MPC Red Dragon Main Event Day 3: Level 27 (blinds 50,000-100,000, ante 10,000)

8:30pm: Cooler flop busts Abhishek Goindi in 2nd place; Nicky Tao Jin wins!

After a deal was struck we were expecting some fast play, so we weren't that surprised to see a big hand develop on just the third hand of heads-up play. However when the cards were tabled we realised there was nothing fast about it. It was just a good old fashioned cooler.

Nicky Tao Jin had the button and opened with a min-raise. Abhishek Goindi made the call with the flop came down a baby 2♣3♦4♦. It looked innocent enough but it was the trigger for fireworks!

Goindi checked and Jin continued for 260,000. Goindi came back with a check-raise of an additional 400,000 as a massive pot was brewing. Jin didn't slow down as he added another 800,000 to the bet. Goindi moved all in and Jin insta-called!

Goindi: 3♣4♣
Jin: 2♠2♦

What a cooler! It was top two pair for Goindi but incredibly Jin had flopped bottom set! Jin would need to fade a three or four and the title was his. The turn brought the J♠ and the river was the T♦ as Jin embraced good friend Bryan Huang as they roared in delight at winning the title!

It was a great effort by Goindi who was strong throughout play today as he takes home HK$1,056,500 for his tournament.


MPC Red Dragon runner up, Abhishek Goindi

Meanwhile Nicky Tao Jin becomes the second play to qualify for the $100k Asia Championship of Poker as he wins HK$1,092,500 and the title of MPC Red Dragon champion!

That concludes our live updates but we'll be back with a complete wrap of today's action for you shortly.


MPC Red Dragon champion, Nicky Tao Jin

8:20pm: We're heads up!

We're now heads up in the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event!

After a quick break, the players have agreed to a deal based on chip counts. The chip counts are:

Nicky Tao Jin - 5,265,000
Abhishek Goindi - 4,105,000

And the players have agreed to the following deal:

Nicky Tao Jin - HK$1,092,500
Abhishek Goindi - HK$1,056,500

The final table has now been setup and play will continue with players playing for the trophy and entry into the $100,000 Asia Championship of Poker in November.

8:00pm: Craig Eichmeier eliminated in 3rd place

We were told that this was Craig Eichmeier's first ever live poker tournament. He handles his chips pretty well, and he played a great tournament, so we're not sure how true that is. In any case he should be thrilled with his 3rd place finish.

The end came when he moved all in from the big blind for his last 2.17 million chips. Nicky Tao Jin had raised the small blind, and after a few minutes in the tank, he committed to the call with A♣7♥. Eichmeier tabled 5♦5♣ and the race was on!

The dealer spread the board of A♦J♥9♣J♦7♦ to give Jin three pair which was more than enough to take it down. Eichmeier picks up HK$554,000 for a great tournament.


Craig Eichmeier eliminated in 3rd place

7:45pm: David Martirosyan eliminated in 4th place

We're down to three after David Martirosyan was sent bouncing to the rail in fourth place. With the blinds so high, the chips were moving around quickly as the players were forced to make a move.

After Abhishek Goindi opened with a raise to 240,000, Martirosyan moved all in for around 1.5 million. Goindi made a quick call with A♥K♣ for the lead as Martirosyan showed J♦9♦ and would need some help.

He didn't find it as the board ran out K♦8♠4♠5♠2♣. Martirosyan hits the rail in 4th place for a HK$409,000. Goindi is now into the chip lead with over four million chips.


David Martirosyan eliminated 4th place

7:20pm: Play resumes

The four remaining players are back in action following the break with the blinds now about to put massive pressure on the short stacks.

Approximate chip counts:

Nicky Tao Jin - 3,160,000
David Martirosyan - 2,420,000
Abhishek Goindi - 1,945,000
Craig Eichmeier - 1,850,000