MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 2: Levels 18-19 (blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 2,000)

11:35pm: Ten-minute break

11:30pm: Update from the High Rollers

While the Main Event is getting to an exciting stage, many of the casualties have jumped over into the HK$30,000 High Rollers Event which kicked off earlier this afternoon. With a four-hour late registration period, the tournament has only just been locked out with 81 runners taking to the felt including many notables such as David Steicke, Johnny Chan, Jeff Rossiter, Raiden Kan, Gordon Huntly, Michael Marvanek and Hirotoshi Nakabo.

The top ten players will finish in the money with first place worth HK$591,500.

11:25pm: No victory for Victor

The run of Victor Chen has come to an end. He committed his last chips with T♣3♣ but was called by a dominating ace-ten.

An ace on the flop was more than enough to silence Chen, literally, and send him to pick up HK$34,500 from the cashier for his 25th place finish.

11:15pm: More chips for Ke Chen

Ke Chen has taken out another opponent to add more chips to his empire.

A short-stacked player moved all in from the button for around 90,000 with K♦Q♥ and Chen made the call in the big blind with A♦9♣.

The board ran out A♥3♠8♦6♥T♦ to pair up Chen's ace and send another player to the cashier. Chen is sitting with about 1.15 million chips.

11:00pm: Victor won't be tempted

Victor Chen is down to just 50,000 in chips, but he wasn't going to be tempted to put them in the middle in a recent battle of the blinds. Chen called a preflop raise but the action was checked to the river on the board of J♣K♦J♥4♠7♥.

Chen's opponent splashed out enough on the river to force Chen to a decision for his tournament but he eventually folded. His opponent flashed the J♠.

"I knew you had trips!" exclaimed Chen as he waits for a better spot to commit his last four big blinds.

10:40pm: Jay hits a jack

Jay Tan opened with a raise from the button to 25,000 before Denny Yu three-bet to 60,000 in the big blind. Tan made the call and they took a flop of J♥6♠9♠.

Yu quickly grabbed 90,000 and plonked them across the betting line, but just as quickly Tan announced herself all in. Yu rocked back in his chair for several minutes and after the count came in at 114,500, Yu decided to gamble.

Yu opened Q♣8♥ for a gutshot straight draw and overcard as Tan was in front with her J♠K♥ top pair. The turn brought the 3♣ and the river the 7♣ to see Tan double up.

"I knew he was three-betting me light!" exclaimed Tan as she stacked up 540,000 with Yu slipping to 610,000.

10:35pm: Level up, blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 2,000

10:15pm: Lu Chen jacked by Ke Chen

We grabbed a count of Danny Yu's stack to see him with 850,000 which was the biggest in the room...that is, until Ke Chen just landed a seven-figure pot to storm into the chip lead in dramatic fashion.

We arrived on the flop of 7♦5♣A♥, with either a bet or a raise of 60,000 in front of Chen. His opponent was Lu Chen who emphatically declared himself all in.

Ke went deep into the tank for several minutes with a huge decision for most of his 450,000 chips. Ke and one other player were the only ones seated at the table as everyone else took the opportunity to stretch. Even Lu was up walking around the table casually, before being told to stay in his chair and protect his cards.

Ke broke the silence by suddenly verbalizing a call as he opened A♠J♠, but it was no good as Lu slammed his A♦K♠ on the table.

Ke's bad call was rewarded when the J♦ hit the turn to spike him the three-outer as Lu let off a series of expletives in disgust. The river was the T♥ and Lu was bounced out of the tournament as Ke Chen moves up to 1.15 million in chips! Wow!


Ke Chen is the new chip leader at the Macau Poker Cup

10:00pm: Sailesh sails ahead

It was the right time for Sailesh Verma to look down and find pocket aces. A player had moved all in before him and Verma quickly followed for his stack of 135,000. The table folded around and Verma's A♦A♥ was up against his opponent's A♠Q♦.

The board arrived 6♠T♠T♥7♣7♦ to double Verma to 290,000 to leave his opponent in deep trouble.

9:50pm: Tan takes out Liu

Hongjun Liu opened with a raise to 20,000, leaving himself not much more behind, but he was quickly forced to commit those chips when Jay Tan moved all in from the big blind.

Liu opened A♠9♠ with his tournament life on the line but Tan tabled a powerful A♦Q♣.

The board was spread Q♥2♥A♥4♥6♣ which gave Liu a heart sweat for a chop but it wasn't to be. He's out in 35th place as Tan moves up to 360,000 chips.

9:45pm: Payout information

We've updated the prizepool and payout information for those eliminated so far. That information can be found at anytime from the menu links on the right-hand side of the page.

9:35pm: Play resumes

The final 39 players are back at the tables following the break as we look to try and get as close to the final table as possible.