MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 3: Levels 23-24 (blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 5,000)

5:00pm: Ten-minute break

4:45pm: Confusion for Eichmeier

Pe En Ho opened for 80,000 from the button before Craig Eichmeier announced a raise and pushed 105,000 into the middle. Some curious looks followed as the TD informed Eichmeier that the minimum raise was to 120,000.

A confused Eichmeier obliged and Ho made the call to see a flop of J♦9♦3♦. Eichmeier led out for 140,000 and ended the drama as Ho let his hand go

Moments later Eichmeier raised to 100,000, found one caller, before David Martirosyan three-bet to 250,000 from the blinds. Eichmeier moved all in and his opponents released to see Eichmeier up towards 1.5 million approaching the break.

4:25pm: A double for Po

We seem to have stagnated on eight players as the short stack of the field has again doubled up. Po En Ho moved all in for 340,000 following an opening raise to 80,000 from Nicky Tao Jin.

Jin didn't like it, but he felt the price was good for him to call with 8♦6♣. Unfortunately he didn't bet on being up against a crushing hand like 8♠8♥. Jin would need a virtual miracle but it didn't come on the 3♠A♠5♠Q♥K♣ board. Ho doubles to around 750,000 with Jin back down to 820,000.


Po En Ho finds a double up to stay alive!

4:15pm: Slow going

Not a lot to report of late, as the players seem to have settled into their groove and are currently playing a game of cat and mouse. Abhishek Goindi and Ke Chen were previously the most aggressive players on the table but they seem to have backed off the accelerator a little recently.

David Martirosyan has moved into the chip lead after winning a small pot with set on a four-straight board against Po En Ho to leave him on the short stack.

Approximate chip counts:

David Martirosyan (Thailand) - 1,900,000
Abhishek Goindi (India) - 1,800,000
Craig Eichmeier (UK) (PokerStars Player) - 1,200,000
Nicky Tao Jin (UK) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 1,100,000
Zuo Wang (China) - 1,000,000
Ke Chen (China) - 900,000
Jennette "Jay" Tan (Hong Kong) - 800,000
Po En Ho (China) - 500,000

4:00pm: Level up, blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 5,000

3:45pm: Goindi surges

India's last hope, Abhishek Goindi, has gone from short stack to chip leader within a matter of minutes and most of those chips have come without a showdown.

Nicky Tao Jin opened with a raise to 60,000, which was re-raised to 150,000 by Zuo Wang before Goindi took his time and cold four-bet an additional 335,000 from the big blind. Both opponents quickly folded.

Next hand Goindi got into another preflop war, this time against Ke Chen.

Chen opened to 85,000 from the hijack before Goindi three-bet another 125,000. Chen responded with a four-bet of his own of an additional 305,000 but Goindi immediately moved all in over the top for an extra 730,000. Chen thought for some time before eventually folding as Goindi climbs to 1.85 million. Chen is down to one million.

3:25pm: Goindi gets there

Abhishek Goindi doesn't seem afraid to put his chips in the middle and it's paid off on this occasion as he's got a little fortunate to double up.

Goindi open shoved for 450,000 from middle position with A♣8♠ and David Martirosyan made the call next to act with A♠K♣.

We've seen a lot of dominated ace situations today and again this time it went the way of the underdog as the board arrived 7♠6♥7♦8♥2♦. Goindi doubles up to 950,000 to be back in business as Martirosyan drops to 1.7 million.

3:15pm: Jin storms up leaderboard as Lee is eliminated

It seemed that Nicky Tao Jin wasn't getting a whole lot of luck earlier in the day, but that may have changed around now that the final table is underway as he has gone from
short stack to contender in two hands.

First Jin landed a double up through Abhishek Goindi. Jin moved all in for 350,000 following the opening raise to 70,000 from Goindi who made the call. Jin tabled A♥Q♦ which was the best hand against Goindi's A♠J♥.

The board ran out 2♠2♦8♠7♥K♦ to give Jin the double up to 770,000 with Goindi slipping to 450,000.

Next hand and Jin raised the button to 60,000 before Shao-hung Lee moved all in for 470,000 from the small blind. Jin called with A♠9♥ but this time he trailed the A♥T♦ of Lee. But the board was kind as it ran out 9♦5♠7♦K♠5♥ to pair up Jin's kicker to take down the pot. He's now up to 1.2 million as Lee collects HK$126,000 for his 9th place finish.

3:00pm: Final table lineup

Seat 1: Po En Ho (China) - 705,000
Seat 2: Ke Chen (China) - 1,500,000
Seat 3: Craig Eichmeier (UK) (PokerStars Player) - 1,300,000
Seat 4: Jennette "Jay" Tan (Hong Kong) (PokerStars Player) - 900,000
Seat 5: Abhishek Goindi (India) - 850,000
Seat 6: David Martirosyan (Thailand) - 2,125,000
Seat 7: Nicky Tao Jin (UK) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 310,000
Seat 8: Shao-hung Lee (Chinese Taipei) (PokerStars Macau Qualifier) - 430,000
Seat 9: Zuo Wang (China) - 1,100,000

The clock has been wound back to the start of this level with the blinds at 15,000-30,000, and an ante of 5,000.

The players have been introduced to the crowd and the cards are once again back in the air!


2:45pm: One double, one elimination as our final table is set

Action on both tables has seen two all ins - one resulted in a suckout to double up, the other was a suck-resuck that ended in an elimination to see us now reach the final table.

The double up went the way of Craig Eichmeier. He opened to 60,000 before Jay Tan three-bet to 177,000 on the button. Eichmeier thought long and hard before announcing all in, but Tan instantly called with A♥K♦ to be in a dominant position against Eichmeier's A♠T♥.

Everything in this tournament so far has gone Tan's way, but this time it went to her opponent on the 9♠7♠T♦5♦5♥ board. Eichmeier doubled to about 1.3 million with Tan down to around 900,000.

On the other table similar action was going down between David Martirosyan and Satoshi Yabota. Martirosyan opened to 60,000, Yabota re-raised to 160,000, Martirosyan shoved and Yabota made the call.

Yabota showed K♠Q♣ but trailed the A♦K♥ of Martirosyan. Yabota caught the flop of Q♥T♣6♥ as it looked like we were going to have simultaneous double ups. However the J♣ put Martirosyan back in front with a Broadway straight. Yabota needed an ace to chop but the 6♦ landed to see him bow out in 10th place as Martirosyan jumps into the chip lead with over two million in chips!

There will now be a brief pause as the players set up for the final table.


Satoshi Yabota eliminated on the final table bubble

2:25pm: Play resumes

The final ten have returned to the tables with one more elimination required before we redraw for the official MPC Red Dragon final table.

Ke Chen is in control of his table and is clearly the most aggressive player which appears to be frustrating some of his opponents. Chen has around 2 million chips, with David Martirosyan next best with around 1.4 million. Overnight chip leader Jay Tan has stayed away from most of the action so far today and has dropped into third place with 1.3 million.