GDAM Day 2: Multiple double ups, multiple eliminations

The UK's last representative in Macau has just been sent back to the cash games. Tom McDonald got it all in with pocket sevens, but Niklas Heinecker had tens and nothing changed on the board.


Tom McDonald: out

As we mentioned earlier, stacks are exceptionally shallow now and one pot can put someone into the chip lead and other out the door. Even Isaac Haxton is not immune and when he got involved in a three-way coup, against Tony Gregg and Heinecker, he lost almost a third of his stack.

In that particular pot, Gregg open shoved for about four million from early position, Haxton re-shoved from the small blind and Heinecker under-called all in from the big. It was Q♥Q♣ for Gregg, 8♦8♥ for Haxton and [10c][10s] for Heinecker.

Nothing hit on that board either, which meant Gregg wound up with more than 12 million, Heinecker took the side pot against Haxton, putting him to about eight million and Haxton slipped to about 17m.

Then the pot between McDonald and Heinecker happened, which put the latter up to about 14 million, and almost immediately after that, Heinecker also knocked out Devan Tsang. That time Heinecker's A-10 stayed good against Tsang's [10s]9♠.

That's really the size of it now. I think Heinecker is probably chip leader after winning those three pots...

...Oh, and no sooner is that written than Sorel Mizzi doubles up to more than 15 million through Tony Gregg. It really is anyone's game.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in PokerStars Macau