GDAM Day 2: Painful day for ElkY and Duhamel as field disintegrates

ElkY tweeted a few moments ago about his elimination. He lost a huge amount of his chips when he ran pocket sixes into the mighty A-5 and lost, and then lost with pocket sevens to ace-king. For 130,000 reasons, ElkY wasn't especially happy to bust, but let's be honest, part of the reason everyone has been drawn to Macau this week is because of the notoriety here for loose players. Every now and again, they are going to hit.


ElkY: no smiles any more

Jonathan Duhamel, the overnight leader and ElkY's Team PokerStars Pro colleague, is also now out. He summed up his day pretty succinctly on Twitter too:

All I can really add to that is that every hand I saw Duhamel play, he lost. And that's going to be a problem at any level of the game.


Torture is over for Jonathan Duhamel

Just about the exact opposite applies to Isaac Haxton. He cannot put a foot wrong. Over on table three, David Steicke was commenting on how quick the action had been, suggesting we would most likely be down to our final two tables before the dinner break. Almost immediately after making the observation, he did his own bit to make his prophesy true, moved all in for about 1.4m.

Haxton, who had agreed with Steicke's thoughts about the haste of the event, called from the big blind. And Haxton's A♠9♥ was always better than Steicke's A♦7♥, which sent Steicke for an early meal.

That table is now utterly ridiculous, though. The line-up is as follows (stacks are very approximate):

1 - Mike McDonald - 1.8m
2 - Tobias Reinkemeier - 5m
3 - empty
4 - Greg Merson - 4.7m
5 - Bryan Powell - 8.2m
6 - Keith Gipson - 3.5m
7 - Igor Kurganov - 2.5m
8 - Isaac Haxton - 15m

Where's your value now, huh?

Kaka, the extraordinarily helpful marketing manager of PokerStars Live in Macau, has recently sent on a list of all the eliminated players, and the order in which they bust. Here's the roll-call of the departed:

24 - David Steicke Hong Kong
25 - Richard Seng Cheng Yong China
26 - Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier France
27 - Jonathan Duhamel Canada
28 - Kyle Cheong Australia
29 - Ping San Chan Hong Kong
31 - Feng Wang China
32 - Max Altergott Austria
33 - John Juanda USA
34 - Daniel Smith Canada
35 - Tore Lukashaugen Norway
36 - Yat Wai Cheng Hong Kong
37 - Di Dang USA
38 - Winfred Yu Hong Kong
39 - Thomas Hall UK
40 - Chunlei Zhou China
41 - Joseph Sanghyon Cheong USA
42 - Ying Wu China
43 - Philipp Gruissem Germany
44 - Vladimir Troyanovskiy Russia
45 - Fabian Quoss Germany
46 - Kejing Tang China
47 - Guanfei Zhu China
48 - Wei Seng Phua China
49 - Fenglei Qian China
50 - Tom Hu USA
51 - Jonathan Godfrey UK

We have 23 left, less than half the number we started with at 3pm today. It's just gone 6.30pm local time and that's an extraordinary rate of attrition by any standards.

Don't forget, you can watch for all the action from table one. I have reason to believe Gus Hansen is over there now. Whoo-ho!

Howard Swains
@howardswains in PokerStars Macau