GDAM Day 2: An absolute fortune

It wasn't until I was writing an introductory tweet this morning that it hit me just how big this tournament really was. "It's day two of #GDAM in Macau," I twittered, like a twittering goof. "We're playing all the way to a final table and through a near $750,000 bubble."*

That's right, a near $750,000 bubble. A min-cash here is more than many winners in World Series, EPT or WPT events have earned over the years, and the player eliminated in ninth place is going to watch three quarters of a million slip through their fingers. The general consensus is that this day won't take all that long to complete, given the predilection for gambling and a wilful disregard for money. But come on! Three three quarters of a million dollars for a min-cash? It's insane.


What you got for $130,000 yesterday

Meanwhile, the winner of this thing will get nearly $4.5m, which is more than every EPT Main Event champion, every EPT High Roller champion, every EPT Super High Roller champion, every PCA champion, every WPT champion, every WCOOP champion, every SCOOP champion and all but 11 players at World Series events, who have typically had to beat fields more than 100 times the size of this.

Indeed, the only time a tournament outside of Las Vegas has offered a bigger first prize than this was GuangDong's inaugural event in this series last year, which was not running at the same time as the World Series.

This is, by all measures, an exceptional event. Let me spell it out one more time: some time tomorrow, eight of the 51 players sitting in the card room here at City of Dreams Casino on the Cotai Strip, Macau, will be sharing more than you an I will earn in our entire lives. The champion would need to win Wimbledon twice to earn the same amount, and let's face it there's just too much grass involved with that. And exercise.

It is perhaps ironic, then, that you would have to go quite a long way to find 51 players to whom $4.5m would mean less. I mean, each and every one of them would desperately like that title, but I am led to believe that the businessmen in this field tend to play with more than $4.5m pretty much every day of their working lives. Meanwhile three players still in this field already have won prizes bigger than $4.5m.

Greg Merson is the reigning WSOP Main Event champion. He won $8,527,982 in Las Vegas last summer. Two years before that, Jonathan Duhamel, our overnight chip leader here, won $8,944,310. And Stanley Choi came out on top at this event here in Macau last time, which was worth $6,465,560.


Greg Merson: World Champion

Each of them is still going strong, the latter two on the feature table currently being streamed on Why not join Joe Stapleton and Paul Khoury as they, and you, dream of the millions that the others actually are playing for.

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in PokerStars Macau