a jack or ten would send the pot to his opponent. The turn was the 8♥ and river an equally safe 3♦ to leave Chen with a monstrous stack of 500,000 chips as he did a few star jumps in the aisle to celebrate!


7:10pm: Tan on top

The players are starting to drop away rapidly with 70 now in contention for the MPC Red Dragon title. One of those is Jay Tan who has jumped up towards the top of the chip count leaderboard after the elimination of Alex Aram.

We arrived on the turn to see Tan bet 25,000 at a board of 3♦2♦9♥4♥. Her opponent, Alex Aram check-raised all in for around 40,000 more with Tan quickly calling with A♥J♥ for straight and flush draws. She could also add overcards to her outs when Aram tabled T♥9♠ for top pair.

The river landed the J♠ which was enough for Tan to take it down and eliminate Aram.
"How could I fold?" chirped Tan. "Like, how many outs did I have?"

Tan is now up to a commanding stack of 380,000.


Jay Tan's stack continues to grow in the MPC Red Dragon Main Event

6:50pm: Play resumes

With the money bubble out of the way, expect some carnage now!

We'll be playing another two hours before we take a dinner break, just before 9pm local time.