MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 3: Levels 20-22 (blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 4,000)

2:15pm: Ten-minute break

2:00pm: No luck for Jin

Satoshi Yabota has found a much-needed double up but he had to do it the hard way against Nicky Tao Jin. Yabota moved all in preflop and Jin made a big call with K♥Q♦ to have Yabota's K♣4♦ crushed. That is, until the community cards were dealt and the 5♦K♠4♠A♠9♦ gave Yabota two pair for the double up.

Yabota is up to 750,000 as Jin was left shaking his lead with around 250,000.

1:50pm: Chen applies maximum pressure

An interesting hand has just gone down between Ke Chen and Abhishek Goindi to leave the Indian scratching his head and Chen raking in even more chips.

It started with Craig Eichmeier opening to 55,000 from middle position. Goindi called on the button and Chen defended his big blind to see a flop of 7♥2♠5♥. Chen decided to lead out for 108,000 which confused Eichmeier as he took his time before folding. Goindi's decision was a little clearer as he quickly called to see the 9♠ appear on the turn.

Chen thought for a minute or two before announcing himself all in! Goindi had about 800,000 behind which was about double the pot, and after several minutes of thought he flashed his cards to the rail and folded reluctantly.

Chen is back up to around two million and in total control of his table.

1:40pm: Kang out in 11th

Korean Dong Woo Kang has been eliminated to leave us with ten players remaining in the MPC Red Dragon Main Event.

Our day one chip leader moved all in preflop with 3♦3♥ but found himself crushed by the 6♥6♦ overpair of Nicky Tao Jin.

The board was spread Q♥7♦5♣K♣9♦ to leave Jin's sixes in front and eliminate Kang in 11th place. We now need one more elimination to reach our official final table of nine players.


Dong Woo Kang eliminated in 11th place

1:35pm: Double double

We've seen a couple of double ups as the short stacks attempt to fight back here at the MPC Red Dragon Main Event.

First it was Shao-hung Lee who moved his last 123,000 from the small blind with K♥3♦ with Nicky Tao Jin liking the price with his Q♠4♦. The board landed 9♥8♥T♥9♣K♠ to double up Lee to about 280,000.

It was then Abhishek Goindi's turn to double up, and it was a big one at that. Goindi open-shoved the button for a total of 548,000, or nearly 23 big blinds, and Ke Chen thought long and hard before making a gambling call in the big blind with K♦Q♥. He trailed Goindi's A♦5♥ and it stayed that way on the Q♣4♥A♠5♦J♥ board. Goindi doubles to 1.15 million with Chen back to the pack with around 1.45 million.

1:15pm: Level up, blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 4,000

1:10pm: Bad news for Germany

We're down to 11 players already as our two German players have headed to the cashier to collect their loot.

Julian Hasse was out in unlucky 13th place when he shoved from the big blind following an open-raise from David Martirosyan on the button. Hasse held A♠J♦ but Martirosyan made the call with A♦Q♥. The board ran out T♠Q♣J♥4♣T♥ to eliminate Hasse from the tournament.

He was joined on the rail moments later by fellow German Bjoern Wiesler. Action folded to Ke Chen in the small blind, and he maintained his image as the most aggressive player in the tournament, by moving all in. Wiesler made the call with A♥6♥ as Chen tabled a less-than-average 4♥3♣. However live cards were enough for Chen as he connected on the Q♥Q♣4♣2♦4♠ board. Wiesler is out in 12th place for HK$75,000, as Chen climbs to 1.75 million.


MPCC champion Julian Hasse is out in 12th place

1:00pm: Hasse hurting

MPCC champion Julian Hasse has his tournament hanging by a thread, but he's somehow still alive in his quest for a second major title in Asia.

Hasse was crippled in a big three-way hand that saw Zuo Wang more than triple up. Hasse moved all in from the button with K♠T♥ and received calls from Wang in the small blind with A♦9♥ and Nicky Tao Jin in the big blind with 9♦9♣.

The board ran out 4♣A♠T♣A♥J♦ to triple up Wang to 550,000 and although Hasse won the side pot, he was still left with just 40,000. They were all in next hand with jack-ten and he managed to triple up after spiking a pair of tens on the river to have a pulse once more with around 150,000 chips.

12:45pm: Three down

The eliminations are coming thick and fast, and that's just the way we like it.
Denny Yu was first to go when he shoved his K♠9♣ and was called by David Martirosyan who held A♠Q♠. The board ran out 8♣6♣2♣5♥5♦ to leave Martirosyan's ace-high in front to take it down and eliminate Yu in 16th place.

He was soon followed by Darian Tan who moved all in for 235,000 from the small blind with 4♥4♠ and was called Craig Eichmeier in the big blind with A♥5♦. Tan was on his feet hoping for his pair to hold but the cruel river on the 6♦2♠7♥8♣4♣ gave Eichmeier a straight to take the pot. Tan gets the pay jump to HK$56,500 for his 15th place.

Finally Xiao Xu was sent to the rail. We were unable to grab the action but it was recalled to us that Xu shoved his A♠J♠ and was called by the A♣8♠ of Nicky Tao Jin. An all diamond flop contained a lethal eight which paired Jin and was enough to dispatch of Xu in 14th.

Jin has been on a tear so far this afternoon and is now close to one million in chips! Look out!


Nicky Tao Jin is starting to look dangerous

12:30pm: Verma vanquished as Jin is back in contention

Sailesh Verma is the next to go after he three-bet shoved from the big blind, following an open-raise from Nicky Tao Jin. It was an additional 226,000 to Jin who made the call with 6♠6♦ to be racing with Verma's A♦T♥.

The board ran out 4♥9♠2♥J♦2♦ to leave Jin's pair in front to eliminate Verma in 17th place. Jin is now up to 660,000 and back in contention.

12:15pm: Level up, blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 3,000

12:15pm: Cai cut

We've had our first casualty of the day with Yan Cai eliminated in 18th place.

Cai was the short stack of the field so when he looked down at A♠Q♦ in the small blind, it looked like a good spot to move all in. Ke Chen had opened the action with a raise to 45,000, and he quickly called it off with 9♣9♠.

The race fell the way of Chen as the K♥7♣T♥5♦5♥ board missed both players.
Cai collects HK$47,500 for a fine tournament as Chen moves up to 1.4 million.

12:10pm: We're underway!

The final day of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event has arrived with 18 players returning for the chance at life-changing money. All of them have dreamt of becoming champion but only one can walk away with the title.

The likable Jay Tan is out in front, but can she carry her lead all the way to her first major title? It won't be easy with previous champions and dangerous opponents lurking in the wings.

The players have unbagged their chips and the cards are now in the air!

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